The Hill Have Eyes 2 A Women in Camp Blood Of Men is A 2016 Horror Thriller Film and second part of The Hill Have Eyes Starring Selena Gomez,Taylor Lautner,Liam Hemsworth,Tyler Hoechlin and Kendall Schmidt


one year after the sorority one of the survivor Elena Palski (Selena Gomez) is sent to a camp but it is wrong it is sent to a camp man she does not mind but soon you will realize that lso murderers are there and want revenge against her and her new friends


  • Selena Gomez As Elena Palski
  • Taylor Lautner As Jake Enos
  • Liam Hemsworth As Will Paxton
  • Tyler Hoechlin As Alan Mikaelson
  • Kendall Schmidt As Daniel Short
  • Jean Luc-Bidoleu As Izzy Dowley
  • Cody Longo As Robbie McCinnes
  • Nathan Kress As Ethan Thomas
  • Sean Flynn As Noel Jones
  • Robbie Amell As James Macher
  • Noah Monk As Tony Saulis
  • David Del Rio As Carlos Levi
  • Ryan Hansen As Clay Nichols
  • Randy Wayne As Bo Parker
  • Matt Lanter As Luke Reynolds
  • Nick Zano As Adley Cannon
  • Zachary Levi As Mr.Michael Forester
  • Nina Dobrev As  Claws
  • Elle Fanning As moth
  • Blake Lively As Lizardes
  • Drew roy As Koga
  • Mila Kunis As Ludwig


Tony Saulis-gets 5 machete in the face

Ethan McCinnes-crossbow shot in chest

Adley Cannon-disfigured face with a fire extinguisher

Mr.Michael Forester-bisected by ax

Carlos Levi-burned with Molotov cocktail

Clay Nichols-ax in penis and face

Luke Reynolds-eyes gouged out

Noel Jones-eaten alive by mad

James Marcher-Ax in ass and eyes

Robbie McCinnes-injection of acid into the brain

Bo Parker-Back Ripped Out

Koga-Decapitated by Alan

Izzy Dowley-Neck Snap

Ludwig-Face Ripped by Alana and Jake


Elena Palski,Jake enos,Will Paxton,Alan Mikaelson,Daniel Short,Claws,moth and Lizardes


selena hair on coffee stained for this movie

aria, samantha, Valeria and rachel retake the the following movies

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