The Hills have Eyes 5-Hospital Terror is a horror film,that happens after The Hills have Eyes 4-Summercamp Blood.


After the girls of the previous film,arrive at home,they are going to a ski resort in a little village near Aspen.After something crashed their truck,they wake up in an empty,old hospital,where many nurses wanted their death...


Lily Collins as Serena Blaze
Sasha Pieterse as Olivia Goyle
Phoebe Tonkin as Kat Cole
Troian Bellisario as Natalie Spears
Shay Mitchell as Alice Seeker
Ariana Grande as Darcy Mortimer
Hilary Duff as Noelle Jones
Rachel Bilson as Cuba
Lindsay Lohan as Dizzle/mutant
Sarah Hyland as Cashmere
Elizabeth Olsen as Chloe Yale
Georgie Henley as Bridget Thomas
Dylan Sprouse as Noel Shrink
Cara Delevingne as Curry/mutant
Heidi Montag as Ruth Donahugh
Nikki Reed as Trudie Harris
Aimee Teegarden as Camille Cohen
Taylor Lautner as Brendon Cole/Kat's Brother
Spencer Locke as Veronica Luke
Jane Levy as Colette Hastings
Emily Osment as Erica Nixon
Liam Hemsworth as Cory Sarandon


Noel Shrink


Serena Blaze
Olivia Goyle
Natalie Spears
Alice Seaker
Kat Cole
Darcy Mortimer
Noelle Jones


Cory Sarandon-Poisoned by acid transfusion by Curry in his bed
Erica Nixon -Electric Shock with defibrilator by Dizzle in her room
Colette Hastings-Cut cartoid arter with a scalb by Curry in the cellar
Veronica Luke and Camille Cohen-Drowned in a fully bathtub (Veronica) and 
                                strangled by hanging on the curtains (Camille),
                                which Dizzle winds besides
Brendon Cole-Cut off with a saw by Cuba,because he helped Kat to escape
Trudie Harris-Chocked on a suppository,which Cashmere pulls in her mouth
Ruth Donahugh-Headshot with a gun by Noel for helping Olivia and Serena
Chloe Yale-Thrown into a bathtub of used needles by Noel;bleds to death
Noel Shrink-Slayed by an extinguisher in the floor by Noelle and Darcy
Bridget Thomas-Cut off body with glass sharps,as she broke a window;Natalie and
               Alice were already outside,as she went out,she stuck in the 
               window and Cuba and Cashmere pulls her out,what cuts her stomach
               off and kills her
Cuba-Thrown off the hospital's roof by Olivia


At the end,the survivors setting the hospital on fire and driving home in Cuba's truck,not knowing,that her daughter and the other 2 members of the team INSANE are still alive and already swearing revenge.

Main Cast

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