The Inventor is an upcoming 2015 comedy film.


An inventor returns home from vacation, only to find that a real estate agency intends to sell his house. He plots with the real estate agents and convinces them not to sell his house.


  • Thomas Haden Church as Reginald Whitaker, a successful inventor
  • David Schwimmer as Burt Whitaker, Reginald's neurotic younger brother
  • Annette Bening as Frances Whitaker, Reginald's ex-wife
  • RJ Mitte as Sammy Whitaker, Reginald's son
  • Jennifer Lawrence as Annie Whitaker, Reginald's daughter
  • Thomas F. Wilson as Ernest Baker-Swift, a ruthless real estate agent
  • Kevin Bacon as Jackson Levi, another real estate agent
  • James Woods as Ian Lowry, another real estate agent
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