The Hills have Eyes 3-The Mall Dilemma takes place after The Hills have Eyes 2-University Sucks. It only plays at a closed mall at Christmas.


After the happenings of the 2nd movie,the survivors Aria,Olivia,Jenna,Natalie,Valerie,Ellie,Serena,Chloe and Alice are in different places in the mall,as the INSANE'S (killer team of cuba) set the alarm,so the girls and some other people are locked in the building.Kat and Rosie are back from psychatric hospital and at the mall too.Cuba likes to go shopping,for corpses...


At the DIY

Phoebe Tonkin as Kat Cole
Ed O'Neill as Bud Rogers
Elizabeth Olsen as Chloe Yale
Krysten Ritter as Meaghan Scard/shop assistant
Agyness Deyn as Mindy Rogers
Kristin Scott Thomas as Helen Rogers
Chace Crawford as Needle/INSANE
Rachel Weisz as Cuddle/INSANE
Abigail Breslin as Nattle/INSANE

At the toy shop

Lily Collins as Serena Blaze
Troian Bellisario as Natalie Spears
Joey King as Holly Hartford
Willa Holland as Jenna Hartford
Laura Leighton as Tara Hartford
Lindsay Lohan as Dizzle/INSANE
Rupert Grint as Kliff/INSANE
Sarah Michelle Gellar as Riley Thomas/shop assistant
Zendaya Coleman as Perrie/INSANE

At the fashion boutique

Miranda Cosgrove as Aria Smith
Jamie Chung as Alison Karmon
Shay Mitchell as Alice Seaker
Emma Roberts as Rosie Blythe
Kendra Wilkinson as Amber Clarke/shop assistant
Rachel Bilson as Cuba
Avan Jogia as Rutter/INSANE

At the supermarket

Sasha Pieterse as Olivia Goyle
Olivia Palermo as Ellie Fields
Hayden Panettiere as Valerie Jones
Betty White as Lucille Carmichael
Chloe Bridges as Mary Steal/shop assistant
Asa Butterfield as Benji Housten
Taylor Momsen as Barbie/INSANE
Rosario Dawson as Cheeky/INSANE
Ed Westwick as Sharess/INSANE


Kat Cole
Mindy Rogers
Helen Rogers
Chloe Yale
Serena Blaze
Tara Hartford
Holly Hartford
Natalie Spears
Holly Hartford
Meaghan Scard
Riley Thomas
Robyn Karmon
Alice Seaker 
Olivia Goyle
Ellie Fields
Lucille Carmichael
Mary Steal


Bud Rogers-Cut with a chainsaw and thrown in a garden shredder by Cuddle and 
Needle-Cut off arm with a pliers and slayed with a wooden block by Kat n' Mindy
Cuddle-Killed by slaying with a gold bat by Chloe
Nattle-Slayed with a falling bathtub by Helen and Meaghan

Kliff-Slayed with a medicine ball by Serena and Ridley
Jenna Hartford-Speared with spear by Dizzle;she saved her sister
Perrie-Killed with a glass sharp by Tara and Natalie
Aria Smith-Cut cartoid artery with a hanger by Rutter
Rutter-Pierced by glass pieces into his body with many mirrors by Robyn,Alice 
       and Rosie
Rosie Blythe-Thrown off the railing and broke neck by a stand by Cuba
Amber Clarke-Shot in the heart by Cuba for saving Robyn and Alice

Sharess-Stabbed with a butcher knife by Olivia and Mary
Benji Housten-Shot in the heart by Cheekyafter saving Ellie
Cheeky-Headshot by Lucille
Valerie Jones-Slayed with a gas lamp by Barbie


At the end,the INSANES are climbing in their van and driving away,the hidden survivors are jumping through the glass door and waiting for the police. In the ending scene, You can hear the police noises.

Movie Cast

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