Harry Potter. Ginny Weasley was an normal girl, until her fourth year when she pooped and turned black and died.


Ginny Weasley looked at the mirror, trying her hair into an bun. Harry Potter had agreed to go to the ball with her, and she was ever so excited.

Because of the success of last year's yule ball, there was going to be an ball every christmas. Ginny was first choice to Harry, as he saw her as Ginny, not Ron's little sister.

She heard the door knock. "Come in", she said. She turned around and saw Draco Malfoy. "GET OUT, HOW DID YOU GET IN HERE", Ginny screamed.

Unknowen to her, Draco muttered an silencing charm. "Are you going to answer me", she asked. Malfoy had an grin in his face.

Ginny tried to run, but he grabbed her and pushed her down. Ginny tried to back away, but Malfoy grabbed onto her neck.

"That is for me to know, and you to find out", he started to laugh. Ginny kicked him on the privates and tried to run, but Malfoy tripped her up. Her world faded to black.

Ginny awoke, and relised her dress was ripped. She sobbed when she relised she was raped, and looked at the time. Midnight.

First Murder

Ginny was staring at the lake. Everyone rejected her. Harry, her brothers and Hermione were furious for not turning up. She didn't care.

She heard an noise behind her. She turned around, and saw Malfoy and Lavendar Brown a few miles away. Ginny watched the events.

"Let me go", Lavendar screamed. Malfoy didn't lisiten and he slapped her. He used his wand to remove her clothes, and Ginny jumped.

She jumped on top of Malfoy, who fell down. He grabbed onto her hair and pulled it back. "Kill Brown and survive, Weasley", he spat in her ear.

Ginny was forced to kill her. She grabbed the big rock and aimed it at Lavendar. "Help", she whispered. "I'M SO SORRY", Ginny screamed as she hit her on the head.

Ginny helped Malfoy get rid of the body, and Ginny felt no emotion.

Never Go Public

"Ron, stop it", Hermione moaned as Ron kissed her. "I want you, i want this to work", he said. "Fine", Hermione undressed Ron's shirt, who did the same.

Soon enough, they were both naked and kissing each other. Ginny found them.

"AHHH", She screamed. Hermione and Ron turned around and screamed as well. They quickly hid. "Get und-", Ginny screamed.

Malfoy from behind grabbed onto Ron, and snapped his neck. "NOO", Ginny screamed. An naked Hermione tried to run, but Malfoy grabbed onto her.

"Kill the mudblood, and you are free to go", Malfoy told her. Hermione pleaded with Ginny to run, but she couldn't. She had to kill her best friend.

Ginny was handed an knife, and walked up to Hermione. She sliced her throat, and an dying Hermione fell next to an dying Ron.

"Hermy", his last words were. Hermione blinked, and then died.

Missing Bodys and Truths

Harry was wondering what the hell was going on. Lavendar Brown had disapeared, and then so did his friends.

He relised Ginny was acting like she was when she was possessed by Tom Riddle. Maybe she knew something was going on.

"Ginny", Harry shouted. Ginny turned around. "Yeah". "Do you know what happened to Hermione and Ron", he asked. Ginny let out an tear, and nodded.

"What happened", he asked. "Malfoy, he forced me to-", she couldn't say it. "What happened, what did you do".

"I killed them Harry. Malfoy raped me on Christmas, and to keep the secret, i had to do what he said", Harry was shocked.

"WHAT", Harry was punched by Draco. Draco kicked him on the face, and Harry mouthed the words run to Ginny.

Ginny watched Draco slowly walk to her. "I need to fuck you, Ginevra", he whispered.

Ginny had enough. She quickly transfigured an table to an iron and grabbed it and hit Malfoy on the face. She kept doing it and doing it until there were screams.

She looked up and saw first year students, and Umbridge came in sight. "Well well, lo", she was cut off when Ginny slammed the iron on her face.


Ginny Weasley was sentanced an life sentance. Harry revealed the truth, as he survived. However, she was put in there for attacking Umbridge.

Draco was giving the Dementor's Kiss, no matter the bribe his father paid the ministry.

Ginny then relised an dementor was near, as she relived in the chamber, her rape, her killings. Soon, one week Ginevra Weasley was insane.

Harry Potter defeated Lord Voldermort, and married Luna Lovegood. They used to visit Ginny, but now Ginny refused to talk to anyone.

One night, Ginny managed to break out of the cell when one accidently forgot to lock it. Ginny dived head first into the oceon, her body never to be seen again.

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