The Hills have Eyes 4-Summercamp Blood takes place after the happenings of The Hills have Eyes 3-The Mall Dilemma.The girls had an amnesia,so they didn't remember about the whole story with Cuba and her team the INSANE'S.


The girls are at a summercamp now.The're forgotten all of the things that happend to them and their parents said,their death friends have moved into another town.The surviving INSANE'S are hidden in the camp too,and their favourite summer activity is killing...


Lily Collins as Serena Blaze
Elizabeth Olsen as Chloe Yale
Sasha Pieterse as Olivia Goyle
Shay Mitchell as Alice Seaker
Phoebe Tonkin as Kat Cole
Troian Bellisario as Natalie Spears
Olivia Palermo as Ellie Fields
Jamie Chung ad Alison Karmon
Claire Holt as Sirene Marin
Nathan Kress as Cody Barks
Ashley Tisdale as Hannah Grande
Rachel Bilson as Cuba
Dylan Sprouse as Noel Shrink
Cole Sprouse as Byron Shrink
Lindsay Lohan as Dizzle/INSANE
Taylor Momsen as Barbie/INSANE
Liam Neeson as Jockel/INSANE
Sarah Hyland as Cashmere/Cuba's daughter
Tom Felton as Rory Glover
Victoria Justice as Nikki Whale
Freddy Highmore as Monty Rogers
Hailee Steinfeld as Skylar Vast
Ashley Argota as Lucy Nickel
Chelan Simmons as Cheryl Chavanaugh
Aria Wallace as Mindy Kreams


Serena Blaze
Chloe Yale
Olivia Goyle
Alice Seaker
Kat Cole
Natalie Spears
Sirene Martin
Hannah Grande
Cody Barks
Noel Shrink


Mindy Kreams-Trapped into a bear trap and bleds;Corpse later found under canoe
Cheryl Chavanaugh-Head speared with an arrow by Dizzle,while collecting 
                  mushrooms;Corpse thrown into the lake by Cuba
Lucy Nickel and Skylar Vast-Cleaved with an axe (Lucy) and speared with a 
                            harpune under the bed (Skylar) by Cashmere in their
                            cabin;Corpses put in the beds
Monty Rogers-Head crushed with a wooden block in the forest by Jockel;Corpse
             eaten by a bear 
Nikki Whale and Rory Glover-Killed by lethal injection (Rory) by Cuba and cut 
                            cartoid artery (Nikki) by Cashmere in their cabin;
                            corpses mixed in the camper's food
Jockel-Head smashed several times against a tree by Serena,Olivia and Sirene
Alison Karmon-Stabbed accedaentally in the heart with a knife by Kat and Hannah
Ellie Fields-Accedantally stabbed serverale times in the stomatch by Natalie,
             Alice and Chloe,who thought she is Cuba
Byron Shrink-Drowned in the sea by Barbie
Barbie-Cut head off with a chainsaw by Sirene


At the end,it looks,like Sirene,Kat,Alice,Cody,Noel,Olivia,Serena,Chloe,Hannah and Ntalie are dead,because Cuba burnt down the forest and so the INSANE'S are leaving the burning forest in their black van.Suddendly,the survivors are moving and they are taking the canoes to reach the other side of the lake.As they have arrived the side,they are entering a family bus and driving away...

Lucy and Skylar's death

Skylar:Hey,look at this!Remember our time in LA?How much i miss Randy Cheek!
Lucy:You didn't just said that,right? Haha,chill down,you'll see him back soon!
Skylar:Fucking camp!I said to my mom i'd like to work in vacations!
Lucy:Come on! It isn't that bad! I mean yes,the girls are stupid but whatever!
Lucy:What?Skylar?Heey,i'm talking to you!
Skylar:I heard something!
Lucy:It probably was Hannah!
Skylar:(looks out of the window) Oh my god,there is some girl!
Lucy:(follows her) Why does she carry that axe?
Skylar:She looks dangerous,let's just hide!
Lucy:Whatever you say,boss!
Cashmere:Hello? Is anybody here?
Lucy:(pretends,like she is searching for something) Yeah,i'm here!
Cashmere:Do you know where the campers are?
Lucy:I'm one of them! I there a problem?What do you want with that axe?
Cashmere:(hack of her arm) This biatch!
Lucy:Oh my god!Stop it!Help me!Help meee!(screams and crouch in the corner)
Lucy:Please,leave me alone!I beg you (begs on her knees)
Cashmere:(cleaves her in two halfs and puts the pieces in a bed)
Skylar(whimpers quietly under the bed)
Cashmere:(leaves the cabin)
Skylar:(moves out under the bed),(looks out of the window)
Skylar:(calls Olivia) Olivia!Olivia,please help me!Help me!
Olivia:Skylar? What's up? 
Skylar(crying) Please,Please help me!She killed Lucy,pleaase!
Olivia:Hold on,and hide,i'll be there soon!
Skylar:Oh my god! She's comming back!She's comming baack!
Skylar:(hides under the bed again)
Cashmere:(looks around the room and walks over to the bed)
Skylar(held her breath)
Oliva:(on the phone) Skylar? Skylar? Whatever you do,be quiet
Cashmere:(throw back the mattress and spears Skylar with a harpune)

Rory and Nikki's death

Rory:What's up,babe?
Nikki:I can't reach Skylar Vast!
Rory:Why do you wanna reach her?
Nikki:I wanna meet her and Lucy Nickel at the lake this afternoon
Rory:Okay,but there's a lot time to spend with me till afternoon,haha!
Nikki:What do you mean,honey boy?
Rory:(throws her on bed and undress her)
Cuba:(opens the door)
Nikki:Oh my god! What do you want? We're busy!
Rory:Are you deaf? 
Cuba:(runs to rory and sting a syringe into his arm)
Cuba:You'll be dead soon,honey boy!
Rory:(screams of pain) Oh it burns so deep!Help me Nikki!
Nikki:What've you done you bitch? (stabs a knife in her shoulder)
Cashmere:(climbs into the window and cuts her cartoid artery)
Cashmere:(to Cuba) You're okay?
Cuba:Yes darling,let's make this hungry campers a tasty meal!

Main Cast


  • Team INSANE are killers and mutants.
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