The Jungle Race is the first episode of Blaze's Adventures.


Blaze, Starla, Stripes, Darington, Zeg, and Rudy are having a big race around the jungle. Meanwhile, Pickle is pretending to be Tarzan.


There is a very big race in the jungle. The trucks racing are Blaze, Starla, Stripes, Darington, Zeg, and Rudy. Bump Bumperman is announcing the race. The trucks go off from the starting line. They are racing around the jungle. Blaze goes up front of Darington and Zeg. Stripes spots some parrots in his way. He honks his horn loudly and all of the parrots fly off. Rudy drives into a puddle of mud and slips and spins into a lake. Rudy meets some hippos in the lake and starts playing with them.

Crusher drives into the jungle. He had such a long drive, he was so tired. He takes a nap near a bunch of trees. Suddenly, he wakes up to some rustling in some branches and tires rolling. Crusher thinks it's just the wind and goes to sleep. Suddenly, he hears some wood crunching a bit and tree leaves rustling. He woke up again and saw the leaves moving a bit. He hoped nothing would come out and get him. He fell asleep again. Then he woke up to more rustling. He saw a silhouette of a small monster truck swinging from tree to tree. Crusher decided to stay awake.

The small monster truck snuck up in a tree behind Crusher. It turned out to be Pickle wearing a loincloth. He grabs a vine and swings down, letting out a Tarzanesque cry. Crusher turned around and saw Pickle swinging into him. Pickle slams into him. Crusher finds out it was Pickle making the noises. Pickle tells Crusher that he is a jungle truck and drives off to some more trees to swing on. Crusher goes back to his nap.

Blaze and his friends were racing into the path with trees. Blaze is up front.  Suddenly, the trucks stop when they see Pickle swinging on a vine, but then the vine snaps and he falls. Pickle asks them what is wrong with his vine. Blaze tells him that that vine didn't have enough weight to hold him up. Blaze and his friends help pick the correct vine for Pickle. Pickle thanks them and swings off. Blaze and his friends race off again.

Rudy sees Blaze and his friends pass by and catches up to them. Rudy gets behind Blaze. A big group of toucan trucks land on Rudy, slowing him down. Blaze stops up by Rudy. He tells him that the big number of toucans on him weigh too much. He counts down the toucans flying off Rudy. Blaze and Rudy go back with the others.

They zoom past the spot where Crusher was sleeping. Crusher wakes up. He says "Nobody told me the race had started already!" and races off after them. Crusher was far back. Crusher decided to cheat. He makes a gigantic metal box appear. Crusher races to the other path. Blaze becomes a forklift monster machine and pushes the blue box off the cliff before Crusher gets to the other path.

As Crusher was driving on the other path, Pickle comes swinging in and bumps into him. Pickle shows Crusher that his jungle call can make animals appear. Pickle lets out a really loud yell and lots of jungle animals stampede towards Crusher. Meanwhile, Blaze and his friends come to a long bridge. Stripes steps on the bridge and a piece breaks and falls into a crocodile-infested river. AJ has a plan to help them get over the dangerous bridge. He uses his visor to find four strong palm trees that will hold up the bridge. Starla uses her lasso to catch the four palm trees to hold up the bridge. Blaze and his friends all weigh too much, so each one of them go over the bridge sucessfully.

As they were about to head to the finish line, they hear Crusher's laugh. Blaze and his friends look up and see Crusher behind a huge boulder at the top of a waterfall. He pushes the boulder off of the waterfall. It makes a huge splash in the middle of a watering hole where there was a herd of wildebeest. The wildebeest drive off, frightened of the noise. They stampede towards Blaze and his friends. Blaze and his friends knew they couldn't drive off to the finish line in time. They all call for help as the wildebeest get closer. Pickle was in a tree eating bananas with gorillas. Suddenly, he hears Blaze and his friends' cries for help and swings towards them.

Blaze and his friends brace for the impact when Pickle swings down pushing Blaze and his friends quickly away from the wildebeest towards the finish line. Crusher comes in and tries to beat Blaze to the finish line, but Blaze wins the race. After winning the race, Blaze and his friends thank Pickle for rescuing him. Blaze and AJ thinks that the jungle race was an awesome adventure.

Crusher is upset that he had lost the race. All of thinking about the race is making Crusher hungry. Crusher sees a banana tree and tries to get the bananas. Pickle decides to help him by swinging over to the banana tree. He swings to the banana tree, but slams into it, making lots of bananas fall all over Crusher. Crusher says "Why me?" as the episode ends.


  • Blaze
  • AJ
  • Pickle
  • Crusher
  • Starla
  • Stripes
  • Darington
  • Zeg
  • Rudy
  • Bump Bumperman
  • Gus
  • Joe
  • Trucks
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