The book starts off with Erick arriving on an island in Bostowana Africa seperating himself from the Club Dead. Barbie is sad and confused as of why Erick is gone and plans on looking for him with Alex, Lance and Blaze. Erick is staying at Camp Ockavongo he knows Tess and Andy the owners of the camp from the last time he was there. Erick befreinds Brennon, Dalton, Laurel, Layla and Barren who lives at the camp. They are all moving back to the states and a few weeks and Erick decides to move back with them. Erick misses Barbie but he thinks its best that he seperated from the group since everybdy was after him but he is still confused over his powers. Andy suspects Erick of having powers and Erick tells him that he dose and Andy says that he is a witch.

Erick tells him that he caused mirrors to shatter by starring at them and he made someone come to life again. Andy deciides to help Erick which reminds Erick of Barbie and they kiss.  Erick gets the courage and calls Barbie and tells him where hes at and Barbie and Club Dead arrive. Brabie, Alex and Lance demand to know why Erick left and Erick replies and says that he needed to sepereate himself for awhile. Barbie makes out with him and tells him that he loves him in front of Lance and Alex.

Lance, Alex and Barbie fight in the field with Barbie winning but Patrick and Micheal have to pull him off. Andy says he will not have this at his camp and calls vampire king of Flordia Winter. Winter is still mad about what happend at Fort Lauderdale but is glad that they killed the vampire hunters. Winter stays at the camp and so dose vampire king Bill King. Erick decides to go to a festivel in Chobe Bostwana with Barbie and Alex and Lance goes.

While in town Erick feels something strange and he tells Barbie. Erick goe sto the bathroom and gets grabbed from behind and put in a limo with his family Theo, Daphne, Tris, Fred, Stefan, Jace and Ty. When the get to Chobe's animal park gas comes on and they all slowl start to die. Erick suddenl remebers his teleknetic powers and causes all the windows to shatter and the limo crashes killing the driver but the vampires are not hurt.

Two naked men find them and there names are Jared and Bryce. They lead them to a werewolf nudist colony. Erick tells them what happend to them and Jared and Brce says that they don't know the way back. Erick wants to go back but decides to stay and assumes Barbie will find him. Meanwhile Barbie is looking for Erick and tells Alex and Lance. Erick is intrigued by the powers the werewolfs possess and he watches them turn and watches them hunt.

While hunting Erick walks off into the dark and heres strange noises he thinks he sees a person in till Fred and Jace find him and they walk back. Later while there all asleep Erick goes back to the place where he thought he saw someone. Erick walks up the hill where he heard the strange noises and finds a house where he gets grabbed. Erick wakes up and the sun is just rising. He is tied to the floor with rope and the person who tied him up is nowhere to be found.

Erick unties himself but can't leave the locked room or bar windows and sits on the couch in till the guy comes in who reveles himself as Marcel the person who as been following him since Vampire traninning. Erick asks what he wants with him and Marcel tells him that Erick has the greatest powers of all which is why he has been following him so he could study his powers and maybe steal it. Erick tells him that he dosen't have power and that none has shown up yet.

Marcel tries to get Erick to show him his powers in many ways. Marcel has sex with a guy, chopping up somebod and Barbie raping Erick. Marcel can show people stuff with his mind which is his power. Marcel finally leaves him alone. The next time Marcel comes in Erick knocks him down and runs out of the house and into the feild where he runs into his family. Marcel runs out into the feild and sees Erick he tells Erick that the book is wrong and that Erick must not have the powers.

Marcel say he will leave Erick alone if he can run away. The let Marcel run away and Erick gets the feeling that he will back.


Christian Hall as Erick

Joseph Morgan as Barbie

Alexander Scarsguard as Alex

Jamie Campbell Bower as Lance

Matt Damon as Marcel

Alex Pettyfer as Blaze

Chris Colefer as Brennon

Kevin Zeigers as Dalton

Andy Samberg as Andy

Nina Dobrev as Tess

Claire Julien as Laurel

Katie Chang as Layla

Isarael Broussard as Barren

Ethan Hawke as Winter

Matt Bomer as Bill

Steve Zahn as Jared

Paul Walker as Bryce


The Fourth Book in the Club Dead Seres

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