The Incredible Hulk Returns is a 2013 American Superhero Fantasy Action film written by Jonathen Lemkin and directed by Antoine Fuqua starring Mark Ruffalo, Liv Tyler, Jessica Biel, Josh Hutcherson, Phil LaMarr, Götz Otto, Max Casella, Dana Ashbrook, Judy Keyes, Brandon T. Jackson and William Hurt.


Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) A.K.A. The Incredible Hulk returns to his love Betty Ross (Liv Tyler) to discover that the city which had been partially torn apart from his battle against the Abomination welcomes his return as a superhero and have caught word of his defeat against Thor's brother Loki.

As he begins to settle down with Betty and learn to channel his anger through the art of meditation two monstrous villains arise in the city to challenge the brute hero.

Betty Ross' new CEO Dr. Frank Lombardi (Max Casella) who is working with a new type of Gamma Radiation is accidentally exposed to his own formula and as is a passing through criminal Toby Redding (Dana Ashbrook) and both become hulking monsters with their own set of unique abilities.

They team up and bear the villain titles of the "Amphibion" and "Bi-Beast."

The Bi-Beast Toby Redding has set his eyes for revenge as Bruce upon returning to the city saved a youth Rick Jones (Josh Hutcherson) from him for which he was sought out as Toby blames Rick's long passed parents for his initial incarceration as his parents acted as witnesses to his last crime, so Toby now a hulking monster with two overlapping heads bearing the title of the Bi-Beast is out to destroy the 19 year old Rick Jones and the interfering Hulk Hero Bruce.

Amphibion Frank Lombardi however wants Bruce out of the picture to collect his research on the effects of Gamma Radiation.

To complicate matters even further then the threat of the Amphibion and Bi-Beast is a beautiful secretary for Bruce's new scientist position named Kate Waynesboro (Jessica Biel) who takes quite a liking to the intelligent monster morphing hero.


  • Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/ Hulk
  • Liv Tyler as Betty Ross
  • Jessica Biel as Kate Waynesboro
  • Josh Hutcherson as Rick Jones
  • Phil LaMarr as James "Jim" Wilson
  • Anthony Mackie as Samuel Wilson/ Falcon
  • Max Casella as Dr. Frank Lombardi/ Amphibion
  • Dana Ashbrook as Toby Redding/ Bi-Beast
  • Judy Keyes as Reporter Alexis Campbell
  • Brandon T. Jackson as Craig Campbell
  • William Hurt as General Thaddeus Ross
  • John Mahoney as Doc Samson
  • Osric Chau as Amadeus Cho
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