The Hills have Eyes 3: University of Death Is a 2016 Horror Thriller film Starring Lily Collins, Shay Mitchell, Jamie chung, Ashley Greene and Lucy Hale



  • Lily Collins As Sidney Fabrey/Aria Roommate
  • Shay Mitchelle As Anna Winter/Samantha Roommate
  • Jamie chung As Robbin Liu/Rachel Roommate
  • Ashley Greene As Alana Mikaelson/Elena Roommate and Queen Bee
  • Lucy Hale As Aria Hilton/she's in college to finish her studies and love interest will
  • Claire Holt As Samantha Blake/she's in college to finish her studies and love interest daniel
  • Emma Watson As Rachel Roberts/she's in college to finish her studies and love interest Alan
  • Vanessa Marano As Valerie McCluves/she's in college to finish her studiesl
  • Selena Gomez As Elena Palski/she's in college to finish her studies and love interest Jake
  • Victoria Justice As Karla Solis/a half-crazy girl
  • Ashley Tisdale As Becca Sullivan/a girl who likes sex
  • Kristin Herrera As Estivaliz Dawson/she's in love with logan
  • Hilary Duff As Quinn D'amore/Valerie Roommate
  • Miranda Crosgove As Sara McCallister/Alana Friend
  • Keke Palmer As Loubia Jones/Alana Friend
  • Ashley argota As Kim Young/Alana Friend
  • Malese Jow As Tanya Foster/Alana Friend
  • Tyler Hoelich As Alan Mikaelson/Alana Brother
  • Taylor Lautner As Jake Enos/Elena Boyfriend
  • Liam Hemsworth As Will Paxton/Elena Friend and love interes aria
  • Kendall Schmidt As Daniel Short/Elena love interes Samantha
  • Chelsea Kane As Megan Guill/Quinn Friend
  • James Maslow As Tyler Roberts/Daniel Roommate/Rahcel Brother
  • Caroline D'amore As Carly Blaire/Tyler Girlfriend
  • Bridgit Mendler As Brooke diamonds/Logan Girlfriend
  • Zac Efron As Logan Smith/Will Roommate
  • Mitchele Musso As Brady Hollland/Jake Roommate
  • Jesse Moss As Martin Frozen/Alan Roommate
  • Nina Dobrev As Claws/Sally Reynolds/insane
  • Elle Fanning As Moth/Eva Sage/insane
  • Blake Lively As Lizardes/Lisa Dess/insane
  • Taylor Momsen As Toots/Barbie Cornan/new insane
  • Avril Lavigne As Vampira/Val Hammer/new insane
  • Erica Durance As Mrs.Louis Lahey/science teacher and wife of edward
  • Tom Hardy As Coach Edward Lahey/football coach and husband of louis
  • Kate Hudson As Mrs.Cassandra July/dance teacher who loves his students and protects


Megan Guill-Ax in Throat(Toots)

Tyler Roberts-burned face with steam(Vampira)

Brooke Diamonds-Neck broken(moth)

Martin Frozen-divided head with machete(Lizardes)

Loubia jones-mouth ripped out(Claws)

Brady Holland-Back Broken(Vampira and Toots)

Kim Young-got stuck in a bear trap and was hit in the face with a glass(Claws)

Tanya Foster-Throat Sliced by arrow (moth)

Logan smith-impaled in back and stabbed in head by machete

Carly Blaire-He drowned in the fountain(Toots)

Valerie McCluves-when searching for your friends is attacked by vampire and toots is hit in the chest with a box cutter until it opens

Moth/Eva Sage-pierced in the chest with a wooden stick when he tried to kill elena(Mrs.Cassandra July)

Becca Sullivan-divided by mouth

Coach Edward Lahey-burned with gasoline and a fire arrow to save his wife

Estivaliz Dawson-is accidentally stabbed by aria and elena thinking it was claws

Karla Solis-stabbed in chest bone living science by alana and sidney

Lizardez/Lisa Dess-


Sidney Fabrey,Anna Winter,Robbin Liu,Alana Mikaelson,Aria Hilton,Samantha Blake,Rachel Roberts,Elena Palski,Quinn D'amore,Alan Mikaelson,Jake Enos,Will Paxton,Daniel Short,Claws,Vampira,Tooths,Mrs.Louis Lahey and Mrs.Casandra July

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