The Incredible Hulk- Chapter 2

This isn't your's MY CURSE....

The Incredible Hulk: Chapter 2 is a 2018 live action superhero drama film and is the long awaited sequel to the 2008 feature film, "The Incredible Hulk". Despite being the successor to the 2003 version of the Hulk, critical reception to the 2008 film was still mixed to say the least and in that film, the role of Bruce Banner/the Hulk was played by Edward Norton. He was originally supposed to play Banner again in 2012's "The Avengers", but due to some time consumption issues, he couldn't make it to play it again and Joss Whedon chose Mark Ruffalo to potray the character. Ruffalos been playing the character ever since, and after some planning and debating, a sequel to the 2008 film was FINALLY confirmed. This film is once again directed by Louis Leterrier, produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Universal Studios.

This film will feature Mark Ruffalo as the main character along with, William Hurt, Liv Tyler, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Tim Blake Nelson, Don Cheadle, Harrison Ford, Robert Patrick and much more....


It's been 3 years since the battle with Loki, 1 year after the Ultron conflict and shortly in the midst of the Civil war conflict, Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) is still desperately trying to fit in and keep the Hulk under control. He returns back to the U.S to ask his love Betty (Liv Tyler) for more advice, but disaster strikes yet again. Her father, Thunderbolt Ross (William Hurt) is once again hunting for him (but for a different reason) and he is now COMPLETELY aware about the contract that some of the Avengers signed. Is Bruce biting off A LOT more then he could've chewed on?

Main Cast

  • Mark Ruffalo - Bruce Banner/The Hulk
  • William Hurt - Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross/Red Hulk
  • Liv Tyler - Elizabeth "Betty" Ross
  • Scarlett Johansson - Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow
  • Chris Hemsworth - Thor
  • Don Cheadle - James "Rhodey" Rhodes/War Machine
  • Tim Blake Nelson - Dr. Samuel Sterns
  • Harrison Ford - General Brant
  • Cobie Smulders - Agent Maria Hill
  • Samual L. Jackson - Nick Fury
  • Robert Patrick - Agent Ross



We cut a military facility training camp (I don't remember which one was there in the 2008 movie) as we see cadets running, moving out to battle, supplying weapons, (the usual stuff.) We then cut to the Generals office as we see General Brant (Harrison Ford) smoking a cigar and filling out paperwork.

He then heard a knock at the door as he lets his advisor know to let them in.

Solider: Sir, he's here.

The general smiles and says.....

Brant: Bring him in.

It then cuts to a top class military car entering outside the facility and we see a mans feet exiting the car and entering the camp.

We cut back to the office as Brant was sitting patiently and the door opens again and we see Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross (William Hurt) enter.

Brant: Ross.

Ross: General.

And they both shook hands.

Brant: Nice to see you again.

Ross: And you. Sorry, it took me a while. I know time is against us.

Brant: I take it got the samples?

He opened his suit case and it shows three chemicals. He then pulls out a chemical.

Ross: These were the only ones that were actually deemed and successfully calibrated. It shows the same formula readings that Banner once enhanced which turns him into that green oaf; only this one is an upgrade. Best of all: Banner never had the formula straight.....surprising. No wonder why he barely has any control of himself in his temper.

Brant: At long last. After years of searching, years of failing, years of backtracking, incentive bullsh**, we will finally destroy the Hulk.

Ross: I'd take a drink to that. The Hulk has too been a thorn at my sight back when I was General. For some odd reason, my daughter was so infatuated with him. But you know the old saying: You fight fire....with fire.

Brant: Indeed. So when do we start?

Ross: Effective immediately.  I'll keep you updated on progress.

He closed his suitcase up and walked out of the room....only to get confronted by Agent Ross (Robert Patrick)

Agent Ross: Sir, I'd be the first to say that this operation is completely assaine.

Ross: I'd advise you to make sense of your allegations, Agent.

Agent Ross: But, is this really necessary, sir? Banner is no longer a threat to S.H.I.E.L.D. As long as he can control himself, there's not a reason to fret.

Ross just leaned close to his face and got serious.

Ross: Let me make this clear: It's bad enough that I've actually allowed him to date my daughter. But the fact that that abomination is still inside of him.....makes me sick. I HAVE gained respect for Banner, but my opinion for the Hulk stands: As long as it roams the Earth, my daughter and ever man, woman and child is nowhere near safe. Blonsky couldn't do it; now we just need a stronger arsenal. Are we clear on this?

Agent Ross: Y-yes, sir. I-I apologize.

Ross: Romanoff. Have her sent to his location as soon as humanly possible.....

He starts to walk away, but then he turns back around to him and says....

Ross:....and if all else fails....make sure he signs that damn contract (the one from Civil War).

He turns back around, gets back in his vehicle and drives off.

The camera reflects over his car as it starts to show the atoms of the car or whatever and it starts to glow green with a hint of red. And then......

~Title Sequence~

We then later cut to New York City at where Dr. Samuel Sterns (Tim Blake Nelson) (Yes, bringing him back too) was in his supply room, looking at all the individual antidotes and cures until he found the one he was looking for.

But then he was startled by a voice and it almost made him drop the antidote.

Banner (Mark Ruffalo): Didn't I say to get rid of all that?

Sterns: B-Bruce. Wow! You look--well, a lot more--

Banner: Yeah. I get that a lot.

Sterms: When was the last time you had a day off?

Banner: Guess before the Avengers found me. I had all the days off in the world. Well....HE did actually. Even though he smashed a lot of government properties, broke laws and got on SOMEBODY'S bad side.

Sterms: Well, um....Considering the fact we still don't know which is more toxic, I figured that maybe you'd wouldn't have to worry about it after last time you came here. But when does Bruce Banner get the time off? Hmm?

Banner: When he's not a wanted fugitive.

That's when Bruce then took out a miniature picture of Betty Ross and remembered his days with her. Deep inside, he missed her; he wanted to tear up. But he couldn't. Not yet.

Sterm: You know....she still thinks the world of you.

Banner: *Sighs* I don't really have time for emotional stress right now. Can set the other guy off pretty easy. I have to get back on that cure.

Sterns: Didn't you mention that they wanted to--

Banner: I know. That's why I gotta get rid of this. I'm not--I'm not used to living like this.

Banner just sat by a nearby stool as he tried to reflect on everything that happened....especially back in '08.

Sterns: Well.....I'm feeling very positive about all this research going on here, that I'm actually gonna present one of these out in PUBLIC.....because they NEED to know about this. Now, they probably already know about the behemoth because of....aargh, never mind. But still.....

He takes a piece of tape, writes "Mr. Green" on it and tapes it around a tube filled with his radioactive blood.

Sterns: If you ever want this back, you know where to find me, B.B.

He pats him on the shoulder as he walks out of the room. Banner then just looks down at his cure. But then he gets up from his seat, takes it and puts it in his jacket.

Banner: I don't think I'll be needing this again....

So he causally walks out of the building, under the assumption that he's still somehow wanted.....and so, he calls a taxi.

Little did he know, he was being watched by Brants men.

Soldier # 1: *Talks on radio* Sir. We got eyes on target.

Brant on radio: Good. Keep on him. I want every move he makes seen.

Soldier # 2: Yes, sir.

So in his command, they followed his cab in their navy van....very stealthy.

(How do they not notice?)

We cut later at Betty Ross (Liv Tyler)'s job where she now aids sick animals in Los Angeles.

Woman: So what exactly is going on?

Betty: Now.....I don't think there's anything wrong with your cat; she just has a case of hairballs that's....likely to happen everyday. But, just keep her out of the...dust balls or whatever she was playing in and she should be fine. Hopefully.

Woman: Thank you so much, Dr. Ross.

Betty: My pleasure.

The woman left with her cat as Betty went into her office and sat at her desk, while looking at a framed picture of Bruce. She picked it up, and stared at it as she started to tear up and almost cried 'till....

Man: *Comes in* Miss Ross, you have a call on line 1.

Bettry: Oh.... *Dries her tears and sniffs* Thank you.

Soon as he left, she answered line 1

Betty: This is Dr. Ross.

Ross: Hi pumpkin. How's it going?

Betty: *Chuckles* Oh, Dad. You know I'm not six anymore.

Ross: I'm sorry, sweetie. You know old habits die hard. Listen, I got some business going down in LA this week and I thought...I don't know....maybe we can grab dinner this week?

Betty: I-I don't know about that, Dad. my schedule's been tight this week...I'll have to squeeze it into something.

Ross: There's no need to feel bad, Bet. I'm always around the corner.

Betty: You been saying that since I was 3. Look, Dad, I got to go. I love you.

Ross: Love you too.

Soon as they hung up, Betty took a walk and stared out her window, remembering her times with Bruce and the battle with Abomination. It had her shaky and it somehow, giving her the feeling that he was near.

Betty: Bruce....

The screen then fades to Bruce in the cab.

Banner: Betty.....

Suddenly, the cab came to an abrupt halt as it had to slam on the breaks before it crashed.

As it stopped, however, Banner slammed his head on the back of the seat and he felt his heartbeat monitor increasing. He took a look at it and it was at 183.

So, he remembered his breathing and calm techniques in India?, took deep breaths and the monitor went down to 156.

Banner: *sighs*

Taxi Driver: Hey, you ok back there? I'm sorry about all this traffic, but....

Banner: No, no, no. I-It's alright. I wouldn't be here right now if I couldn't handle the rush hour. Although.....every time I get caught up in this, I'm like the circus clown and--and everyone's laughing at me for how.....much I've screwed up.

Taxi Driver: *chuckles* So.....what you're like a--the main attraction at a freak show?

Banner: I won't be for long.

Eventually, the taxi dropped him off back at his old home....although it didn't look much different.

He walked inside, dropped down his bag and just laid back in his seat.

Banner: Other guy......I wish there was a easier way to do this.....*takes out his blood and sets it down*.....but I'm on a light fluid, so it'll have to wait.

He got up from his seat and was heading to the fridge to get something to eat.....until he felt a VERY familiar presence.

Banner: *chuckles and smiles mildly* Fury really doesn't have anything better for you to do?

He turns around and he sees Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) leaning by the doorway.

Romanoff: Well....he is the Director and the one in charge, so in a way of speaking.....yes, he really doesn't.

Banner: At least, when it comes to me.

Romanoff: Don't worry, big guy. I'll make it real easy for you.

She pulls out the contract from the Civil War film and sets it down on the counter beside him.

Banner: Contract?

Romanoff just nods at him.

Banner: From whom?

Romanoff: Ross......

Banner just looked down and rubbed his hair in and out, pacing.

Banner: Oh my god....

Romanoff: may have to read it first.

Banner: I'm a fast reader. But.....I can't.

Romanoff: You're sounding like Rogers. He won't sign cause he's afraid the Government's trying to control us.

Banner: His reasons aren't mine. My reasons is that I'm trying to fix the damage "the Other Guy" caused. And after a long while, I finally found what I need to make a cure. And I'm not giving that up anytime soon.

Romanoff: So all you can go back to the social life and no more soldiers chasing you?

Banner: I have bigger reasons, but my allegation still stands. I still can't sign this.

Romanoff: We need your help, Bruce.

Banner: I told you I can't---

That's when Banner's "Hulk" high sense kicked in, letting him hear a gun click. He walked out of the kitchen and looked towards the back door.

Romanoff: What??

Banner: DOWN!

He pulled her down to the floor as the soldiers that were following Banner were firing rounds at the house.

Banner: EVERY. TIME!

Romanoff: GO! I'll hold 'em off!

He didn't hesitate. He immediately ran for the back door as Romanoff fired back at them with her gun. But little did Banner know......he left his blood sample on the table.

Out in the back, Banner made a hop to over the fence and ran through the neighbor's yard, only for his path to get blocked by local police and SWAT.


Bruce: We really gonna do this guys? Cause I'm really not in the mood. And the other guy is really starting to loose it.

A couple seconds later, they soon cuffed him and put him in the back of cop cruiser as he sighed.

Bruce: Yep. I guess we're doing this.

As he was calmly sitting in the backseat of the cruiser, he noticed he was still wearing his heartbeat monitor and the signs....not good.

He looked down at it and it was rapidly increasing.

Banner: No, no, no, no.....not now.

Cop: What you mean, "Not now?"

Banner: Gotta let me go.

Cop: Let you--*chuckles* Fella, you're under arrest courtesy of-

Banner: Ross?

The cop in the front seat just nodded....and that's when Banner started to lose it.

Banner: Come on....COME ON! You don't understand what he'll do to me!

Cop: That's picking nits as far as I'm concerned.

Banner: *under his breath* Not the only thing you should be concerned about......

That's when the other cop clocked Banner in the backseat in the head and his heart monitor rate spiked all the way up to 200.

And then he gasped as the camera zoomed his eyes going GREEN.

He starts groaning excessively as "the Other Guy" started to break through and rip through the clothing and get huge.

Cop #1: Holy sh--

Cop #2: Get out!

They both rolled out of the vehicle just before "the Other Guy" burst through the cop car splitting it in two. And then as he looked around and growled, heet out his famous trademark roar.

Hulk: roar of power

And apparently, that roar was so loud that Romanoff was able to hear it from where she was.

Romanoff: Oh god....Banner.....

We then cut back to the Hulk as he proceeds to....leap and run off.

Unfortunately, the S.W.A.T wasn't giving up easily.

S.W.A.T #1: Hey, stay on 'em!

As they drive off after him, he then picks up a radio and speaks into it.

S.W.A.T #1: Delta 5 to leader; you're not gonna believe this: Something big just went down there.

Brant: Give me eyes down there, solider. Talk to me!

S.W.A.T #2: The Hulk is in the streets! I repeat, the Hulk is in the streets!

Brant: Don't lose him, Sergeant!

As civilians were minding their own business, they soon panicked and ran as the "Other guy" made his way towards public road with S.W.A.T choppers and vehicles chasing him and firing. Then he jumped towards a high building and just started running up the walls too fast.

In Betty's office, she was throwing on her coat, ready to take time off.....but then she heard that familiar roar and when she spins her head over, Betty finally sees, from across her building, her lost beloved in his other form running up the other building.

Betty: *Backs up in shock* B-Bruce....

The Hulk made it on top of the roof but, then looked up as he heard the sky cracking.....and he somewhat knew what it was.

Hulk: Hmph

A helicopter hovers up from the side of the building as Hulk roars again and jumps up and wacks the tail of the chopper off. It spins out of control and heads straight down, but the pilot jumps out with a parachute.

The "Other guy" (I can't stop cracking up about that) then looked up as he heard another sky crack and before you know it....the biofrost shot down to the roof top and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) shot through it as the bifrost faded

Hulk frowned in a soft ground.

Down to the ground, reporters, police even militia were surrounding the building in confusion as Betty came out of her car, trying to get through the crowd as did Romanoff.

And they made sudden eye contact.

(This should be interesting)

Betty: Hey.

Romanoff: Hey.

They both looked back up as they saw the Hulk on one building.....and Thor on the other.

Romanoff: Perfect timing, then.

She immediately rushed into the building that Bruce was in hopes to calm him down. And Betty just so happened to follow her.


News helicopter: Look at this, please tell me you're getting this.

The cameraman in the copter was taking footage of Hulk and Thors standoff.

Thor: Banner.....what is the meaning of this?

"The Other Guy" just roared and leaped over to Thor on the other building, just when Romanoff and Betty were making their way up.

Betty eventually Banners backside and just knew it was him. And she calls out his name.

Betty: Bruce?! BRUCE!

But he couldn't hear her, for he was too busy having another stare-down with Thor.

Thor: Banner, you may not understand me but--

Hulk: *ROARS*

Thor: Right. Forgot don't ever mentioned puny Banner--

That's when Hulk charged at him, but just as Romanoff made it to the roof, Thor knocked him upside the head and off the roof with his hammer, causing him to fly across the city. Betty saw it and she immediately went down to follow him.

Romanoff: Really?

Thor: *Looks over and sighs* Don't start.

Romanoff: Just get me over to him.

Natasha held on to Thor as he swung his hammer and they flew off.

Hulk landed in a construction sight not far from the building he was on. He growled softly and stood up.

He was about to run till....

Out of a glimpsing light, Betty stepped out and approached him.

Surprisingly, a part of Hulk recognized her immediately and he lowered his anger level down a notch and his face sinked as this was the first in a long time that he had saw her.

Betty:'s me.

Hulk just growled slowly and touched her face as she calmed down and shed another tear.

Hulk: Betty.....

And then.....Betty, somehow, manages to copy the same hand gestures that Romanoff used to do and she actually did the lullaby.

Hulk backed up and leaned on the construction site as he slowly reverted back to normal.

Every citizen, newsperson and military personal went out and looked at the carnage as Betty helped him up.

Betty: It's ok. It's ok. You're fine.

She covered him with her jacket as were both confronted by Thor and Romanoff. And Romanoff was feeling pretty jealous.

Romanoff: You got a spark, I see.

Betty: Who are you people?

Thor: I am Thor of Asgard. Son of Odin. This is the lady Romanoff, the Black Widow.

Romanoff: I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but we need to borrow the big fella for an urgent matter. A friend of ours is harboring a wanted fugitive---

Betty: NO! You're not taking him! He's been through enough.

Romanoff: Ma'am, you don't understand.

Betty: No! It's you that doesn't understand. Bruce has never had a choice in his life and you Avenger creeps have done more than enough to him. If anyone should be able to make his choices, it's just me and him! So just stay the hell away from him, assholes.

She carried him off leaving Romanoff speechless 'till Thor spoke out.....

Thor: Which friend is harboring a fugitive?

Romanoff: I'll tell you all about it soon as we find Rogers.

Thor: I can't go with you either.

Romanoff: Are you kidding me? Thor, Rogers has a friend who's wanted by the government and the Avengers are under control of the Task Force....

Thor: I wish I could help. But my father has gone missing. I only stopped by to help Banner. I have to go.

Romanoff: Wait!

But Thor had already vanished into the biofrost, leaving Black Window frustrated. That's when the War Machine (Don Cheadle) hovered down behind her. And it didn't take long for her to notice.

Rhodey: No luck?

Romanoff: None. Banner wouldn't sign and Thor.....he has something to do with finding his father. I really can't catch a break.

Rhodey: None of us can. By the way, did you get that sample?

Romanoff: What sam--wait a minute.

She digs through her equipment and....she takes out Bruce's blood sample.

Romanoff: Yeah. I got it right here. Ross said he might need it.

Rhodey: Better not keep him waiting then.

It then cuts to the conference room from Civil War, as Natasha and Rhodey walk in to see Ross facing away from them.

Ross: I would be lying if I said I wasn't getting sick of this. But I am. Yeast after year, countless innocents are either injured, dead or severely traumatized because of it. I can't unlike it.

Romanoff: But then again, that wasn't Banners fault.

Rhodey: We all had a part to play.

Ross: Which is why you needed to sigh the contract. Unfortunately....gets up and turns around.....I bet Bruce didn't sign.

Romanoff: He didn't. That's only....half of the bad news.

She then takes out Bruce's blood sample from her pouch and then tosses it to Ross. He looks at it and then puts it away.

Ross: I don't care what the other half is. As far as I'm concerned, Banner is considered retired. As is Thor. Now you two need to get to Stark. He's about to meet up with Rogers and Barnes.

Rhodey and Romanoff looked at each other, just feeling stumped and complied.

As soon as they left, Ross walks out of the conference room, and heads downstairs into the lab where General Brant awaited him.

Ross: They in pursuit on Barnes?

Brant: As instructed. I hope the equipment is coming along.

Ross: On schedule. Soon Operation R.E.D. shall commence. And make sure it's finished by the wee hours of the morning.

Later at Betty's apartment, she helped Banner into the bed and covered him up in the covers, wiping his head with a towel

Banner: Bet.....

Betty: Shh. You're safe. You're safe with me.

Banner: I'm not safe with anyone, Betty. You know I can't stay here. Not 'till....Not until I finish that cure.

Betty: The cure can WAIT. For now; you must rest.

Banner: I--I....

Before Bruce could finish, he exhaled softly as Betty went into another room for she had another call.

Betty: Hello?

Ross: Hey sweetheart, it's me again.

Betty: Oh dad....

She looks towards the bedroom where Banner is and turns back to the phone.

Ross: I need to talk to you....about Bruce.

Betty: Dad, we've already gone over this.

Ross: There won't be anything left to go over once we give him what he's been looking for.

Betty just laid back in confusion and she sat down.

Betty: What do you mean by that?

Ross: Let's just say.....I've granted him his wish. I've done a bit of my own research and I was lucky enough to extract a cure for his condition.

Betty was speechless. This is what Bruce had wanted for so long.....but in the other hand, she kinda LIKED the Other Guy.

Betty: *sighs* When did you have time for this?

Ross: *At his area* Since...when it came to you.

He then turns around nods at Brant and Brant nods back.

(That son of a--)

Betty: But Daddy....I don't know where he is.

(She only lied cause she didn't know if he was telling the truth since he tried to kill him before)

Ross: But we do. He's here in the city.

Betty: *Pretends to be surprised* What??

Ross: Turn the T.V on to channel 5.

Betty turned on the T.V to that channel and once again, pretends to be surprised.

Reporter on T.V: Earlier today, in what can be the closest sense to Deja vu, the city was recently attacked once again by the mysterious creature known as the Hulk. It had recently been criticized for its rampage at Sokovia and now that's it's back.....

She turned it off and continued to play along.

Betty: What'd you want me to do?

Ross: Once he calms down, tell him that I've got the antidote for his....condition. I assure you it's better this way, Betty. I know deep down you want the real Banner back as much as I do. TRUST ME.....

Betty really did not want to do this, but it was what Banner had wanted. And she didn't want to watch Bruce torture himself with this any longer. Besides....she loved him.

Betty: *sighs*

Ross: Bet?

Betty: We'll see you at your office, 9:00; Saturday morning.

Ross: *sighs* Thank you, Bet. I know this is hard on both of us, but trust me. It's for the sake of our world.

Betty: Don't think this changes anything.

Ross: No worries. He'll be alright.

He then hangs up and slowly turns back to General Brant.

Ross: I hate lying to her. But like I said....I respect Banner.....just not the green oaf.

Brant: Shouldn't have a problem, then. Besides, we all want what's best for our children.

That's when a random scientist walks into the room and informs them that--

Scientist: Excuse me, Sir, we're ready to begin.

Ross: Good. Fire it up.

Later, it cuts down to the lab. Scientists and military persona surround a familiar looking machine as Ross gives the chemical formula to Brant and he adds it into the tubes. And...for some reason, he also decides to add Banners blood sample.

(Not good.)

Ross: Ladies and gentlemen. Tonight is the night in which we shall witness the dawning of the new era. Dr. Banner's experiment shall be reborn and processed for later use into the next generation.

Brant: Our dear Secretary Ross has kindly volunteered to be our test subject for Project: R.E.D to commence.

Ross willingly took of his jacket and shirt as he stepped into the machine very calmly as the scientists worked their magic and got the machine fired up.

Brant: You ready?

Ross just nodded calmly.

Brant: Begin. 

They pressed buttons to fully start the machine and increase both the chemical formula and Bruce's blood into Ross's body. But as it enters inside him, he began to feel pain within 2 and a half minutes into the procedure and then he yelled in agony.

Eventually, it started to spike the power in the building as the heart rates and monitors begin acting up. And then it just stopped. The entire machine buggered out and Ross just sat in the chair, looking like he was dead.

Everyone was confused as Brant just tapped on Ross' shoulder and he eventually woke up.

Brant: Ross?

Ross just looked up to him and said....

Ross: Project R.E.D.....status: successful.....just hope this doesn't kill anyone.

Scientist: Just a few tweaks and it should work.

The scientist closed the door behind making a loud booming sound as it cuts to the next morning and we see Thor return.

He calmly drops his hammer and just stands outside Betty's apartment building until he saw Banner asleep through a window.

But that's when Bruce started to wake up. Hearing the shower in the bathroom turn on let him know that Betty was in there. He quickly got up, got dressed and was about to head out the door; but once he opens it.....

Thor: Leaving so soon?

Banner: Thor?

Thor: Bailing was always something you were good at; even giving up.

Banner: Look, you wouldn't know what it's like to have another side of you that just wants to wreck everything in your life. Making the militia chase after you and even though you want to, you can't see your loved ones without hurting them.

Thor: You assume too much that the Hu--"Other guy" hurts people. But he has helped us from time to time.

Banner: He was no help when he punched you.

Thor: I pretty much had that coming.(Lol)

Banner: The point is....Thor.....I can't be the "Other guy" anymore. He's just too uncontrollable.

Thor: But he's easily tamed. By us.....and by her.

He looked over at the door where Betty was getting dressed and Bruce let out a small sigh and looked at Thor.

Thor: Listen. I'm searching for my father, but I will be around to help you through this. You'll need all the help you can get.

Banner: *Smiles* Thanks.

Soon as Betty came out, Banner jumped and looked back to see Thor was gone

(Man, he's fast)

Betty: Bruce?

Banner: Uh....hey.

Betty: What's happening? You were talking to someone?

Banner: Uh....

He looked back to where Thor was and saw he made a huge impact burn on the ground.

Banner: No.


He stepped back inside and closed the door as Betty just smiled at him.

Banner: What? *chuckles*

Betty: It's been a long time. I haven't heard from you since....I don't know what to call that.

Banner: Neither do I. But honestly, that's better left unsaid.

He just went into the bathroom to try and wash his face off as Betty followed him from behind.

Betty: *sighs* There isn't a easy way to say this, so I'll just say it: My dad wants to see you in his office today.

Banner: Oh my---and to think, he was gonna let me walk away.

Betty: Bruce, nobody's walking from anything. This is necessary, ok? We're doing this for you.

Banner: What do you mean?

Betty: Apparently.....he's got a cure for your condition. Says he can give you your real life back.

Bruce just looked down in astonishment and also disappointment. The fact that the thing he needed to fix himself was in the hands of an enemy didn't fit him. At ALL.

Banner: Regardless, I don't trust him with it. I just can't. Like I said before, they never needed my blood or the antidote for any reason other then to weaponize it and use it against me and possibly other potential threats. Just like the WMD's with S.H.E.I.L.D and.....*sighs*. I just can't risk it.

He walks out of the bathroom and just scratches his head.

Banner: Betty, you need to understand that THIS was the very thing that I've been trying to avoid. As much as I want this, as much as I NEED this....I can't do it with him.

Betty: Then don't do it for him. Please do it for me.

Banner: But still.....why should I?

Betty: Because I love you.

She walked up to him and grabbed his face.

Betty: I had missed you so much.....and I know you felt the same towards with me. If Dad can cure you, we can finally have the life we wanted. Family. Children. Bruce.... *Takes his hand*.....this is our chance.

Bruce: You know I want that as much as you do. But can we really trust your father? Cause since....that abomination, he didn't take the "Other guy's" crossfire during the fight.

Betty: But each time I saw you and the "Other guy" on T.V, you two been saving the world.

Bruce: At the cost of some lives. And the Avengers...they don't really get a lot credit the way that they should. The people from around the globe blame us for their tragedies.

Betty: None of that will matter when this is all said and done. Please, Bruce. For us.

Bruce couldn't help but to smile back at Betty. Then they found themselves kissing and moving around the room.

Later, back at the base, Ross was in the conference room, looking at a pic of his daughter and then he placed it down as he felt He then rolled up his sleeves and noticed that some of his veins seemed different then before.

He had a good idea on what it was, but he paid no mind to it. For he had a bigger matter to attend to. General Brant just so happened to be sitting next to him as well as some military personal, in case the Hulk lost control. He also had Rhodes and Natasha there, just in case Banner changed his mind about the contract.

Ross: Ahh....

Rhodey: The hell? Is there a problem, Ross?

Ross: No....not yet. Although, this is a little off.

That's when they heard a buzzer overhead them and they knew somebody was entering.

Romanoff: He's here.

Ross: Let him in.

It cuts to downstairs outside where Bruce and Betty was waiting for a response. And....Natasha just so happened to answer.

Romanoff: Banner. Just in time. He's expecting you.

Banner sighed heavily and went inside, but Romanoff stopped Betty from entering.

(Oh boy.....tension)

Romanoff: Sorry ma'am. No civilians.

Betty: Excuse me? Who do you think you are, lady? I have to be there with him by his side.

Romanoff: There's a strict policy set by Director Fury himself. No civilian personal.

Betty: Well, you can tell this Fury he can kiss my ass! I'm not just gonna wait out here while....

While Betty continued to get up in Natasha's face about it, they were unaware that some staff member (Stan Lee) was seemed to be interested in the argument.

Staff: Whoa....hey Joe come check out the cat fight.

We cut to upstairs when Banner approached the conference room, only to see that door had a sticky note on it. And it says "Lab". So he goes to the lab and Banner just so happens to see Rhodey by the machine with his arms crossed.

Rhodey: Doc.

Banner: Rhodey, I hadn't seen you since Sokovia.

Rhodey: Yeah, then you bailed on us.

Banner: Had no choice.

Rhodey: And what sucks is...if this works, the Avengers loses another member.

Banner: Another? What's going on?

Before Rhodey could tell him the story, Ross came in accompanied by General Brant and clapped his hands

Ross: Banner. It's been too long, my friend.  

Banner: Yeah....too long.

Ross offered out his hand and Banner uncharacteristically shakes it and hugs him.

Ross: I know you probably don't think much of me after all I've done, but times have changed since then.

Banner: I see....*looks at his uniform* the commander now?

Ross: Secretary of State.

Banner just looked away and chuckled under his breath.

Banner: I'm sorry, it's just.....Too long.

Ross: Yeah.

General: *clears throat* So....the infamous Bruce Banner. This is an honor to say the least. Your experiments have been, without a doubt, the stuff of legend.

Rhodey: Well, that's the understatement of the century.

Ross: If you had what he had, you wouldn't think so.

Banner: Hey, I just....I'm ready to go forward with this, but....

Before Bruce could finish the sentence, Betty rushed upstairs to see the conversation.

Betty: Guys?

Both (Banner and Ross): Betty?

They looked at each other.

Betty: Dad, did you bother telling that red head scank downstairs that I have just about every right to be here as you and everyone else?

Ross: I'm sorry, pumpkin. Agent Romanoff is pretty strict around things.

Betty: Well, does she know I ain't just a civilian? I mean I'm the daughter of the commander here. And plus, my place is here with Bruce.

Rhodey: *Whispers* You didn't tell her about that thing.....during Ultron, did you?

Banner: *Whispers* I was.....getting to it.

Romanoff: *Walks in* I knew. But Fury doesn't make exceptions.

Betty: Oh, doesn't he? Well is here now let me look at him in his two eyes and tell him to his face I'm not one to be striced on when it comes to Bruce's conditions.

(Two eyes? If only Betty knew)

Banner: Oh brother....

Romanoff : You'd be looking at one eye. And that's a fight you'd never win. got a hell of currier pressing on hope for him this long. How long has it been? 5, 6 years?

Betty: That's none of your business, b**ch!

Rhodey: Hey hey ladies come on, there's no need for this.

Both (Romanoff and Betty): SHUT UP!  

Rhodey: Ok, backing up.....


Brant: Ladies, with all due respect, I believe Mr. Banner would like to get this procedure done with as soon as possible, right Ross?

He blinks over at him and Ross suddenly turns away.

Romanoff: What do you say, Bruce?

Banner just looked down and around at everyone and says....

Banner: I'm ready.

Rhodey just looked away, knowing that another potential member of the Avengers could be lost, but Brant just smirked. reaction at all.

Betty and Natasha, however, just looked at each other in....worry.

Betty: You sure about this? Are you absolutely 100% positively sure that....this is what you want? If you do this, there may be no turning back.

Banner: I know....but it's the price I'm willing to pay for you and everyone else. I'm ready to let "the Other Guy" go.

Betty smiled with a tear as Romanoff and Rhodey looked at each other with hints of disappointment.

Romanoff, however, saw something suspicious in one of the suit cases Brant was opening and frowned in confusion.

Ross: Then let us begin.

Brant took out the formula and put it in a needle as he smirked at Ross again; but Romanoff saw it this time and got suspicious about it.

Romanoff: *whispers* Rhodey...something doesn't feel right.

Rhodey: *whispers* What'd you talking about?

Romanoff: *whispers* Look! *Points*

He suddenly had a good look at the formula and realized that SOMETHING was wrong.

Rhodey: Ohh s**t.

Betty: Thank you so much for doing this, Dad.

Ross: *Sighs* I'm's not for him.

They frowned as Ross looked at everyone in the room and just.....

INJECTED the formula in....HIMSELF!     

Everyone in the room just backed up in defensive stance, except for Brant who once again smiled.

Romanoff: Son of a--

Betty: DAD! What are you doing?

Ross: Fighting fire with fire.

He continued to groan until all of the formula was completely injected into him. He then pulls out the needle and shatters it.

Rhodey: What the hell is he thinking, Bruce?

Banner: I--I have no idea.

Betty: Daddy! What is wrong with you?!

Ross: I'm surprised you...Ughh!! You have NOT figured it out, Bet....You have been falling into...that freak of nature...for 15 years! Errgg!!! I cannot...bare the thought of that monsters hands all around you....and the way he RUINED my reputation!

Banner: Please...Ross...what is this all about?

Ross: What the YOU THINK IT'S ABOUT?!?! Your experiments were one of the governments finest projects. Errrr!!! Until...that accident KILLED the real Bruce Banner! The one I admired more than this shell of a monster! That accident that we made KILLED your real boyfriend; Betty boo! Aaah! And gave this abomination!

Rhodey: Oh sh**.....

Betty: Daddy.... *Cries* How can you say that?

Brant: Don't you all understand? Ever since yo created that thing, ever since the Hulk's first massive destruction, it cost us ALL everything! We tried to make it as easy on you as possible, but you'd all rather...go like THIS! And if the Hulk can never be destroyed....

Ross: Then you create another force to destroy it! Ugh! And you...*points at Bruce*....are NOT Bruce Banner anymore. Your brink of destruction is definitely at it's end! Only there is no cure! Cause I have seen you run your filthy green hands all over my daughter long enough! I only admire the man Bruce Banner was before his death in the freak accident! Before the Hulk killed him!

Betty: Dad, please! Don't do this!

Ross: And you will go.....By your better! Because the world has lived in fear of the Hulk long enough! And I can never stand the sight of you around my daughter! EVER!

That response made Betty tear up even more then before and that's when.....

Brant: Well, I see things are going just swell. So....*takes the rest of the samples*....without further a-do....

He was about to walk out when but then Banner actually leaped across the table and tried to keep him from exiting. But Brant knocked him back before getting knocked out by Rhodes. Betty also takes a kick at him.

Betty: Son of a b**ch!

And that's when Romanoff cuffs and arrests him.

Romanoff: I'll see that you're extradited and stripped from the position of General effective immediately.

Brant: *chuckles* Speak for yourself, Romanoff. My duty has been fulfilled.

They look back towards Ross groaning more and more excessively and then finally....his eyes turn RED. That's when he turned to Betty and said.

Ross: Betty.....RUN.

Without thinking, Betty, Bruce, Rhodes and Natasha immediately burst out of the room. But Ross started to groan even more and his clothes started to tear and rip and he buffed up.


Romanoff: Follow me, I know the way out!

Rhodes: Take the stairs!

Banner: Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up.

Each one of them rushed down the stairs, but they were taking aback by a huge thudding sound. They all looked up as the building rumbled.

Betty: Oh god, no......

Rhodes: No time to waste. Come on.

As soon as they get downstairs, they see everyone....acting casual.

(Seriously, they can't hear the ruckus upstairs?)

Banner: Alright, high security, lots of exits, little to no time....yeah, he's gonna find us.

Betty: Bruce, don't say that! We're gonna get out of here.

Rhodes: So, we split up then.

Banner: No, no, no, no, no, no. That never works!

Romanoff: Look; if we stick together, it'll be even more dangerous. You have to get "her" out of here. Besides, we have to meet up with Stark soon.

Banner: I just hate for your death to be on my conscious.

Romanoff: And yours will be on ours if you don't move! We'll buy you two some time long enough for you to make your escape. But you have to move fast.

The building rumbled again and this time everyone was panicking.


Romanoff: GO NOW!!

Bruce and Bett ran hand in hand to the exit as Rhodey pressed on his watch and his War Machine suit automatically attached onto him

War Machine: Let's kick his ass. *Flies up*

Back up in the lab, Ross was soon fully changed into Red Hulk then busted up everything

Red Hulk: BANNER!

They made it outside only to find themselves surrounded by police and militia....again

Betty: Not what I had in mind for our honeymoon.

Cop: Bruce Banner! Drop what you're carrying! Put your hands on your head! And kneel on the ground!

Betty held Bruce's hand much tighter and then she whispered.....

Betty: Change.

Bruce: You know I can't.

Betty: It's the only way.

(Or was it....)

Suddenly, a random massive storm soon blew over and knocked the cops and militia away

Bruce looked up to see Thor on a building as he held up his hammer and nodded at him. Then Bruce nodded back

Bruce: Let's go.

He took Betty's hand and ran for her car.

Back upstairs, War Machine and Romanoff made it to the lab, just to see how wrecked up it is and saw the side door busted open.

War Machine: Guess the beast got out. 

Romanoff: Damn it.

She continued to look at the mess that transpired and realized something....Brant was missing.

Romanoff: James.

She taps on his shoulder and he looks over to see Brant was no longer there.

Rhodey: Get the f--How did he get out?

Romanoff: I don't think I need to answer that. But he probably had a backup plan.

Rhodey: Or worse, Ross took him. Either way, he helped him make that thing, so he had it coming.

All of a sudden, they feel a climate change which causes them to look out the window.

That's when they see Thor on one of the buildings far from them.

Rhodes: Thor.

Romanoff: Doubt he knows anything of this. Better report this.....

Meanwhile, at Avengers H.Q, Romanoffs call got transmitted to Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) who just so happened to be reporting to the Councilmen.

Hill: Agent Hill. Romanoff? Yes. Banner? What about him? He is alright though? So.....what? Ross?!

Hill's reaction got her so jumpy that she ran to the main control room where she came behind.....

Hill: Sir, you better take this.

Fury (Samuel L. Jackson): *Answers* Romanoff?

Romanoff: Sir, it's bad. Secretary Ross had taken some formula of his own, luring Banner out of hiding thinking he had a cure for him. He used it on himself. It was just a diversion.

Fury: Jesus Christ on a bicycle. I knew there was something off when he had the Avengers sign that contract. Half of them, that is. Where's Banner now?

Romanoff: With a civilian. Betty Ross. Ross's daughter. Also, me and James spotted Thor somewhere in the city.

Fury: Alright, you two get to Stark and see if you can Barnes. We'll worry about he three of them later. I'll contact you if it gets hasty.

He then cuts out communication and nods to Hill.

Fury: Alright people. New priority has begun. Operation: Christmas Colors has begun.

Later on, Betty and Banner drove up to her cabin in the woods as a means to escape. Betty noticed that Bruce was just sitting there in silence....until she spoke up.

Betty: You ok?

Banner: What were we thinking? We should have known this was another disputation, just to draw me out. My instincts kept telling me something was wrong. I should've trusted my instincts.

Betty: I'm sorry, Bruce....a part of me wanted to believe there was a cure, cause I wanted a chance for us.

Banner: Well, there was never a cure. Betty don't you get it? People fear the "Other guy" so they won't bother trying to fix him. I was trying to make one till....he was forced to run amuck again. So close....yet so far......

Betty: We are not giving up on this, ok? I promise you. It's the last time I trust my father for anything. *Takes his hand* We can fight this. We WILL fight this.

Banner had doubts, but he wanted to believe her for the sake of their relationship and soon they got out of the car and into the cabin.        

Later inside the cabin, Banner and Betty were sleeping together until he heard a ruckus in the woods.

He woke up tired, but the noise got his attention.

Banner: Hmm?

He walked outside, still in his PJs to try and investigate the disturbance, but he found nothing.

Banner: *chuckles mildly* Kids these days....

He turns around to walk back, but as soon as he does, he gets knocked from behind. Bruce scurried back to his feet to see Brant with a metallic object.

(I'll explain this in a little bit.)

Brant: It's always different, huh? Different identity, different place to hide, different explanation for STANDING on your own two feet when the world clearly doesn't accept you. Doesn't that bite that in the ass sometimes?

Banner: I doubt they'll do the same for Ross now that he's a complete duplicate. You don't know what you've created.

Brant: You created this thing; you didn't think we would catch it sooner or later?

Banner: I don't need to answer!

He bluntly tries to attack Brant, even though, he doesn't know how to fight properly. But Brant, of course, was the veteran. He had to whip Bruce to ground at least 3 times before Bruce squandered and couldn't get back up.

(Iron Man 3 reference)

Brant: It was an honor, Mr. Banner.

Banner: *breathing heavily* If you're gonna do it.....then do it.

Brant: Oooh. Not yet, Bruce. That comes later. But first things first.....

He places down his metallic object and it converts into....a weird looking device that looks similar to the one in Guardians Of The Galaxy.

(If you've played the Hulk 2003 game, you know where this is going)

As Bruce started to regain his balance, the device turns on and its energy spikes pierce through him. But it doesn't kill him. Instead, it slowly (and I mean SLOWLY) rips away his gamma pulse bit by bit as he screams in agony. And it wakes up Betty.

Betty heard the commotion out a window and gasped when she saw it.

Betty: No!

She saw Brant walking up to him and as the device kept picking apart his energy and he taunted him.

Brant: The only way you'll get out of this alive is that you change.

Bruce: Never....

Brant: I said CHANGE! *Kicks him*

Bruce: Ahh! NO!

Betty: *Runs out* BRUCE!

Brant immediately grabbed Betty by the neck before she could get to Banner and points a gun straight to her head.

Bruce: BETTY!

Brant: Either you change *Clicks gun* or she DIES!!

Betty: Bruce no! Please don't!

Brant: Clocks ticking! What it gonna be?!

The gun pressed down further on the side of her head and it left Banner stumped. He, unfortunately, had no choice.

Bruce: Forgive me, Bet...

Betty: NO!

Brant: Yes.....YES!

Banner grew angry as then his body buffed and turned green, growling as his PJ's teared apart.....except for his shorts.

He was the Hulk AGAIN!

Brant: *Talks on radio* NOW!! 

Hulk turned over to Brant and charged towards him, but Brant had a pulse gun and it pushed him back with extreme force as the device kept drawing his gamma pulse.

That's when soldiers came cowering out of the woods as Hulk was still getting ripped of his energy by that device.

Some of them just ganged up on him, but Hulk was still just a behemoth of a man. He was able to hold most of them off until two soldiers jumped from behind and injected him with a liquid that represents a tranquilizer.

More soldiers from the front got him down to his knees and just for sh**s and giggles, they hit him in the area where the sun doesn't shine.

Betty: No, no, no, NO! STOP IT!

Eventually, the device worked its magic as the Hulks eyes eventually went back to normal and ALL of its energy was displaced into the device. And it closes automatically.

Betty watched in horror as Bruce slowly reverted back to his normal state to the point where she couldn't take it anymore.

Betty: Son of a b**ch!

She clocks Brant with her elbow and runs towards Bruce only to get tackled and held back by the soldiers.

Solider: Stand still!

Betty: No! Let me go!

Betty continued to yell and shout as Brant went over and looked at Bruce unconscious.

Betty: Wh-what the hell have you done?!

Brant: Why....I've KILLED the Hulk.

Betty: *gasps*

Brant: Easy pickings for Ross. Now.....+Jeronimo McArthur Get him into isolation. And have the girl in a secured room.

Betty: Get off me!

As the soldiers loaded them up into transportation, Thor watched from the shadows and slow followed them.

They were soon on the road and Banner was in some tank to keep him secured in a separate military van. Betty, on the other hand, was in the back of another car and extremely impatient.

Betty: Where is he?

Soldier: Classified, miss.

Betty: Don't give me that classified bulls**t! Do you know I am? I am the daughter of the former General Ross who is Secretary of State of personal. I shouldn't even be here.

Soldier: Well, excuse me.....Your father's orders were to keep the Hulks preparations secured.

Betty: Ooh! He is so dead!

Soon as they arrived in some government base, in Ross's office, he too was soon changed back from behind his desk slowly. He was seen getting up and cracking his bones. Cause for a old man, he still had it in him.

Ross: That. Was. Amazing.

He later got dressed in time for their arrival and then some of his men came in escorting Betty. She immediately jerked out of their grip and went storming up to her dad while finding him a death look.

Betty: How could you?

Ross: Betty, baby.....

She just smacked him across the face and the soldiers bolted their eyes seeing that

Betty: You LYING B**CH! You never had a cure! You USED me to just get to Bruce! How could you just do that?! I-I HATE you!

Ross: Like I said, it's because you're my daughter and you're lucky you're not in handcuffs too.

Betty: You son of a--

She tries to strike him, but all of a sudden, he immediately blocks the strike. Betty was shocked. He had never tried to strike her before.

Ross: Hours turn into days, days turn into weeks, and on and on and on. It's the same bullsh** over and over again. Countless die, and yet nobody pays the repercussions. That phone call from Stark I had earlier .....made it perfectly clear. EVERY TIME we try to make amends, they ruin more lives, destroy more private property, cost us more money. You get the idea. These superheroes.....they've become a plague to the face of the world. If we can't beat them, the least we can do is tame them. But Bruce Banner.....CANNOT be tamed. It's the only way to end a war before it can even begin.

Betty: Is this--this why you had to rip "the Other Guy" out of him?! You wanted me to see him as just a lovesick dope?! He was there for me; he protected me and gave me something that you NEVER COULD!!!

All the soldiers in the room held their guns up, but Ross instructed them to put their guns down. But then Ross takes out a needle, unbeknownst to Betty and turns his back to her.

Ross: *sighs* For the longest time, I really thought you would've come to your senses. But now.....I realize.....

He sticks the tranquilizer into Betty and she gasps as she starts to doze off.'re still stubborn.

He then takes the needle out and Betty falls unconscious to the floor.

Solider: Sir?

Ross: Lock her up downstairs.

The soldiers take Betty out of the room and drag her downstairs, unaware that Romanoff was watching from the far corner.

Romanoff: Fury.

It then cuts to downstairs in the isolated cells in the SAME BUILDING where Bruce was just meddling to himself, once agin feeling frustrated with himself.

But then he hears struggling as a solider just so happens to bring Betty into another cell RIGHT next to his.

The soldier then threw her in the cell and left. But that's when Betty woke up from the doze her father gave her and tried to break free.

Banner: Bet?

Betty: Bruce! *Runs to the window cell* Thank God...I'm so sorry my dad did this. I tried to make him stop can't make him do anything.

Bruce: can't really blame him babe. I mean look at me when I'm the "Other Guy". The world already knows what the REAL Hulk is.....I'm a monster.

Betty: No, you're not. When are you going to understand that? Listen....I hate saying this...but maybe the "Other guy" can get us out. I can calm you down later.

Bruce: Betty, forget it. I'm not risking it. That's not who I am anymore.

Romanoff: Then risk it with me.

They looked over to see Natasha standing outside the cells.

Banner: Natasha.

Betty: Ohh, you again.

Romanoff: Nice to see you too, sister.

Banner: Natasha, how'd you...wh-where's Rhodey?

Natasha: *Sighs* .....We tried to stop Rogers and Barnes but....I let them go. And.....Rhodey got hurt at the airport. From the looks of it, he may not be walking well for awhile cause of me....Look, I can take her out of here while you make your escape. I can track you later.

Banner: NO! That oaf has already cost me so much. He's the reason why Bet and I are in here! Besides.....they already took it out of me.

Romanoff: What?

Banner: They ripped "the Other Guy" out of me. I can't transform even if I wanted to.

Natasha: Then you leave me no choice.

She picked locked the cell door and enters as they have a stare down. She then dozed him with a taser.

Bruce eventually passes out and then she lets Betty out.

Betty: What'd you doing?

Romanoff: They're gonna retire me anyway for letting Steve go. I got nothing to lose. But the two of you do. Hell, your pops is an asshole anyway. Help me get him up.

Without hesitation, they picked him up (rather forcefully) and tried to carry him out.

As soon as they got close to the nearest fire exit, Romanoff stayed behind.

Betty: you're not coming with us?

Romanoff: I got business to deal with. You take your Man child somewhere safe and if there's any other way you can bring his powers back.....just do it.

She closes the door and purposely sets off the alarm on the inside. Betty quickly got the unconscious Bruce down the stairs and dragged him out.

It then cuts back to upstairs in which General Brant so happened to walk in the room with his device in hand.

Brant: So.....

Ross: How did you do it? I would like to know.

Romanoff: You don't deserve the right to know.

They both see Romanoff walk in with both her pistols held up at them.

Brant: So the Black Widow.....has put the nail in the coffin for our.....alliance.

Romanoff: Speak for yourself, rodent.

She immediately shoots his device in hand and it eventually overloads and explodes, sending him back through a few walls and falls to his death.

Ross just looks down with no reaction again, and Romanoff turns the gun to him.

Romanoff: Now you.

Ross: I think it's safe to say you're hereby retired from the Avengers and placed under arrest for the release of two fugitives.

Romanoff: Looks to me, I'm not the only one who should retire. You been after Bruce cause you don't think he's good enough for your daughter. What exactly did you inject in yourself?

Ross nodded, closing his eyes and chuckled

Ross: The only way to destroy the Hulk.

He opens his eyes as they appeared glowing red.

Romanoff backed up in shock

We cut to Betty where she carries Bruce out to the exit, just be blocked by more guards

Guard: Hand him over, Miss Ross.

Betty: Why can't you people just leave him alone?!?!

Suddenly the doors behind the guards burst open with lightning bolts, shocking and knocking them all out. Betty backed up and covered herself from the force of the blasts, and a minute later, she uncovered herself and saw Thor standing in front of her.

Thor: Let's go, miss Ross.

He held out his hand to her and she took it. Betty immediately grabbed onto him as Thor grabbed Banner and they both took off to the skies.

Other security guards, for some reason, had the nerve to try and follow them. Although, since Thor was super fast, they got lost quick.

A few seconds later, Thor lands near the university and lets Betty and the unconscious Bruce go.

Thor: My pleasure, madam.

Betty: Thank you. Wait.....

She takes a look up at the university and gets a feeling of Deja Vu. That's when she gets an idea.

Betty: Sterns.

Thor: Pardon?

Betty: You, help me get him upstairs. We gotta talk to Sterns.

Thor: What occurred here?

Betty: I'll tell you on the way up.

It then cuts to upstairs as Sterns was actually looking at himself in the mirror as he observed his cut on the forehead.

Sterns: Argh.....*chuckles* the irony of it all.

He puts the mirror down and heads back into his room. But then he screams as he sees Betty and Thor in the other side.

Sterns: Wha--Betty.

Betty: No time. We need help.

Sterns: What?

Betty: The Hulk is gone.

Sterns: Ahh--I--wha??!

Betty: Don't ask. Look.....Is there a possible way you can abort the gamma pulse again and possibly....put "the Other Guy" back inside of him? Please?

Sterns: Look....I--I'm no mad scientist; Betty; I haven't done anything remotely of that nature. But.....

Thor: But?

Sterns: But....*chuckles*..... I did manage to suppress some of Dr. Banner's radiant DNA and retest it on....someone else. But it still works; it's all in the same. It could possibly form the Hulk's DNA....depending on the fact if we don't actually kill him in the process this time. If all goes well, which it SHOULD, we can possibly ins-tract it to change him back again. But...why do that, Betty? I thought being normal is what you wanted for him? Isn't that the whole point?

Betty: I do.'s because of my dad. He's coming after him and.....

Thor: Long story short, young simpleton. We need "the Other Guy" and we need him NOW.

Thunder clashes and cracks over the building as it starts to rain and it cuts back to outside Ross's office.

Romanoff: What the hell are you?

Ross: Don't you get it? I may have lied to my daughter to get to Banner, but I still gave them what they wanted and the Hulk is finally dead. But now....

He growls softly as his body began to grow

Ross: A new...generation is born!

He buffed up and continued to grow as his skin turned red. A second later, he then fully changed as the screen finally revealed it.

Romanoff pulled out her guns and began shooting at him, but it had no effect on him. She then jumped on his back to try and shock him, but Red Hulk knocked her away, causing her to fly out the office. That's when the Big Red guy jumped out the window, grabbed her and slammed her into a few cars before holding her down.

Red Hulk: Where's Banner?

Romanoff: I have no authority over where he is.

He continued to place his foot near her throat.

Red Hulk: ANSWER.

As that was happening, we cut back to Sterns lab, where he was resetting the table. Betty and Thor, the other hand, were waiting for Bruce to wake up. Thor, impatiently, clocks Banner across the face (payback form the Avengers flick) and somehow that wakes him up.

Betty: What was that about?

Thor: Payback.

Bruce eventually gets back up and recovers, and then he looks around, sees Betty and Thor.....and then sees Sterns by the table.

Banner: No, no, no, no, no.

He tried to move away, but Thor stops him.

Thor: This is unfortunate territory, Banner. Try to think.

Banner: I think you're pissing me off right now, pal. I'm not going back.

He turns away from him, but then gets slapped by Betty.

(Guess she couldn't stand him complaining anymore)

Banner: You---you shouldn't have done that.

Betty: You listen to me....and you listen well, Bruce....As much as I hate the "Other--".....The Hulk, he is needed to stop my father. And you're gonna go along with it this time cause I've had enough. You complained well enough when you let, but......NO MORE!

Both Bruce and Thor were speechless when they heard Betty's outburst and when Bruce laid back down, he then turned to Thor.

Banner: Was it for the punch?

Thor: Yep. (Lol)

Betty: Now Bruce...I know this is too much to handle all at once, but listen. I'll still be with you all the way. We really need you to go along with this.

Bruce wasn't so sure what to do or what to say, but then a news report caught all their attention.

Female Reporter: This just in. There has been sightings of red creature tearing up the streets of the city. The creature resembling the Beast Avenger known as the Incredible Hulk earlier assaulted an unidentified woman who is being rushed to a local hospital. Hopefully, more details will be released later on.

The T.V showed Romanoff all bloody and bruised, being carried into an ambulance.

Both (Banner and Thor): NATASHA!

Thor: You keep doing what you're doing. I'll hold off Ross for as long as I can.

The God of Thunder swing his hammer up to the air as lightning struck, and the next thing you know, he was gone.

Sterns: Sure as hell is a house-wrecker.

Betty: Sterns.

Bruce:'s alright.

Bruce just sighed heavily.

Banner: You know....I never told anyone this. But....whenever I could control it....I was having the time of my life. There wasn't much I could've done to prevent less collateral damage. But at least, I was doing what was RIGHT.

Sterns: Then why did you want to get rid of it?

Banner: sighs Guess you could name a lot of things. Guilt, regret, ANGER. And that's my secret, guys: I'M ALWAYS ANGRY.

He looks back at the screen and sees Red Hulk calmly waking towards the street as civilians ran in terror and he yelled out "BANNER"!

Bruce looks down seriously and turns back at Betty and then Sterns.

Banner: Do you have another blood sample of mine?

Sterns: Wha--?

Banner: My blood samples; the ones that I've sent you over and over again. Do you still have them?

Sterns *chuckles* Bruce....I have more then enough to compensate for that.

Bruce: How many?

It then cuts to Romanoff in the hospital as she was healing up.

Doctor: Natasha? You have a visitor.

The doctor stepped out of the room and Nick Fury stepped in.

Fury: Natasha? You sure had a hell of a dog fight.

Natasha: More like OGRE fight. Who's idea was it to hire Ross to control over the Avengers anyway? That contract was just another way to get to Bruce. Can't believe we didn't figure that out by now.

Fury: I got my men on route to him. Some of the scanners detected Thor heading for the city.

Natasha: He'll need all the help he can get. We got to get the others out of that prison.

Fury: Someone already taking account for that.

Romanoff grinned briefly for she knew who he was talking about.

Romanoff: I knew he would.

Fury: I just hope you can move. I already signed for your release, so we got to get you out there.

Romanoff: What about Rhodey?

Fury: He had some broken bones on his side leg. But he'll make it.

Romanoff: Thank god....I almost feared his death would be on my conscious.

We cut back to the city where Red Hulk was still causing havoc looking for Banner.

Red Hulk: Banner! Rrrraaaaaahh!!

He destroyed cars and smashed through buildings as people ran in panic. Eventually, some of Fury's men landed and tried to apprehend the Red Hulk by any tactic they could think of. But Red Hulk was decimating through them like it was nothing. As he dealt with the last of Furys men, Thor flew down and confronted the beast.

Thor: Enough, Ross! This will end here!  

Red Hulk turned around to see Thor with Mjnior in hand. He didn't say a word.

Thor: This is uncalled for, Ross.


Thor: Doesn't matter. He's changed. But you.....not one ounce of you is refined. You'll suffer for this all the same.

He threw Mjinior at the Ross and it hits him. He then jumps up and knees him and tries to hit him again, but Red Hulk blocks it and actually surprises Thor with how much strength he had.

Thor: What in the Nine Worlds?

Red Hulk just cracked his neck and then (how ironic) headbutts Thor, sweeps him under his legs and smashes him the same way Banner did to Loki.

(Again, how ironic)

He then tosses him aside and runs towards him, but Thor summons back his hammer and tackles Red Hulk as they disappear into the sky.

It then cuts back to Sterns lab where he once again, was prepping his equipment up for his procedure on Bruce. Bruce was already on the table, strapped up while Betty was holding his hand.

Sterns: Alright, we are.....comprehensive. We're ready.

Betty: Are you sure that this is going to work?

Sterns: From all I know, based on the way it worked last time, we should reestablish the full reaction. But the cells might've mutated or eroded completely. I have no idea, but it's worth another shot.

Banner: Just hurry up, then. I don't mind doing this again; it's just I'm afraid of what will follow.

Stern: Alright then. Don't worry. We are....set to pop.

Sterns then got the shocker paddles, but before they're "set to pop", Thor and Red Hulk just so happen to crash onto the same floor they're on.

While Red Hulk recovered like it was nothing, Thor ended up making the same whimper as Loki did


Red Hulk: Well, well...what are the chances?

Betty: Dad, you stay away from him. I mean it!

Red Hulk didn't hesitate to push her aside, but in doing so, she bounced her head off a few cabinets, knocking her out

Banner: Betty!

Stern: This is our only chance! Hang on to something.

Stern hit the button, started the ray on Banner and began the process.

Red Hulk: Oh no, you don't!

He immediately smashed the machines up, then grabbed Sterns pulling him up to his face

Red Hulk: I always thought you were useless, Bret.

Sterns: No--need for such--aggression li-like his, s-sir.

Red Hulk: Spare it.

He then slammed him through three walls before finally throwing him out the window. As soon as he was positive he was gone, he turned back towards Banner and grabbed him.

Red Hulk: Bruce been retired.

Banner: Go to Hell, man.

The Red Hulk chuckled, but Thor, barely recovering from the crash, summoned Mjnior and blasted at....Banner??

Banner was surging and held back, but the lightning blasts somehow triggered the remaining radiation in his system and expanded to make it the same as it was before. And THAT'S hen Banner chuckled with a deep voice.

Banner: You're making me angry, I don't think you're gonna like me when I'm angry.

(Lol, I love that line!)

And then.....his eyes turned green, his skin changed color, his clothes tore and he broke free from Red Hulk's grip while pushing him back at the same time.

The Incredible Hulk has returned as he did another roar of power as it echoed throughout the entire city.

Red Hulk:'s impossible.

Betty got up just in time to see Banner as the Hulk again.

Betty: Bruce?

Hulk: Not your power. Hulks curse.....

Red Hulk: It was never your curse to BEGIN WITH!

He was about to strike, but Hulk clocked him with his foot and then Thor clicked him with his hammer before blasting a lightning strike, temporarily stopping him. That's when Hulk tackled Ross as they soared through the sky and conveniently landed back in Harlem.

Thor just looked down at Betty before swinging his hammer and following them.

Betty then got up and looked out true window to see the fires and smoke completely engulfing the sky. She then turns around to see Sterns dead and that really pissed her off.

Outside, they fought all the way into the woods crushing through trees and uplifting the ground as they ended up on a highway where a truck just so happened to drive by seeing the Hulk brawl.

Truck driver: Holy sh**!

He floors the brake and the truck bashed into Hulk's back as it crashed, leaving the driver somehow unscathed. Yet, it had NO effect on the Hulk then he turned his head over.....

The driver looked out the front window and Hulk twitched his head telling him to get out and he just got out and ran.

The Red Hulk then just bashed up to him into the truck and kept swinging fists at him until Hulk grabbed his hands and kicked him off.

Hulk took the truck and swung it at Ross, knocking him off the road.

We then cut to a helicopter where Romanoff was flying back to the scene and looked down at the monster brawl.

Romanoff: Why am I always scheduled for monster sitting?

She hovers down and tries to get a good view for when or where she can attack.

As we cut back to Stern's lab......

Betty: We got to get to Bruce and Dad. We have to stop 'em.

Thor: The only way we can is flying.

Betty: Good enough. But be careful, I'm--

Thor: No worries, Miss.

She held on to Thor and he swung the Mjnior as they flew off.

Back with Hulk and Red Hulk, they fought on tha streets, continuing to bash anything and everything in their way.

Romanoff, in her chopper tried to get a lock on Red Hulk, but they kept moving around, so it was too difficult to get a good lock on.

Romanoff: Dammit!

Thor and Betty soon landed in the heart of the city and saw the monster bash

Betty: Bruce! Dad!

Thor: Wait here! 

Thor flew to the brawl when he saw Hulk and Red Hulk went crashing through a hotel, just where there was a fun raiser happening. But it caused a panic as the two beasts came bursting in.

As Hulk approached him, the Red Hulk broke off a bar table and swung it at him as he fell down then kept bashing him 'till Hulk grabbed his arms and grinned.

Red Hulk's face sinked into a hint of fear and headbutts him and then sending him to fly out the exit and crashing through the hotel halls as the innocent people kept running.

Hulk: Brut!

Red Hulk: You're one to talk.

Then Hulk and Red Hulk charged at each other and BASH, causing an impact to shake the hotel.

Thor was morbidly confused as to where this event was happening until....

Romanoff: *Talks on speaker* Thor! He's in there of that hotel.

Thor: For Midgard!

In slow motion, Thor burst through the hotel, located the Red Hulk, charged up his hammer and then clocked the Red Hulk SMACK across the face.

This gave the real Hulk the advantage to tackle the Red Hulk as they crashed down and collapsed through the hotel.

Romanoff saw the hotel collapse from her chopper and it makes this shockwave throughout the rest of the city and. Not a single sound was made or heard. Betty, on the other hand, rushed down to the demolished hotel and witnessed the carnage.

She was speechless for a moment as Romanoff landed the chopper and tried to comfort her. But then they heard some rumbling under the rubles of the collapsed hotel. They both looked over, hoping Bruce made it out alive.

Romanoff: Hmm?

Betty: Bruce???

But, instead of Bruce, it was the Red Hulks hand that burst out. Both Romanoff and Betty backed up when they saw it and Romanoff grabbed her radio.

Romanoff: Please tell me Operation Christmas Lights is a "go".

As Red Hulk recovered himself, he saw Natasha and Betty to his left and slowly makes his way towards him. But that's when Thor bursts out of the ruble and jumps on Ross' back, trying to choke him out with his hammer.

But, of course, that didn't work.

He threw him off of him and slammed him again as Romanoff tried to fire rounds at him, but they bounced off of him and then he swatted her aside.

He then turned to Betty.

Betty: Daddy, please.....

There was a slight pause....but Red Hulk suddenly grabbed Betty and carried off as her screams woke Hulk up from under the ruble and he BURST out roaring.

He saw Ross running away, carrying Betty as she kept screaming out for him

Betty: BRUCE!!!!!

Hulk: BETTY!!!!

He beated his chest roaring again and then chased after them.

Romanoff soon recovered and watched him go after them.

Romanoff: BRUCE!!

The Red Hulk came towards the tallest building and climbed up to the roof, carrying Betty.

Betty: Let me GO!

She struggled with all of her might, but his grip was too tight for her to get loose from.

Hulk looked up to them and grew more angry then....he too climbed up the building to get to them.

However, Thor was one step ahead of them. He was already on the building that they were climbing on and he did something familiar.

He summoned his hammer to the sky, it started turning black and it charged up his hammer. Unfortunately, Red Hulk had already seen this and started to pick up the pace, trying to stop him.

Thor: Banner!!!

Hulk tried to slow Red Hulk down, but he kept kicking him down further until he finally got up to him. But Thor's hammer was fully charged and when he launched his strike at him, it shocked him, causing him to fall and drop Betty.

Hulk, though, reacts fast and falls down with them.

Betty kept screaming hysterically until Hulk grabbed her and guarded her as both him and Red Hulk crash-landed.....into Harlem.

(Deja Vu)

Thor immediately jumps off and follows them while Romanoff was still impatiently waiting.

Romanoff: Operation Christmas Lights.....are we "Go" for Operation Christmas Lights? Does ANYBODY copy?

That's when a familiar voice answers.

Familiar voice: Copy that.

As we cut to where we see the two brutes crash landed, Betty wakes up to realize that Red Hulk and Hulk were exhausted and deprived of energy. But that didn't stop them from attacking and trying to demolish each other.

The two Hulks were then trying to push on each other as Betty watched helplessly. That's when Red Hulk pulled away, making the real Hulk fall onto a nearby power cable and busted it up when he fell into it. It was causing power cables to break apart from he communications tower and they got loose, sealing Betty trapped in between vats of electricity.

Hulk lifted his head up and saw her and gasped. He grounded Ross and tried to get to her, but Red Hulk recovered and pinned him down with his foot.

Red Hulk: Simple tricks.....

But then.....

Betty: Help me!

Whatever humanity Ross had left heard his daughters cries and he was forced to choose......destroy the Hulk or save his daughter?

Red Hulk: Betty....

Betty screamed as the power was about to blow, but then.....

Red Hulk released Banner and grabbed that power cable in vain.....

Betty: Daddy...?!?!

Red Hulk: Forgive me....

Hulk recovered and saw what was happening and he ran up to Betty to cover her and then.............


It caused a hug explosion that blew the Red Hulk back as he landed hard near an abandoned movie theater.

Hulk recovers from the blast too, and eventually changes back to normal.

As Betty held onto Bruce as he tries to stay balanced, she looks up at the choppers and jets above, and that's when Romanoff realized the situation had been dealt with. She called off the operation.

Romanoff: All units, disregard. Cancel Operation Christmas Lights. No longer required.

S.H.I.E.L.D Dispatch: Copy that.

As the other jets and choppers began turning away, Betty still looked up at the areas where her father crashed through with still a LOT of anger in her.

Betty: Come with me. No worries, I got you.

She basically carries him with her over to Ross, who had also turned back to normal and was in even worse shape.

He leaned back towards the wall and looked up to see Betty and Bruce.

Bruce: You thought you could live with it? I'm ashamed.

Ross: I'd....*coughs*...wish I could say the same, Banner. You brought me so much hell.

Betty: Well, it's far from over at this point.

She was still angry for what he had done to Bruce and technically putting her in harms way. In fact, she was so angry that she actually pulled out a GUN from the back of her pants, and aimed it Ross.....prompted to fire.

But she couldn't stop trembling and shaking.

Ross: Bet?

Betty: Yo--you deserve every second of this.....

Bruce: Betty! Don't.

Betty: Why shouldn't I? He did this to us!

Bruce: Yes. But out of love.....for you.

Betty: What'd you talking about? He's lied to the both of us, he's hounded you for years and for what?! May I remind you, he kidnapped me and took me up to that roof and....

Bruce: And he SAVED you. He's done you wrong and....this whole country wrong.....but...he still saved his daughter. His only daughter.

Betty just stood there for a moment, still shaking and anticipating pulling the trigger. But then.....she dropped the gun and sighed heavily.

Betty: I don't ever want to see you again.

Ross: Betty.....

She immediately turned around and walked away as Bruce and Ross made eye contact one last time......and then Bruce turned away to leave Ross to his troubles.

We cut to the next day where Rhodey just had his leg strapped up (Like in Civil War) and Romanoff told him everything that went on.

Rhodey: So....that contract......The wars...all this crap.....just a diversion to get to Banner?

Romanoff: Afraid so....and well....Rogers and the others who sided with him.....they vanished.....God knows where they are, but....I doubt he and Stark aren't gonna be seeing eye to eye for awhile.

Rhodey: Waht do you mean? What happened?

Romanoff: It's complicated. However......Ross is locked up somewhere at S.H.I.E.L.D. He'll likely be there for a good long time.

Rhodey: And Banner?

Romanoff: Once again, he's AWOL. But.....this time.....he's not alone.

The camera zooms over an ocean down at Hawaii where Bruce and Betty were walking hand in hand in a beach.

Bruce: This is really a dangerous challenge. Especially since the other guy still sleeps inside me

Betty: I told you I was done with your complaints. Besides the "Other Guy" doesn't want to seem to hurt me either.

Bruce: I guess that's a point taken. Only time will tell if I actually get used to controlling this thing.

Betty: Just know we'll find a way around this. And when we do we can finally get married.

They kissed and hugged then the camera zooms at Banner's face and his eyes popped open.....GREEN!!

~Cut to credits~


  • Bruce Banner/Hulk
  • "Thunderbolt" Ross/Red Hulk
  • Betty Ross
  • Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow
  • Thor
  • Rhodey/War Machine
  • Nick Fury


  • General Brant - Romanoff shoots his device inexplicably and it explodes. The explosions pushes him back out a glass window and he falls to his death.
  • Samual Sterns - Crashes through three walks and is throw out a window by the Red Hulk (Ross).


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  • Avengers: Fever Of Rage

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