The Hills have Eyes 6-The Beginning is the 2015 horror movie after The Hills have Eyes 5-Hospital Terror.It tells the story of Cuba and the other mutants.


In 1970,the Camden family is taking a vacation trip to Phoenix.They have to pass the desert,where a U.S. army troup needs some test objects for the nuclear tests.After the family got contaminated,they are changing their minds and their faces are disfigured.The troup thinks,that they're dead,but they aren't.They are hungry for some flesh blood...


Leighton Meester as Catherine Camden/later "Cuba"
Dakota Fanning as Melissa Camden/later "Bumblebee"
Austin Butler as Lawrence Camden/later "Crowe"
Cameron Diaz as Margo Camden/later "Mother"
Matt Lanter as Seymour Camden/later "Hamish"
Mary Shelton as Simone Shatton/Catherine's sister
Jude Law as Roger Shatton/Simone's hubbie
Robert de Niro as Randall Camden/later "Father"
Daniel Craig as Seargent Cooper
Zoë Bell as Private Harris
Channing Tatum as Private Clock
Lenny Kravitz as Private Samuel
Zoë Saldana as Private Ashmore
Dwayne Johnson as Private Buncher




Private Buncher,Clock and Samuel-Killed with a flame thrower by Cuba
Private Ashmore-Pushed into a box of barbed wire by Mother and Hamish
Seargent Cooper-Eaten by Crowe after killing Roger Shatton
Roger Shatton-Blown up in the air with dynamite in a wooden shed by Sgt.Cooper
Simone Shatton-Cut cartoid artery with a fork by Private Harris 
Private Harris-Strangled with barbed wire,while trying to escape in a military
               truck by Father


At the end you can see,how the family is furnishing the cavity with stuff fro the troup warehouse.

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