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The Hollow Man (upcoming film) horror Dark Universe upcoming film.


  • Joseph Swaby as Dr. Caine[1]; an Scientist.
  • Jasser Camacho as Dr. Felibe Slater (rumored)
  • Caridad Camacho as Melissa Slater; wife of Felibe.
  • Elda Camacho as Dr. Grace Slater; Scientist and mother of Felibe.
  • Jamie Ramos as Eric
  • John White as Martin Caine; half brother of Dr. Caine.
  • Jose Swaby Nixon as Detective Billy Giovanni; an detective.
  • Henry Rosales Torres as Mr. Jack Nixon; friend-family of Caine and teaching in schools.
  • Paula Swaby as Rachel Quinn
  • Jerrin Carter as Eddie Austin
  • Sandra Swaby as Rachel Wilson (archive footages only)
  • Darrel Swaby as Will (uncredited only)
  • Darrel Rankine as Freddie Austin
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