The Horror Tapes is a 2015 horror film. Starring Sarah Michelle Gellar And Costas Mandylor and James Mcavoy.


A family moves in a house and Cassandra and Jace Help their kids and Cassandra is pregnant


  • Sarah Michelle Gellar as Cassandra Torrance the wife of jace and the mother of Chris and Jeffrey
  • Mads Mikkelsen as Charles Davis the friend of Cassandra and Jace who find Cassandra raped by Dwight
  • Costas Mandylor as Jace Torrance the husband of Cassandra and the father of Chris and Jeffrey
  • Freddie Highmore As Chris Torrance the son of Jace and Cassandra and the brother of Jeffrey
  • Chandler Riggs as Jeffery Torrance the son of jace and Cassandra and the brother of Chris
  • Laurence R. Harvey as Dwight Lomax The guy who Raped's Cassandra
  • Alan Rickman as Manuel thornton the father of Cassandra and victor
  • James McAvoy as Victor Thornton the brother of Cassandra
  • Dieter Laser as Hebert Heiter the mate of Cassandra father


Charles find Cassandra naked after she got raped

Charles Davis :oh god Cassandra (looking at her naked after her rape)
Cassandra Torrance: Don't no more rape (whimpering)
Charles Davis:it me Charles don't cry Cassandra I;ve got you
Cassandra Torrance:charles get my brother and my husband
Dwight Lomax:someday Cassandra I will rape you
Jace Torrance:Oh my god oh my god my wife my wife thank Charles for telling me that fat fuck get back here right now
Dwight Lomax:sorry about raping your wife I thought this was my house
Victor Thornton:you better run for raping my older sister you bastard
Dwight Lomax:im sorry jace I didn't know she was your wife
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