The Hunting Blood is 2016 psychological thriller film


After her husband was found murdered. A young woman found out it could be link of her 11 years old daughter's murder and her and her father's killer but everbody try to stop her to found out the truth but her husband's brother try to help her out.



  • Peter Facinelli as Jack Dalton/A detective who hurt a killer for his brother, Owen's brother and Emily's brother-in-law
  • Michelle Monaghan as Emily Dalton/A woman who try to found the killer of her husband and her dead daughter and Jack's love interest
  • Chad Michael Murray as Nick Andrews/A friend of Jake's who turn out to be Owen and Amelia's killer
  • Christian Bale as Owen Dalton/Emily's husband and Jack's brother who was murder
  • Claire Engler as Amelia Dalton/Emily and Owen's 11 years old daughter who was shot dead 9 month ago



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