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A family moves into a log cabin and there names are Robin her husband Adam and there

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 three  kids Chase, Olivia and Nolan move into a log cabin with Robins sister Rose her husband Matt and there kids Natalie, Ethan and Channing and Adams brother Jacob.

on the first night Olivia gos into the woods and there is a huge fog and Olivia sees someone running at her and she runs back to the house.

Her family dosen't beleve her and Olivia locks herself in her rom.

At three o clock Robin here's strange noises and she finds the door open and gos outsisde and sees someone walking up the steps and into the barn,

Robin gos into the barn and she sees a demon and she runs out and runs into the house and slepps in the living room.

That day Chase stays at home while the kids and parents go to work. While eating breakfst the chandler starts to shake and an unsen forse pulls Chase into Natalies room but he gets out and runs out of the house and intto the woods.

He finds a graveyard and there is over a millon tombstones an unseen force pushes him into the graveyard and a hand comes out of a tombstone and drags him into the grave.

Jacob and the kids come home and they are looking for Chase and Olivia and Natalie find him in the hole by the waterfall.

Chase is okay and he seems not to rember what happend and they take him back to the house.

On the third night Chase gos back to the graveyard and theres a bunch of animal noises and all the leaves from the ground levatates in the air and Chase runs back to the house not telling anyone what happend.

The next day Chase looks up some of the names he saw in the graveyard and he can't find the house and he runs and when he turns around the  house is there.

On the fourth night Nolan go's out into the woods and he sees a demon go into the hole and he gos down there and he sees Olivia sitting there and she turns around and jumps at him causing the camera to go out of his hands and you can here screaming.

Natalie, Ethan, and Channing wake up Chase  and they tell him that Nolan is missing and they go outside and Chase has a feeling hes by the graveyard. Natalie and Channing search the graveyard and Chase and Ethan go by the waterfall and Chase here's someone say his name and Chase turns around and sees a demonized Nolan standing in the hole and he moves around and pops his arms and an unknown force causes Ethan to go flying into the air and into the cave.

Chase gos into the cave and shines the flashlight on his phone and he heres a growling noise and turns around and nothing is there and when he turns back around there are kyotes there and Chase finds Ethan standing by the cave and they run out and they find Nolan who is not a demon and Olivia and they catch up with Channing and Natalie and go to the house and they tell Robin, Adam, Rose, Matt and Jacob but they do not beleve them and then all the funture starts shacking and moving and they all get into there cars.

They make it to the bridge and find it flooded and with no other choice gos back to the house.

The next day while Chase and the others go show the adults the graveyard Olivia stays at the house. When they get back they find Olivia standing on the roof of the house and they beg her to come down aand a demon voice says okay and Olivia jumps off the house and falls into the pond.

On the fifth night Olivia is talking to a demon in her bedroom and hours later she come sout of her room and she is a demon. She go's into Robin and Adams rooma nd watches them the hole night and gos back into her room.

That day Adam tells the family that hes going to stay in the graceyard since all the strange stuff has been happening there.

On the sixth night while Adam is in the etnt the tent starts shaking and Adam runs out of the tent and hides in the hole and he runs in the river and he sees a demon blocking his way and he turns around and runs back through the hole.

Adam stays there into sunset and then gos back to the tent and gets dressed and he gos to the cabin and tells them what happend.

Jacob gos to the barn and the funture starts levataing and when he turns around the funture come flying at him but he ducks and runs out of the barn and back to the cabin.

On the seventh night Adam heres a cat screaming and girls screaming and ither noises and gets out of the tent and is pulled backwards and he gets free and runs back to the house.

The next day Natalie is the only one in the pond and she falls asleep on a raft and her eyes go in the back of her head and she levates in the air for thirty minets and go's back into the pond when Chase and Channing come outside.

On the eighth night Robin who can't go to sleep finds a note that says meet me in the woods and its from Adam. Relutcntly Robin gos outside and sees Adam standing by a tree and when she gets there he disaperes and Robin finds a necklace she lost when she was eight on the ground and she picks it up and heres a stick crack and whips around and a demon is standing there.

The demon flys towords her but hits the tree and Robin trys to run up the hill but a force pulls her backdown and locks her in the shed.

Robin gets out the shed at six AM and she runs to the cabin.

Chase overheres Olivia saying that she has three more days to live intill she turns.

Nolan, Channing, Ethan and Chase go to the playground and Chase sees a demon standing there and others do too and they run back into the house.

On the ninth night Olivia gos outside and she gos up to the barn and a demon jumps down from the barn and chases Olivia into the woods and she gets trapped and chased around and gets out and an unknown force throws her into the pond.

Olivia gets out and she grabs her moms car and backs out and everyone sees this and then the car gos to a complete stop and a huge force throws her car down the hill and it hits a tree. Olivia gets out of the car and she is not hurt at all and she moves into the barn.

The next day the kids check on Olivia and she says she dosen't wnat to talk and that she is staying here intill help is on the way.

That day Chase gos back to the cave and he finds a demon and the demon turns around and jumps at him but Chase fights it and kills it by  bashing his head with a rock.

Chase tells the others that they can kill the demons.

On the tenth night all the windows open and the demons crawl in and go in the attic.

The next day Chase and teh others can here noises in the attic Matt gos and checks and something pulls him in. Rose gos in after him and she pulls Matt away from a portal.

On the elevnth night Olivia is waken up and a demon repetelly says her name and Olivia screams and the barn walls fall down and Olivia runs and she runs down a hill and runs into a Ku Klux Klan and a unsen force pulls her over the fire and her screams turn into a demon screaming.

The next day while Natalie notices Olivia standing on the steps by the barn she sees that her face is a demon and she gets out of the pond and runs up there and Olivia is gone and she can't find her anywhere.

On the 12th night Adam decides to go out to the graveyard and he passes out and two demons drag him away and Adam wakes up and runs away and trees are falling down behind him.

That day Adam finds Olivia standing by the pond and she is saying his name and when Adam touches her on the shoulder she quickly turns around and lets out a demonic growl making him go flying backwards and Adam gos into grauge and gets a trash bag and sees Olivia go itno the woods and chases her and he finds her and puts a bag over her head and hits her with a stick and then he locks her into the barn.

On the thirteenth night the Ku Klux Klan come and unlock Olivia and Olivia and the Ku Klux Klan go to the house and have a rthual by the pond.

Adam and the others notice and tehy stay in and watch them have the ritchual and then see them go up to the barn.

The next day Adam finds posion darts in the atttic.

While evryone is in there room Robin is in the living room and the Ku Klux Klan come from the attic and when she turns around she screams and runs out of the house and into the woods and gets stuck and she trys to cross a tree with Olivia behind her and the tree collapes and Robin hits her head and before Olivia can grab her Adam shoots a blow dart at her neck and she passes out.

Robin wakes up and Olivia wakes up as herself and Adam figures  out that poison is the cure.

On the fifthteenth night Ethan heres her name being called and go's into the woods and the Kub Klux Klan kidnapp her an dthey have a ritchual in the woods and Ethan turns into a demon.

That day Natalie gos into the woods to look for Ethan and finds him standing by the cave and hse brings him back to the cabin.

On the sixteenth night Adam and the kids find Ethan leaving the house and they follow him to the barn and see the Ku Klux Klan having a ritchual and they notice them and send a demon flying towords them and they duck and leve the scene.

The next day Adam trys to look for the darts and can't find them and he ends up finding them by the barn but there  broken up.

On the seventeenth night Rose is sitting by the fire and a hand comes out ad almost grabs her but Matt stabs the hand and they watch it burn.

The next day Rose finds floating coffins in the pond and the pond is now blood and not blue.

On the eighteenth night Matt is dragged out of his bed and outside with no one noticing and Matt wakes up and he is by the Ku Klux Klan and he starts screaming and Adam kills two Ku Klux Klan members with a sharp stick and rescues Matt.

The next day Adam and Matt decide to stay in the barn since thats where the ku klux klan like to stay at.

On the nineteenth night the barn walls fall down to the ground.

They  go outside and they see the Ku Klux Klan go down a hilll and watch them in the bushes. Ethen grabs Matt and drags him away and Adam runs down the hill and to the bridge and the bridge is still flooded and he stands there and then hands come out and drags him in. Thirty minuents later Adam comes out and when he gets bcak to the house he finds Matt and Ethan and the others.

That day while Natalie is uploding the videos of her house on facebook and youtube Adam stands there and watches her.

On the 20th night Chase all the stuff in the kitchen starts banging and Chase runs down the steps and into the grauge and runs into a demonized Matt and he slowly backs out of the grauge and a demon is standing in the hall watching him and Chase runs up the steps and gets dragged down and he is locked in the grauge.

He gets into Roses car and backs it out causing the grauge door to break and he gos into the house.

The next day Natalie pays a vstit to the graveyard and all the demons are walking behind her and she turns around and and she runs and gets chased by the demons but makes it into the house.

On the twontey first night there are screaming and yelling outside and Olivia runs outside and gos to the cave and she finds a book and reads about the last people who lived here and how all the stuff is happening to them is happening to us. Olivia here's wolves outside and falls asleep in the cave.

When Olivia leaves she gos into the hole not wnating to go to the house and while she is sitting in the hole and unseen force drags her away and drowns her in the river.

Olivia comes out of the river and walks to the house and sits on the swing intill Robin comes outside and finds her and brings her in.

On the twontey second night Olivia comes into Adam and Robin's room and watches them sleep and Robin wakes up just as Olivia leaves the room and whren she gos into the kitchen and turns around a demonized Matt is standing there and when Cchase comes up Matt is gone.

The next day Channing gos into the pond which not red but back to its original color and a serpent comes out of the water and swallows Channing.

They go to look for him but can't find them and on the twontey third night they see Channing, Olivia and Ethan with the ku klux klan by the pond and try to go out but the doors are locked.

Channing walks around the house and Robin finds him in Matts ofice and Matt chases her upstairrs and starts screaming at them and then a demon voivce says in two days you'll be dead.

The demon leaves Channing and on the 23 night while Chase is sleeping a demon leans down to him and Chase  gets levatated in the air.

That day Chase can't find how to stop this and on the 24 night the kids all go to the cave and while Chase is looking for something. Olivia and Natalie find a creature by a pool of blood and he runs away. Chase sees the creature running to him and he pushes Chase off the cliff and he knocks out.

Chase wakes up and he is laying in bones and he finds in blood on the wall to stop this and a arrow points another room and he finds the book and he reads it and when he comes home evrything feels diffrent and Adam gos to river and there's no water and they all go to town and decide to stay at the house.

It then skips to Halloween and the kids throw a huge party

Olivia climbs on to a roof and watches the party and she see's a creature standing on the roof and she screams.

Nolan go's up to the barn where he find sthe Ku Klux Klan and he chases them and Nolan yells to two drunks that are by the hill but Ku Klux Klan tackles him to the ground.

Olivia then jumps off the roof and lands on the ground and everyone go's to her and thena huge growl comes out of  her and she is a demon and she starts bitting her and everyone runs to there car but all the cars go flying up in the air and they land on the party people.

Olivia chases Rose and Rose jumps to the waterfall and kills herself by her head hitting a rock and Olivia implaes her self on an accident when she turns around and a large branch go's through her eye and in her head.

Chase sees the demons standing by the barn and it shows that the past minets that the family was hiding in Jacobs room.

Channing Olivia is gone and she and Jacob go outisde and Jacob gets in his truck but a huge force throws it down the hill and Channing turns around and a demoized Nolan stands there and bite shim and the camera falls to the ground.

Ethan see's this and trys to stop him but a demonized Jacob go's flying at him and they go flying into the wall with both of them bashing there heads.

Robin leaves and Chase,Adam,Natalie, Matt and Robin follow and they go up to the barn where they hide in the woods and the Ku Klux Klan grabs Adam abd take him away and the rest of them go's down a hill and Robin snaps her ankle and they try to help her but she tells them to go and Matt stays also and they distract the Ku Klux Klan.

Chase and Natalie run to the bridge and the river over flowed again and Nolan comes out of the water and grabs Natalie and pulls her under.

Chase runs back to the house and gets in Rose and Matt's car and rives away and the water is gone and he is about to get on the main road wheh the car turns right an dhe go's down a hill and crashes and it shows the cross that showed in the beginng an dthen it ends with the picture they toke in the beginning of the flim.


Christian Hall as Chase

Stephen Moyer as Adam

Robin Tunney as Robin

Jane Levy as Olivia

Max theriot as Nolan

Denise Richards as Rose

Jessie Moss as Matt

Emma Stone as Natalie

Taylor Lautner as Ethan

Ryan Kwatzen as Channing

Alexander Scarsguard as Jacob