The Hills have Eyes 7-Cold Death is a 2015 horror film directed by Wes Craven.It takes place after the happenings of The Hills have Eyes 4-Summercamp Blood and The Hills have Eyes 5-Hospital Terror


A truck drives down in an old and empty farmer's house in Russia. In it are the knocked out survivors Nathalie Spears,Sirene Martin and Serena Blaze. The driver is Cashmere,the daughter of the dead Cuba.As they arrive,Cashmere passes the girls in the "Preparation Room",where the two other girls Jessica and Wanda waiting with their eyes hidden.At the same time,Olivia Goyle hosts a survivor meeting,as the police enters her house.They tell her about the missing ones and soon the girls agree to fly in helicopters above Alaska.Dizzle,part of the INANE's sees them and pull them down with a flamethrower.One girl and police men died and the girls wake up in the same room.As Kat tried to escape,she found under an old cushion the bloody chest from Nathalie.They now know,that this farmer house is a place,where rich people kill tourists or kidnapped persons (in case of Cashmere) and threatened them and kill.As only Kat,Olivia and Darcy are left,they kill the housekeeper,who brings them food,with biting his arm off and flew theough the floor.They suddenly notices the fixed Jessica and Wanda.They free them and together they escape outside.As they see,that there's nothing around the house,they decide to go inside and kill the next costumer.Well,as the fashion designer Brianna Koplin arrives,Kat,who is bought by her spears her on an electric stick.They turned off the camera and flew with Brianna's car.Curry,who follows them kills Wanda with a headshot,but Kat kills her with shot her wheels and she dropped from a cliff.As they arrive at the next town,they get to know,that Noelle and Alice survived the accident.At the end you can hear Dizzle throwing knives on the dead body of Sirene and Cashmere's last words:"I'm sorry mother,i blamed you! But i promise i'm gonna kill them."


Sasha Pieterse as Olivia Goyle
Phoebe Tonkin as Kat Cole
Ariana Grande as Darcy Mortimer
Hilary Duff as Noelle Jones
Katie Cassidy as Jessica Allen
Shay Mitchell as Alice Seaker
Sarah Hyland as Cashmere
Lindsay Lohan as Dizzle
Cara Delevingne as Curry
Ahna O'Reilly as Wanda Vitto
Claire Holt as Sirene Martin
Lily Collins as Serena Blaze
Troian Bellisario as Nathalie Spears
Ashley Tisdale as Hannah Grande
Olga Kurylenko as Brianna Koplin
Gina Holden as Ana Stavic/owner
Brad Pitt as Officer Joel Stanton


Serena Blaze-Grabbed out eyeballs and fed to the dogs by Curry
Nathalie Spears-Cut in pieces and eaten by Ana
Sirene Martin-Thrown with acid and speared with needles by Dizzle
Hannah Grande-Died in the helicopter accident;broke neck in crash on the remote
Ana Stavic-Bitten arm off and stabbed with a butcher knife by Olivia and Kat
Brianna Koplin-Speared on an electric stick and stabbed by Jessica and Darcy
Wanda Vitto-Headshot after throwing a brick in the car by Curry
Curry-Shot in the wheels by Kat and slided down the cliff and explodes


Olivia Goyle
Kat Cole
Darcy Mortimer
Noelle Jones
Alice Seaker
Jessica Allen
Officer Joel Stanton

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