The Karate Kid is the 2nd remake to 1984 and 2010 films.


An 11 year old boy named Michael Lenard moves to another state with his mother to start a new life and is going to private middle school where he falls in love with a young girl named Dianna Robinson. What's getting in the way is a group of master karate kids. Then he notices he lives near a karate master he told him to teach him karate to defend himself.


Davis Cleveland as Michael Lenard, The Main Protagonist

Shawnee Smith as Amanda Lenard, Micheal's mother

Aryana Engineer as Dianna Robinson, A rich and warm hearted girl/ Love interest of Michael

Charlie Tahan as Spencer Criss, The Main Anatgonist/ Arch-enemy of Michael

Griffin Gluck as Spencer's 1st gang member

Ty Panitz as Spencer's 2nd gang member

Bobby Coleman as Spencer's 3rd gang member

Mason Cook as Spencer's 4th gang member

Avalon Robbins as Spencer's 5th gang member

Tyrel Jackson Williams as Spencer's 6th gang member

Donnie Yen as Lau, Secondary protagonist/ A person who helps Michael

Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Robinson, Mother of Dianna

Skeet Ulrich as Robert Robinson, Father of Dianna

Robert Downey Jr. as Brandon Riley, Secondary Antagonist/ Karate teacher of Spencer

Jennifer Love Hewitt as Ms. Robin, Teacher of Michael, Dianna, and Spencer

Max Records as Trevor Sting, New neighbor/ Best friend of Michael

Fred Tatiscore as Micheal's relative #1

August Maturo as Michael's relative #2

Alina Foley as Michael's relative #3

Nana Visitor as Michael's relative #4

Kaitlyn Black as Michael's relative #5

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