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The Horrid Happenings of Heidi, colloquially shortened simply as Horrid Heidi, is an American hand puppetry/CGI animated slapstick/surreal dramedy webseries that is the spiritual successor to Mia Stories, which was created by the late Kenneth Dumont. It was created by Dumont's close friend Bubba Guiana and produced in secrecy. It streamed without any prior advertising or marketing on The CC (Comedy Cartoon)'s app The CC APP on June 25, 2019, in the same fashion as Mia Stories. It is rated TV-14.

The first and only season was divided into two parts for streaming convenience, with the first part consisting of 13 episodes completing airing on July 2, 2019. The second part premiered the next day on July 3, 2019 with a half-hour special equaling 2 episodes. The season/series finale aired on July 11, 2019 and went on a presumed hiatus immediately thereafter. Afterwards, on November 24, 2019, Guiana finally announced the series' cancellation in an Instagram post, citing the series' substantial budget (from hiring celebrities to make voice guest appearances) as a factor.


The series focuses on "popular" Hispanic girl (who, despite this, speaks in a Valley Girl accent) Heidi, who gets wrapped up in hilariously surreal misadventures with her friends Ed and Mario.

Voice cast

Main characters

  • Heidi (Bridgit Mendler) - The "popular" girl at her school of alleged Hispanic descent who speaks in a Valley Girl accent and gets her friends involved in some admittedly crazy antics.
  • Ed (Dante Basco) - Heidi's supposed "friend" who appears to be forced into Heidi's insane shenanigans and the typical voice of reason, though his voice is hardly heard in a running gag.
  • Mario (Lucas Gabreel) - Heidi's flamboyant and stereotypically gay best friend with a penchant for make-up and pedicures. He has a better friendship with Heidi than she does with Ed because of their similar interests. He begins dating a boy named Ryan in "Heidi Gets Mario a Boyfriend". In "Bad Cruise Bears", he forms a friendship with a boy named Andrew who, aware of his taken status, still gives him a non-consensual kiss and Ryan finds out through a texting session with Gabby. Mario explains everything in "Cryin' for Ryan Back" along with Andrew and recouples back with Ryan.
  • Ryan (Tyler, the Creator) - Mario's African-American boyfriend who speaks in monosyllables with a basso profondo. He's introduced in "Heidi Gets Mario a Boyfriend", and regularly texts Mario in future episodes. He temporarily breaks up with him in "Bad Cruise Bears" after Gabby, who's unveiled as his friend, erroneously texts him about Mario's forced embrace with Andrew, but they reconcile in "Cryin' for Ryan Back" after things are cleared up by Mario and Andrew.
  • Gabby (Jenna Ortega) - Heidi's childhood friend who parted ways due to some unspoken differences. She's characterized as quiet, timid, and speaking in a lowly tone. Gabby and Heidi reunite and actually make-up in "Bad Cruise Bears" and reform their friendship once again. She seems to hold a closeted infatuation for Ed, as evidenced by their various interactions.

Guest stars

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 26 13 June 25, 2019 July 2, 2019
13 July 3, 2019 July 11, 2019

Season 1 (2019)

The first season is evenly divided into two parts to make streaming episodes efficient, with the first part first streaming from June 25, 2019, up until July 2. The second part aired from July 3 to 11, 2019.

No. Title Directed by Written by Air Date
First Part
1 "Heidi Is Quirky and Unique" Ursula Reynolds Jeannette Reeves June 25, 2019
Heidi decides to proclaim on social media of her quirky and unique personality, which merits a message from another "quirky and unique girl", Siobhan (Zoe Pessin), who invites her to her house and do quirky and unique things without restrictions as her parents "legally" left her alone in their house and is visited by "Seekers", silent inspectors who regularly check-up on her condition. She engages Heidi in an initially harmless game of looking at each other's half-naked bodies, until she tries to kiss Heidi and reveal that she seeks out other girls by playing this game with them. Disgusted, Heidi and Ed storm out of the premise, so Siobhan calls one of her seekers, Seth, to inspect her body in Heidi's place.
2 "Heidi Gets Mario a Boyfriend" Bubba Guiana Hamilton Palmer June 25, 2019
In an attempt at being a good friend, Heidi plays matchmaker for her flamboyantly gay friend Mario and sets him up on a date at the Starbucks with another gay kid from Instagram named Ryan (Tyler, the Creator in a special guest appearance), and plans to spy on their date without Mario's consent and livestream their date on Instagram because they're such a "cute couple", in her words. Ed tries to impede her from doing so, but Heidi accidentally blows her cover thanks to her Rainbow Frappucino and infuriates Mario. However, he and Ryan officially become a couple despite this shortcoming.
3 "Not Like Other Girls" Poppy Livingston Mattie Barrett June 26, 2019
Heidi gets help from a butch lesbian at her school on how to become a boy and befriend her current crush, Ricky (Cameron Boyce), after getting rejected by him on Instagram. After going on her second account (posing as a boy) and earning his approval to play video games with him at his house, she dresses up as a tomboy but introduces herself as a boy to Ricky. While she's there, she acts like a boy, using terms such as "man", "dude", "cool", and "dope". However, she can't hide her terrible video game skills when she plays Call of Duty with Ricky; during their game, her disguise is unveiled and enrages Ricky, who instead substitutes her with Ed by asking him to play with him instead. After he refuses, Ricky comes out as bisexual to the two friends and admits he wants Ed to join him in a CoD game because he's interested in Ed.
4 "CovertingGirl" Bubba Guiana Grekk June 26, 2019
Heidi wins a "Spend a Day" contest to hang out for a day (what else?) with her favorite YouTuber/beauty guru Lady Isabel (Kari Wahlgren), who is extremely popular (with 16.3 million suscribers) and lives in a sprawling mansion in Los Angeles, California. She and Edben must endure obstacles on the plane set up by herself before going on Isabel's limousine and arriving at her enormous mansion. Lady Isabel appears to be a normal person until she attempts to convert Heidi into lesbianism, to which she refutes and takes a dislike in her. She threatens to expose her online for trying to turn her gay before Edben drags her back to town.
5 "Heidi Sucks With the Summer Vampires" Patricia Tambor Calvin MacKenzie June 28, 2019
Heidi and Mario's plan to hang out one-on-one and apply make-up and nail polish to each other for entertainment is derailed when he instead suggests playing a match of Frisbee with his three odd, pale-complexioned new friends, Bella (Zendaya), Edward (Josh Keaton), and Jacob (Colton Haynes), who are clear homages to the eponymous main characters from the Twilight franchise. Heidi then becomes wary of Jacob after he bites her in the neck while "kissing" her. After a game is played between two teams of three, Heidi, Ed, and Mario head back to Heidi's house, where Mario proposes a sleepover with Heidi to make up for their cancelled one-on-one, while Ed can watch TV in the background. During their slumber party, the three vampiristic new friends of Mario break in and ask to join in despite barging in at night without permission. Heidi's suspicions conspire into truth as Bella bites Heidi, then Mario, before all three leave, and our three friends must stop them. Mario identifies them as "summer vampires", vampires who are able to soak in sunlight without detriment but become feral and into vampires when nighttime arrives. He identifies wintry material and substances to be able to weaken summer vampires while also reversing the effects of bites from a summer vampire. The three friends discover the vampires' hideout as a nearby hot springs and attack them out of the blue, effectively melting them from being unable to withstand freezing temperatures. Precisely after the struggle, Heidi, bathing suit and all, proclaims that she'll relax in the springs, and her two friends relent.
6 "Heidi Explores the Deep End" Pamela Atkins Hamilton Palmer June 28, 2019
Ed enlightens Heidi on swimming, having her mom unable to swim as well, and lacking a paternal figure in her life, while Mario texts Ryan, who's enrolled in art camp. With some teaching improving her swimming, Ed advances Heidi up to 20 feet. Heidi, however, faces barriers in her path, in the form of her (at first) inability, an initial low density, an experienced baby (Tara Strong) taunting her for her incompetence, a catcalling, perverted middle-aged man, and a scrappy kid with a plastic shark fin strapped to his back which provoked her fear. Pass that, she is forced by Ed to swim alone, but without him she begins to suffer a panic attack and is only rescued by Ed, but he and Mario cannot perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on her. The baby who was mocking her earlier's capable of this and revives her. Heidi absorbs this information and shows extreme gratitude towards him.
7 "Showdown at the Strip Mall" Ambrose Thurop Marianne Caple June 30, 2019
After earning their allowance money, Heidi and Mario, accompanied by Ed, decide to waste it at a close-by strip mall, hitting up Gucci as their first store. However, Heidi and Mario are removed (Heidi very forcibly) after Heidi solicits the pubescent cashier a blowjob in exchange for the payment of their purchases. While frolicking around the mall, Heidi bumps into a girl and her allowance drops to the floor. The girl, Morgan (Linda Cardellini), decides to steal her money, and a cat-fight ensues between the two, even after a security guard gives up on breaking the fight. Ed tries to yield Heidi from the melee and Morgan mistakenly assumes he's on her side, but when he debunks this, she tries to seduce him into joining an "alliance" and robbing Heidi of her money. Finally, the money's returned to Heidi, and the trio leave Morgan twerking, with Heidi hoping to revisit Gucci only to realize she got banned.
8 "Bad Cruise Bears" Ursula Reynolds Richard Whittle June 30, 2019
Heidi and Ed view a commercial for "The Cruise", a one-of-a-kind cruise that offers various kinds of entertainment. They proposition Heidi's mom to book tickets for the cruise and summon Mario along for the ride as guest, even staying over until they get on the cruise the following day. Once they board the cruise, the kid go off on their separate ways while Heidi's mom sleeps, with Heidi and Mario going to the sports arena-specifically, the basketball arena-to fawn over the basketball players. One of them, Andrew (Lance Bass), cordially invites Mario to play a game, and although Mario has only played for five years, he plays a good game and impresses Ray enough to ask Mario to hang out at the Teen Zone, an exclusively teenage gathering place. During their chat at the Zone, Andrew highlights Mario's ambitious basketball skills and comes out to him as gay before kissing him without his consent. Mario is perplexed since he'd already come forth with his relationship's status quo involving Ryan, and reprimands him for the aggressive embrace before huffing back to the room. On a different note, Heidi tries to find hot guys to couple with, only to be unsuccessful and give up her venture. She belittles a meek, shy girl (Jenna Ortega) for continuously gawking at her, only to be surprised when the girl presents herself as Gabby, Heidi's former friend who drifted from her at one point. Heidi has a revelation of their friendship and apologizes profoundly for mistreating her at first. Gabby is willing to hang out with Heidi but wants to do it privately, so they head to Heidi's room, where they encounter an overwhelmed Mario, who spills out what transpired between him and Andrew at the Zone. Gabby confesses she's a classmate of Ray and is capable of coaxing him into fixing things with Mario. Andrew and Mario befriend one another all over again following a brief discussion with Mario conditioning him into only being on friendly terms, nothing more. Before all of them can go back to the Teen Zone, Heidi's drunkard mom arrives passionately snogging another passenger whom she met at the cruise bar, unbeknownst to the kids' presence until it's too late, to her hilarious embarrassment.
9 "Cryin' for Ryan Back" Bubba Guiana Calvin MacKenzie July 1, 2019
Mario is still depressed in the aftermath of his break-up with Ryan, in shock at how he figured out about the forced kiss between him and Andrew on The Cruise. Gabby then comes forward saying that she had texted Ryan about Mario and Andrew's amorous embrace, unaware that Ryan and Mario were a couple at a time. Ed then suggests that Ryan, Mario and Andrew all meet up to clear everything up, but to do this they must go to Ryan's art camp during the weekend (the only days in which guests are allowed over) and have Andrew tag along. At the art camp, Ryan goes to see them but is aggravated by Mario's presence, having not expected him to appear at all. Gabby admits she did so because otherwise Ryan wouldn't have reached a compromise to talk things over. Then Andrew pipes up and fesses up as to what really occurred between him and Mario, taking the blame for aggressively forcing himself upon Mario despite the latter clarifying his relationship status with Ryan and does not expect to have Ryan forgive him, but rather, forgive Mario and hook up with him yet again as he views them as a "cute couple". Ryan is benevolent in his response, apologizing to Mario for not being more understanding and asks him to text him frequently. Mario then comically, plus repeatedly, asserts on this.
10 "How to Talk to Gabbies at Parties" Poppy Livingston Grekk July 1, 2019
Heidi and all of her friends but Gabby are invited to her equally popular and wealthy friend Kylie Winters' (Kristen Bell) birthday party at her parents' mansion in their absence and unbeknownst. However, Heidi is able to persuade Kylie to invite Gabby as an extra guest, but trains her on how to look physically attractive and gain a higher self-esteem in order to be able to connect with other people better. On the day of the party, Heidi helps Gabby doll herself up and both girls leave for the party along with Ed and Mario. When the four friends split up to chat with their other friends, Gabby feels helpless and isolated, as well as on the verge of a panic attack. She notices another girl who's on her own, but is hesitant to start chatting up a storm with her because of her open propensity for smoking marijuana. But she digresses even after the stoner girl prods her over the blunt, and the two eventually bond over their joint interest in anime, subjectively, Neon Genesis Evangelion. Gabby is glad that her budding friend is more interested in their concurrent love over a hobby or pasttime instead of other people's drama, and her friend accepts a friendship, disclosing her name as Marian (Alex Borstein). Sadly, Marian is arrested and jailed after a noise complaint from a neighbor drives the police to break into Kylie's mansion and waft the smell of weed, not to mention confiscating a blunt. Kylie becomes agitated because of this situation and goes to blubber in her room, effectively killing the party with guests leaving in droves. Gabby is heartbroken that her new best friend is locked up in the slammer, so Heidi makes it up to her by devising a "foolproof" plan to break Marian out of jail. The reunited friends, with the boys, don black disguises and infiltrate the county jail. Heidi proceeds to knock the only available officers unconsciously and endures catcalling from the male inmates with Gabby to reach Marian in the female inmates-only section. Marian is shocked at their escape plan and disappointed at Gabby for agreeing to the plan because she's known her for her sweetness and reclusive but goodhearted nature. Gabby then ditches the idea, and so do the others, but Marian promises her that she can regularly visit her anytime she pleases.
11 "Connection Lost" Ursula Reynolds Antonio Ward July 2, 2019
Heidi gets her phone confiscated from her mom so she can experience other things that aren't just scrolling through her Instagram feed. She begins to improve on her workout routine and eats more healthier. Done after that, she, Ed, and Mario indulge in entertainment at Grand Station and are enjoying themselves when they waste all their money on a claw machine that features a Pikachu and Uglydolls doll, which are desired by Ed and Heidi, respectively. Ed has some extra money on him, but a prostitute (Ilana Glazer) begins seducing all three of them, even the clearly homosexual Mario, into having a "good time" with her in a trade-in for extra money. However, she's slapped hard by Heidi and falls to the floor, and the gang choose to play laser tag next. Finished with a round, the gang are attacked by the prostitute, who pulls out a dagger and stabs Heidi and Mario before being restrained by a Spanish-speaking police officer. In the hospital, Heidi's mom laments ever having taken Heidi's phone away from her, and permits her its usage. Heidi immediately proceeds to take a selfie with a lethargic Mario in the picture.
12 "They Follow" Keaton Trowbridge Marianne Caple July 2, 2019
Heidi and Ed decide to stalk Heidi's mom after doubting her story of running off to attend a book club and having employment at Wingstop. They follow her to a strange house, in which they witness Heidi's mom getting abused by an unidentified man (Danny Trejo), who uncovers her actual career as a camgirl and pornographic actress supposed to please clients, him being one of them. Her daughter and friends show themselves and sway her into coming with them, but they are stopped by the abusive client, who is angry at her and orders for her to tease him. An altercation is derived, but cut briefly when the man is arrested. Following this, Heidi's mom pledges never to work in the adult industry ever again.
13 "A Masterpiece to Behold" Ambrose Thurop Jeannette Reeves July 2, 2019
Gabby signs up for art camp 2 weeks before it concludes so she can artistically convey herself and buddy with someone, knowing well that Ryan's also in art camp. At art camp, Ryan admits he's trying to make an art-piece for Mario's birthday, set on the same day as the last day of art camp. Heidi rips it by accident while collaborating with him on the piece, however, and they instead sculpt a vase. That too is to no avail as it breaks when Gabby lets go of it, so finally they do paper cranes, as they're from Mario's favorite facet of art, origami. While setting off aside a complete batch of paper cranes, they are crumpled up by a latent homosexual (Shane Dawson) who berates Ryan for duping him into attending a "conservative" art camp which was absent of "marginalized people". Ryan is hurt and Gabby looks to the art teacher (Glenn Close), who ignores her and doesn't care about Ryan's plight. They create more but are yet again ruined by the kid, and Ryan gives up and goes to his room while Gabby comforts him, suddenly getting the idea of writing Mario a song because of his flair for poetry. After proudly showing it off to Gabby, they agree to just have fun for the duration of art camp. When it concludes and Mario's birthday is on full swing, Ryan gifts him the song as a birthday surprise but gives Gabby credit for giving him the idea. Mario feels emotional and adores the song, but denies with deadpan Ryan's request to sing it to the crowd of partygoers.
Second Part
"All the President's Dismay" (Part 1) Pamela Atkins Richard Whittle July 3, 2019
Heidi, Ed, and Gabby reluctantly accompany an ecstatic Mario to Donald Trump (Mark Hamill)'s 2020 reelection campaign rally that they first learned of through the local news channel announcing Trump's sojourn to their hometown. At the expo center in which the rally takes place, Trump starts it off with a speech about the deranged plans he promises to fulfill if ever reelected again, which includes deporting even more illegal immigrants, cutting ties off with any agreement plans based on global warming since it "doesn't exist," and establishing a new branch of the military called the Space Force which drafts military soldiers into space to fight against any extraterrestrial foes who might invade Earth. Ed, very much a staunch anti-Trump person, probes him multiple times halfway through his sermon with questions. At the end of his speech, Trump solicits the crowd with the promise that if they're engaged during his lecture and ask questions, they can join him and his family in a banquet at his gigantic second mansion found in our three friends' hometown. Due to Ed's constant pressing, Donald Trump formally invites him, Heidi, Mario and Gabby to the banquet, commending Ed for his "inspired" charisma and bravery to question him and giving him his phone number so as to text him his home address. After receiving it, our trio of friends dress up and are greeted at the mansion by Conchita, the Trump family's undocumented immigrant maid and caretaker (Alanna Ubach), who sits them down at the dining hall, and the chef, Luigi (Charles Martinet), who dictates the main course as chicken with rice, sweetened tea as their beverage, and chocolate mousse cake for dessert. The Trump family has largely been absent until Trump arrives along with his wife Melania Trump (Renée Zellweger) and his shy, aloof son Barron Trump (Jacob Tremblay), who creepily glares at Gabby. Their interrelational conversations are wildly awkward and stilted, but Trump yet again appraises Ed for his alert and interrogative nature. All of a sudden, Trump begins choking on a napkin he accidentally swallowed, and Heidi is able to save him due to her prior knowledge of the Heimlich maneuver. Trump is gracious towards her and believes she should be honored, but she's not accepting this as she loudly announces her hatred for Trump; at this, the episode ends on a cliffhanger.
16 "Grin and Barron It" (Part 2) Patricia Tambor Calvin MacKenzie July 4, 2019
Resuming where "All The President's Dismay" left off with, Donald Trump takes Heidi's dislike towards him pretty well, insulting Hillary Clinton in the process. Heidi then insults Donald Trump relentlessly, much to Ed's furor. Then the chocolate mousse cake is served, but Donald Trump begins choking yet again on a napkin, but Heidi refuses to perform the Heimlich once more, leaving Donald's son Barron to perform it, saving his life. Donald Trump greatly appreciates his son for saving his life and wants to honor him for his quick-thinking, so he's let go to his room to play video games. Due to this disastrous rescue, Heidi and the rest of her friends decide to leave. Afterwards, Heidi receives a comment during an Instagram live-stream from Trump's official Instagram account, and she copies down his phone number from Ed to message him. He asks for her to "come back again," but doesn't elaborate as to why. They set up a time for the next day during the evening, and Heidi's friends decide to make her company. Donald Trump greets them at the door in Conchita's place and explains that he wants Heidi and the gang to engage in a play-date with, and befriend, Barron, since he only forms online relationships from playing [2] and [3], rather than from meeting people face-to-face. Trump then starts off with a question for Barron to respond to at first before the others have to respond, but later exerts him into coming up with his own questions. The small talk between the five is extremely awkward to the point where Mario excuses himself to get a drink of water in the kitchen, and Barron eventually shortens their conversation by showing them his true passion: video games. They all forget about Mario, who's utterly bewildered and returns to the kitchen under the assumption that he's gone insane.
17 "Mario's Hater Gonna Hate Hate Hate
(Even Though He's Late Late Late To
The Party)"
Keaton Trowbridge Ingrid Gibbons July 4, 2019
After coming out as gay on Instagram to mostly positive reactions, Mario is harassed by a homophobic troll online, setting off his paranoia and refusing to go outside until he's escorted by Ed. Meanwhile, Heidi and Gabby are left alone at Heidi's house while the two boys go to Starbucks, which perturbs Gabby as Heidi pelts her with questions concerning her attraction for Ed. At Starbucks, Mario frets about the customers and employees, especially an older man (John Turturro) who seems attentive to him until it's shown to be the case as he's assuring that he'll be able to pleasure himself to porn. Ed and Mario finally encounter Mario's hater, a young, homophobic lad (Emma Kennedy) who throws rocks at Mario and taunts him for his sexuality. Ed hits him in return but Mario eventually hits him hard with a rock and the kid runs off crying. Later at Heidi's house, Mario gets another hateful retort online.
18 "Nailing It" Bubba Guiana Antonio Ward July 4, 2019
Heidi finishes the last touches painting Gabby's nails, who complements her for their professional look. Heidi then gets the brilliant idea of starting a fingernail painting business with Mario, as he too's adept at painting nails. She and Mario go "raid" Sephora and M·A·C's supply of nail polish while Ed stays with Gabby, much to Gabby's nervousness. They waste thousands of dollars buying out all their stock and announce their business through Heidi's Instagram. Their first customer, Janie (Camila Cabello), is nice enough, but the gang act too disruptive for her, and Janie's chosen nail polish color, Mulberry, goes to waste, which makes Heidi and Mario decide to go back to the mall and purchase Mulberry. That means Gabby stays with Ed, and this makes her even more nervous, loudly stating that she must go the bathroom before running off there.
19 "Just Vi-Roll With It" Poppy Livingston Mattie Barrett July 8, 2019
Heidi becomes enraged that her favorite musician, Kyla Rae, came out as lesbian, and begins going off on a tangent decrying lesbians for "always" touching her which Mario records and posts on Instagram. Soon, the video goes viral, everyone on social media voices their disapproval for Heidi's rant, and she becomes publicly disliked. This ruins her outings to places and her friendships with Mario, Ed, and Gabby, who break-up from her as her friends and find a new friend in "Mia" (Alison Brie), Mario's "friend" and Edben's "love interest". Mia is actually supportive of the LGBT community, even lesbians, but she behaves incredibly creepy towards a lesbian cashier (Tig Notaro) when all four go out to eat at Chick-Fil-A, and Mario tries to apologize to the cashier by giving her all his money. Our three close friends chose to dump Mia as their new friend, with Mario begging for Heidi's forgiveness for recording her without her consent. She takes his apology to heart. Later, "Mia", and no longer Heidi, is trending worldwide on Twitter for actually faking being Mia, the real Mia having exposed her.
20 "Viral Vacation" Ursula Reynolds Marianne Caple July 8, 2019
Heidi's mom takes her and her friends to an extremely cheap water-park after she voices her insistence on going to one. They have to stay over at a seedy hotel the night before going to said water-park, which is unkempt, as it's littered with trash like condoms, used and unused. The water-park's even trashier, with the water being green and a surfacing dead body present there. Heidi gets sick from the water-park with a bacterial infection, so her mother promises her she'll never pay cheap for a water-park ever again. She gets better, but proclaims that Gabby's not feeling good ever since she got rejected by Ed.
21 "Gabby's All Boo'd Up" Ambrose Thurop Hamilton Palmer July 9, 2019
After Gabby notices everyone in her friend group but her interested or engaged to someone, Heidi tries to assist her by setting her up on a blind date with a boy named Marcus (Noah Centineo) at an unnamed Brazilian steakhouse. Marcus appears to Gabby as a dream boat (he sports a six pack!) and a total romantic, but he's in actuality a rich jerk who ends up pursuing a cute British waiter (Jenna Coleman) that was attending to him and his supposed "date", Gabby, at the steakhouse. Gabby is lovesick in the wake of this incident and is comforted by Heidi, who vows never to coax Gabby into blind dates.
22 "The Killer Pool Float That Floats To Your Death" Bubba Guiana Jeannette Reeves July 9, 2019
A little boy (Debi Derryberry) is on board a giraffe-shaped pool float he names Jerry (Tim Curry) at a public pool when it flips over and drowns him. In the present day, Gabby ends up utilizing the same float, which is now stored in the pool's storage unit for public use, as she cannot swim or even stay afloat with her body weight. She names it Jerry as well. The float continuously tilts, but she brushes it off. On the occasions she gets off of it two individuals (a little girl voiced by Ashley Boettcher and a much older man voiced by Rainn Wilson) get thrown off of the pool float, but the little girl succumbs to her injuries while the old man is simply hospitalized. Ed connects the two cases with the giraffe pool float and it begins uttering grunts and maniacal laughs, showing itself as sentient. The living pool float tries to murder Gabby and Ed, but the two bound it with a garden hose and get Mario's aid (with his mythological book first shown in the episode "Heidi Sucks With the Summer Vampires") in uncovering its weakness, which is the bite marks of a child. Gabby bites down on the float and finally ends his reign of terror.
23 "NSFW (No Substance For Work)" Audie Cocks Ingrid Gibbons July 10, 2019
Heidi assists her mom in looking for employment after the latter fails to do so by herself. The first place where they look for prospecting employment is at McDonald's, but they meet the sexually abusive manager (Adam Devine) who constantly harasses the female cashier Linda (Gina Rodriguez), and are turned off by the idea of getting Heidi's mom a job as a cashier there. Next, they hit up a bookstore, but that too is rejected because of Heidi's mom's ineptitude. Finally, Heidi's mom actually gets employed at a taco stand by its sole Spanish-speaking chef (Jaime Camil), but Heidi and Ed are wary of him and hide in some nearby bushes during Heidi's mom, where they're shocked when the chef offers Heidi's mom some performance-enhancement drugs that will energize her for the remainder of her shift and help her work better. Heidi and Ed then plot to take down the man and hold him down. Due to this incident, Heidi's mom refrains from working there ever again.
24 "The Highlights of Mario" Keaton Towbridge Richard Whittle July 10, 2019
Mario is beautified by Heidi to impress Ryan during a date at Ryan's house, which involve straightening his hair, robing him in a red dress, and applying make-up to his face. He is conflicted by whether Ryan will find him attractive, however, but when Ryan comes to pick him up, he's stunned by Mario's beauty and they head over to his house to hang out, culminating in their first time off-screen, the episode ending on this note.
25 "Quiet the Girl" Pamela Atkins Antonio Ward July 11, 2019
26 "Palm Before the Storm" Ursula Reynolds Grekk July 11, 2019

Differences between its spiritual predecessor

Although the series is spiritually related to Mia Stories, Horrid Heidi tends to be less crass and explicit and instead focuses on physical humor, although there are some suggestive scenes. Mia is also not mentioned or even featured at all. The show does premiere a couple of episodes every single day like Mia Stories before it, but while that show aired a span of 2-4 episodes made up of 2-4 segments almost every day since it premiered, Horrid Heidi only airs 2 entire episodes a day (not counting June 27 June 29, and July 5-7, when no episodes aired for reasons left undefined.)