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Jack Napier, A.K.A. The Joker, is the main antagonist of the Tim Burton Batman series. He is a gangster turned terrorist and serial killer. He is also Batman's arch enemy. He is played by Troy Baker in the first film, Mark Hamill in the sequels, and by Cameron Monaghan in 1996.


  • 1: Murder
  • 2: Attempted Murder
  • 3: Kidnapping
  • 4: Attempted Kidnapping
  • 5: Terrorism
  • 6: Impersonating A Police Officer
  • 7: Arson
  • 8: Robbery
  • 9: Impersonating A Dentist
  • 10: R**e
  • 11: Torture
  • 12: Vandalism
  • 13: Impersonating A Butler
  • 14: Impersonating A Doctor
  • 15: Bombing
  • 16: Larceny
  • 17: Child Abuse
  • 18: Child Neglect
  • 19: Child Murder
  • 20: Attempted Child Murder
  • 20: Threatening Humanity
  • 21: Cannibalism
  • 22: Disturbing The Peace


Early Life

  • To kill his own mother out of hatred (succeeded).

Tim Burton's Batman

  • To kill Thomas and Martha Wayne (succeeded).
  • To rob Ace Chemicals (failed).
  • To kill Philip Wayne (succeeded).
  • To kill Batman and the other heroes (failed).
  • To become The Joker (succeeded).

Batman: Rise Of The Villains

  • To break out of prison (succeeded).
  • To kill Nightwing with a bomb (failed).
  • To kill Alfred (failed).

Joking family

  • To blow up Las Vegas (failed due to Harley leaving him because of how he treats her).
  • To kill Harley (failed).

Merry Christmas Batman

  • To help Black Mask kill innocent people on Christmas (failed).

The Death of Batman (non-canon)

  • To help Bat-Venom and Gil Mason kill Amanda Waller and destroy Arkham (succeeded, non-canon).
  • To kill Gillian Loeb for killing Jerome (succeeded, non-canon).
  • To destroy the G.C.P.D. (succeeded, non-canon).
  • To destroy Wayne manor (succeeded, non-canon).
  • To escape to Mexico with Bat-Venom, Gil Mason, Black Mask, and Clock King (failed, non-canon).
  • To kill Batman and V-Bat for killing Clock King, Gil Mason, and Black Mask (failed, non-canon).

Mayhem of the Music Meister

  • To kill Batman and Flash at a bank (failed, despite being hypnotized).

Justice League

  • To help Lex Luthor take over the world (failed).
  • To fake his death in a plane crash and go into hiding (succeeded).

Batman: The Last Laugh

  • To escape from jail by killing at a talk show (succeeded).
  • To kill Gillian Loeb in self-defense (succeeded).
  • To kill his father Rupert Thorne for abandoning him (succeeded).
  • To torture Jason Todd and find out Batman's identity (both succeeded).
  • To paralyze Selina Kyle (succeeded).
  • To make Tim Drake go insane (failed).
  • To drive Batman crazy or kill him (failed).


  • Name: Jack Napier
  • Alias: The Joker
    Red Hood (formerly)
  • Hair color: Green (formerly Red)
  • Eye color: Green (formerly black)
  • Occupation: Terrorist
    Serial Killer
    Crime Lord
  • Age: 18 (at the time of the Wayne Murders)
    30 (at the time of Batman's first appearance)
    31 (when becoming the Joker)
    35 (when first fighting Batman)
    39 (when leading the Maniax)
    40 (when joining the Legion of Doom)
    41 (age of death)
  • Status: Deceased
  • Born: 1978
  • Died: 2019
  • Martial Status: Divorced
  • Relatives: Jeanie (ex-wife),
    Jerome Valeska (son),
    Rupert Thorne (father, deceased),
    Unnamed mother (deceased),
    Harleen Quinzel (ex-girlfriend)
  • Penalty: A lot of life sentences in Arkham Asylum and later the death penalty.

What Makes Him Pure Evil

  • During childhood, he was horrible towards his mother and murdered her for no reason.
  • Killed the Wayne couple and attempted to kill a younger Bruce but only stopped because the police were coming, which unintentionally created Batman.
  • Once kidnapped and then abused a younger Selina Kyle.
  • During his time as a husband and father, he barely cared about his family and was manipulating them
  • Murdered Philip Wayne, Batman's uncle.
  • After becoming Joker, he started killing innocent people including women and children.
  • Turned his own son into a villain.
  • Betrayed his boss Theo Galavan and attempted to kill him and other people with poison.
  • Threatened to blow up a city full of innocent people.
  • Abused and even r***d his girlfriend Harleen Quinzel, causing an enraged Jason Todd to attack him for that.
  • On Christmas Eve, he attempted to kill innocent children with explosive gifts.
  • Killed witnesses during a robbery after lying about letting them live if they follow his instructions.
  • Helped the Legion of Doom try to destroy humanity and take over the world.