The Invincible Iron Man is an upcoming American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character Iron Man. Directed by Jon Chu, The Invincible Iron Man stars Patrick Dempsey as Tony Stark, a playboy industrialist who is kidnapped by terrorist organization HYDRA. Tony builds a high-tech armoured suit to escape, and then uses the suit to fight HYDRA as the hero Iron Man. Columbus Short plays his friend and ally, James Rhodes, while Jessica Chastain plays personal assistant Pepper Potts. Chow Yun Fat and Chris Cooper play the villains, the Mandarin and Obadiah Stane, respectively. The film was scored by Steve Jablonsky and is part of the Marvel Movie Universe.


Patrick Dempsey - Tony Stark/Iron Man

Columbus Short - James "Rhodey" Rhodes

Jessica Chastain - Virginia "Pepper" Potts

Chow Yun Fat - The Mandarin

Chris Cooper - Obadiah Stane

David Hyde Pierce - J.A.R.V.I.S.

Mark Valley - Happy Hogan

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