The Hills have Eyes 2: University Sucks is the 2020 sequel of The Hills have Eyes.It takes place in the university and the sorrority house of the survivors.


After the happenings in the first film,Cuba is hunting the surviving girls and some new victims with a completely new skin.She is a student now.Bumblebee alarms the girls,but they don't know,that Cuba is already a part of the university life.



  • Aria Smith
  • Olivia Goyle
  • Valerie Jones
  • Jenna Hartford
  • Alison Karmon
  • Ellie Fields
  • Chloe Yale 
  • Serena Blaze
  • Alice Seaker
  • Natalie Spears
  • Cuba/Karen Cillo
  • Mrs.Kate Winston

Good to know

-The two survivors of the first film Kat and Rosie are in a psychatric hospital     
 now because of all the happinings...they're coming back in the 3rd movie.
-There are no boys in the film,because Cuba only kills girls.
-Bumblebee and Cuba's body is now healthy and average.
-Bumblebee is the 2nd killer in the movie.


Shawna Todd-Drowned in the toilet bowl by Karen
Poppy Wade-Stabbed with a shovel in the greenhouse by Courtney
Novalie Kane-Corrosived in the laboratory by Karen
Gloria Darcy-Pushed from the university roof by Karen and fell into a garden
Cynthia Sparks-Accedentally slayed with the TV by Jenna
Harriet Bender-Electric shock after Karen threw juice on the equippment in the
               music studio
Mrs.Julie Vale-Electric Shock after trying to save Harriet
Emma Sharp-Strangled with a computer cable by Courtney
Bumblebee/Courtney Barton-Drowned in the pool by Aria,Olivia and Jenna


At the end,the police caught Cuba/Karen and took her to jail.The remaining girls are at Poppy's funeral,when Natalie said:"What if the're lots of those insane freaks out there?"The camera swings at the roof of the glass house,where some masked people are taking pictures of the girls...

Main Cast

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