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  • Jasser Camacho as Stephan Lucas; ex-assassin and John's
  • Glenda Pino as Glenda Ella; Stephan's adoptive daughter-friend.
  • Jennay Camacho as Ella Delgado (framed picture only); Lucas saw his daughter in picture in train.
  • Caridad Camacho as Lucas's deceased wife
  • Elda Camacho as Mawma Lucas; Stephen's mother.
  • Tyson Tatum as John Conrad; he was deceased.
  • Alec Cox as Jeff; main antagonist.
  • Jimmy Clarke as teen Bryce (19 years)
  • Jamie Clarke as T.J Sellars; Bryce's father.
  • Andrew Smiley as Bryce Sellers; Stephan's best friend and Richard's brother.
  • Lee Clarke as teen Ricky Richard Sellers (mentioned only)
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