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The Human World Book is a 1997 American traditionally animated movie. It tells the story of Keith (Sean Connery) and Hank (Roger Moore) having a difficult time trying to convince a boy named Joshua (Cody Dorkin) to leave the forest for human civilization. It is produced by 20th Century Fox. It is released in May 19th, 1997.


Joshua is in a basket as a baby in the deep forests of North Dakota, USA by Keith. He promptly takes him to Anna who has just had children. She wakes him up with her own children and Joshua soon becomes well acquainted with the forest life. Ten years later, Joshua visits the children and eagerly hugs when he arrives. One night, when everyone learns that Serge, an evil poacher, has returned to the forest, they realize that Joshua must be taken to the "human town" to protect him and those around him. Keith volunteered to escort him back.

They leave the same night, but Joshua is determined to stay in the forest, as he is against the idea of abandoning the only home he has ever known for a town of strangers, and is certain that he can take Serge. They spend the night in a cave where they encounter Vlad, a cunning man who hypnotizes Joshua. Keith stops him, and he and Joshua go to sleep.

The next morning, Joshua tries to join the military patrol led by General Travis. Keith finds Joshua and they argue; Joshua runs away from Keith. The boy soon meets up with the fun-loving man named Hank, who shows Joshua the fun of having a care-free life and promises not to take him to the human town (as Hank believes that the villagers there will "ruin" the boy and "make a human out of him").

Joshua now wants to stay in the forest more than ever. Before long, Joshua is caught by a gang of wacky men and taken to their leader, King Paul, who makes a deal with Joshua that if he tells him the secret of making fire like a human, then he will make it so he can stay in the forest ("I Wan'na Be Like You"). However, since he was not raised by humans, Joshua doesn't know how to make fire. Keith and Hank arrive at the palace, unseen and try to plan a way to rescue Joshua, but the catchy beat of the song distracts Hank and he wanders off dancing. Soon, however, he appears dressed in leaf skins posing as a female dancer which fools the King. But soon, Hank's disguise is revealed and there begins a mad chase between the men and Hank and Keith over Joshua. The King accidentally knocks down a pillar and holds up the temple the best he can until he struggles when Baloo begins to tickle him frantically under the arms. The monkeys manage to stop Hank's tickling but end up bouncing the king onto the other pillar instead, causing the temple to collapse in a rumble. Joshua is rescued from King Paul by Keith and Hank.

Keith explains to Hank that the forest isn't safe when Serge is around. As morning arrives, Hank explains to Joshua that the human town is best for him, but Joshua accuses him of breaking his promise and runs away in the deepest part of the forest. Keith (after Hank explains to him) then finds the Military Patrol and tells Travis of Joshua running away with Serge himself overhearing. Travis then organizes a special search mission for all his herd. Later, Vlad hypnotizes Joshua into a deep and peaceful sleep (after tricking him that Joshua can trust him). Thanks to the intervention of Serge, Joshua escapes before Vladcan eat him.

He encounters a group of solemn men Roger, Stan, Ricky and Dustin, who closely resemble The Beatles, and they say they'll be his friend. They argue and continually sidetrack Joshua with their pointless arguments. Serge appears shortly after and challenges Joshua to a fight, but Hank rushes to the rescue. Hank is knocked unconscious and Joshua ties a flaming branch onto Serge's bottom in order to get rid of the ruthless poacher. Hank then wakes up and he and Keith take Joshua to the edge of a human town, but Joshua is still hesitant to go in. His mind soon changes when a young girl named Monica from the village comes down by the riverside to fetch water. After noticing the boy, she "accidentally" drops her water pot, and Joshua retrieves it for her and follows her into the man village. Realizing that the human town may not be as bad as he thought, Joshua chooses to stay there. Hank and Keith then decide to head home to the forest.


  • Cody Dorkin as Joshua, who is the main protagonist of the film.
  • Roger Moore as Hank
  • Sean Connery as Keith
  • Steve Martin as King Paul
  • Tony Jay as Serge, the poacher and the film's main antagonist, who wants to catch Joshua.
  • Corey Burton as Vlad
  • John Ingle as General Travis
  • Tress MacNeille as Leanne, General Travis' wife.
  • Cannon Young as Benny, General Travis' son.
  • Dave Foley as Roger
  • Charles Kimbrough as Stan
  • Rob Paulsen as Dustin
  • Jim Cummings as Ricky
  • Kenneth Mars as William
  • Michael York as Sam
  • Kath Soucie as Anna
  • Candi Milo as Alex
  • Aria Noelle Curzon as Cindy
  • Anndi McAfee as Monica

Additional Voices

  • Jeff Bennett as A Soldier Whispers to Leanne
  • Gerald C. Rivers as Sloppy Soldier
  • Bud Luckey as Morris, a soldier is instructed to sound his trumpet when Joshua is spotted.
  • Quinton Flynn as Wacky Men #1
  • Charlie Adler as Wacky Men #2
  • Tom Kenny as Wacky Men #3
  • Dan Castellaneta as Wacky Men #4
  • Jaleel White as Wacky Men #5
  • Maurice LaMarche as Wacky Men #6
  • Maddie Blaustein as Wacky Men #7
  • Carter Cathcart as Wacky Men #8