The Invisible Man 2 is a sequel to the 2016 film The Invisible Man. It centers around Dr. Griffin's Invisibility Serum being stolen and used by a group of criminals, led by Don Jakobs, a power-hungry serial killer.


While cleaning up the burnt down laboratory where Dr. Griffin died in the last movie, some of the clean-up people find his invisibility serum. One of them sneaks it into his pocket and tests it out at his home. He takes one drink and instantly becomes invisible. He covers his entire body in bandages so he is able be to seen. He goes out and a lives a life as a different person for a while. When he wakes up the next morning, the serum wears off and he forgets everything that happened. Suddenly, a mobster he angered while invisible, part of Don Jakobs's crime family, breaks into his house, throws him out a window, and steals the serum. He brings it back to his boss. Don haves his scientist make more of the serum, and each member gets some of it. Soon, the town's millionaires and policemen are suddenly disappearing, all because of a group of invisible criminals. A police chief is sent to investigate, and he discovers Don is using it. He steals the serum and escapes being chased by angry mobsters. He quickly drinks the serum and wiggles out of his clothes, becoming completely invisible. He kills half of the criminals, gets his gun, and starts shooting Don. He chases Don, shooting at him, all the way to the town docks. He confronts Don, and the two have a brief battle, which results in the invisible cop getting stabbed and thrown into the water. The serum wears off, and the cop is left floating in the water, dead. Don takes one small sip of the serum, and, as he turns invisible and starts maniacally laughing, the screen goes black.


  • Chris Evans - Clean-Up Guy 1
  • Alan Ritchson - Clean-Up Guy 2/The Invisible Man II
  • Jim Carrey - Clean-Up Guy 3
  • Tim Curry - Don Jakobs
  • Jim Caviezel - Enraged Criminal
  • Gerard Butler - The Invisible Cop
  • Cobie Smulders - Tina Ironry
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