This is the first season of The Junkyard Kids. It is the shortest season at 21 episodes. The seasons was outlined by series creator Ana Dixon. She co-wrote most episodes with a multitude of other writers. This season was based around random mysteries and paranormal events in the town, with an underlying story of the 'Other' dimension. The season aired from March 8th, 2012 to February 12th, 2014

No. in
No. in
Title Air Date Villian Prod. Code
1 1 "Pilot" March 8th, 2012 Hive-Mind 2-1

An unlikely alliance is formed in a junkyard by a group of students in an attempt to save a fellow student. 

2 2 "Mystery of Macy's Market"

March 22nd, 2012

Spaghetti Yeti 2-2

The notices some strange events at the local market so they go to investigate. 

3 3 "Coaches and the Bees" April 5th, 2012 Hive-Mind 2-3

The football team starts winning which is surprising, so the gang goes to investigate why. Henry tries to get back on the football team.

4 4 "Echo" April 19th, 2012 Banshee 2-4

Townsfolk begin reporting strange screams in the forest so two officers go to investigate but are found dead so the gang goes into the woods to find out way.

5 5 "Mirror Madness" May 24th, 2012 Mirror Realm 2-5

On trash day, the garbage people bring a mirror to the junkyard. The gang quickly realises the mirror leads to an alternate reality where evil version of everyone is waiting to switch with you.

6 6 "Flu Season" June 7th, 2012 Arkin 2-6

The town comes down with a bad case of the Flu. Melissa volunteers at the hospital to help out. Jake has weird dreams of a demon named Arkin.

7 7 "Seduction Tactics" June 21st, 2012 Gackloa 2-7

A new boy shows up in school and everyone falls for him, even Melissa. They learn he's Arkin's twin brother, and they must take him down before he kills Melissa.



"Shattered Dreams August 9th, 2012 None 2-8

When an old lady is sent to a hospital following a traumatizing dream, Lilac and Bridgette go to confort her. The woman however, keeps speaking in code trying to relay a message. Lilac attempts to create something that can read her thoughts, but is unable to.

9 9 "Digitized" September 6th, 2012 Tony Sharpe 2-9

Tony Sharpe, famed billinore comes to Gretdales technology convention to show off his new digitizer. The digitizer can put anyone in a computer. The gang tries to steal it to fight a virus that's infecting the school computers.

10 10 "Halloweenies" October 31st, 2012 Mental Patients 2-10

A Mental Hospital is broken into a few days before halloween. Police are stretched thin trying to recapture the patients, so the kids go after the patients themselves.

11 11 "Horror-Scope" December 6th, 2012 Unknown 2-11

At the county fair, a woman claims she can tell the future. When multiple events come true, the gang return to find her dead. Now, they must piece together everything she's said to figure out the greater mystery.

12 12 "A Plague" April 3rd, 2013 Arkin 2-12

Arkin returns with a vengance and the gang has limited time to act.

13 13 "Investigation" April 17th, 2013 Ghost Teachers 2-13

When the Federal Paranormal Investigation Division, F-PID, arrive in town the kids get scared of what it means. Meanwhile, the school is found out to be haunted during a school dance.

14 14 "Shutdown" May 1st, 2013 F-PID 2-14

Following the events of the previous episode, Gretdale is shutdown by F-PID. No one is allowed inside or out, and this is especially bad for the kids.

15 15 "Dead-Stock" May 29th, 2013 Chupacabra 2-15

Right before the towns harvest fesitval, lot's of live stock is found dead. A local conspiracy theorist begins explaining the legend of the Chupacabra.

16 16 "Our Little Home" June 19th, 2013 Junkyard Fairies 2-16

The gang decides to rennovate their junkyard home, but Henry and Melissa get into a fight about how it should be done. Lilac takes the twins exploring to see what the junkyard truly holds.

17 17 "Concert Crazy" July 24th, 2013 Pork Slayerz 2-17

Melissa's favorite band, Pork Slayerz comes to town, but they're actually an elite gang of assassin ninjas. 

18 18 "Virtual Reality" August 21st, 2013 Tony Sharpe 2-18

Tony Sharpe transports Henry, Bridgette, and Jake into their favorite game, WorldCraft Realms. They must fight their way through the expansive world and confront the final boss, Tony Sharpe himself.

19 19 "Unnatural History" September 25th, 2013 Hive-Mind 2-19

On a class field trip to the Natural History Musuem, the entire class ends up in the forbidden part of the museum. Meanwhile, the Hive-Mind returns infecting the museum staff.

20 20 "Scavengers" Ocrober 23rd, 2013 Jake 2-20

Lilac takes the entire group on a trip to find an affective power source for a weapon she's constructed. Bridgette learns something about her brother.

21 21 "The World Ends With Us" February 12th, 2014 Mirror-Realm 2-21

After 'Other' Jake reconstructs the mirror and begins releasing everyones 'Others' the group has a limited time to act before everyone is switched with their 'Other'.

DVD Realese

The season released on DVD in late 2016. The season came on three discs and held lot's of bonus content. The season was re-releaesd on Blu Ray in summer 2018. All 21 episodes came with commentary from Ana Dixon, producers, writers, and voice actors. Brooke Jordan appears in the finales commentary.

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