The Juqwzvafs is a Animated Series.


  • Jim Cummings as Papather Juqwzvaf, A guardian and a Father to The Juqwzvafs.
  • Roger Craig Smith as Happy Joy Juqwzvaf
  • Tom Kenny as Grumpy Juqwzvaf
  • Tara strong as Juqwzvafdette
  • Frank Welker as Dorimitio, A Main villain and a Jupwzvaf Hunter


  • Jupwzvafoiś, A Language of the Juqwzvafs
  • English, A Simplest Basic Language ever, It's a part of the Germanic Family in The family of indo-European, Juqwzvafs Spoke it as thire 2nt Language but Humans Speak Completely in this language as their Native language.
  • Esponal AKA Spanish, a Romantic Language that's Hispanic, Humans speak this as well
  • Japanese, Altic Language that's Completely Japonic, the Juqwzvafs speak this language as their 2nt language, but human speak this language also.


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