The Hills Have Eyes is a 2015 Horror Thriller film Directed by Wes Craven Starring Lucy Hale,Selena Gomez,Briana Evigan,Claire Holt,Jennethe McCurdy,Chloe Bridges,Elizabeth Gillies,Daniella Monet,Vanessa Marano,Brenda Song,Debby Ryan,Emma Watson,Ariana Grande,Nina Dobrev,Elle Fanning,Blake Lively,Will Poulter,Drew Roy,Channing Tatum,Mila Kunnis,Danielle Bisutis And Jennifer Carpenter


sorority prepare to pass your survival in the forest by his mother in the house but a mad began to the murder for fun


  • Lucy Hale As Aria Hilton/the cool sister
  • Selena Gomez As Elena Palski/The slutty sister
  • Briana Evigan As Nina Santores/the quiet sister
  • Claire Holt As Samantha Blake/The Diva Sister
  • Jennethe McCurdy As jane Woods/The Mean Sister
  • Chloe Bridges As Mary Olsen/The shy Sister
  • Elizabeth Gillies As Bonnie Fields/The Gothic Sister
  • Daniella Monet As Tara Woodler/The Bossy sister
  • Vanessa Marano As Valerie McCluves/The Brave Sister
  • Brenda Song As Elli Wong/The Athletic Sister
  • Debby Ryan As Emma Mercer/The Sweet Sister
  • Emma Watson As Rachel Roberts/The Party Sister
  • Ariana Grande As Nora Stone/The Smart sister
  • Nina Dobrev As Claws/Mad
  • Elle Fanning As Moth/Mad
  • Blake Lively As Lizardes/mad
  • Will Poulter As Cyclops/Mad
  • Drew Roy As Koga/Mad
  • Channing Tatum As sangfroid/Mad
  • Mila Kunnis As Ludwig/Mad
  • Danielle Bisutis As Tiramisu/Mad
  • Jennifer Carpenter As Mrs. Gisele Green


Tara Woodler-skinned face with a scalpel by tiramisu 

Nora Stone-broken head with a rock by Cyclops

Emma Merer-traversed in the head with steel rod

Tiramisu-hit in the head with meat cleaver by elena

Mrs.Gisele Green-bitten in the neck dies from blood loss by Sangfroid

Mary Olsen-multiple shots in eyes with two guns by koga

Jane Woods-head cut off with chainsaw by claws

Cyclops-dismembered by wood chipper by Aria and Valerie

Bonnie Fields-eyes gouged out and eaten by claws

Ellie Wong-Chest Ripped with Ax by Lizardes

Sangfroid-hit with a bat by valerie, ax in the back of the head by samantha torn in chipper, by Aria,Rachel, elena and nina


Aria Hilton,Elena Palski,Nina Santores,Samantha Blake,Valerie McCluves,Rachel Roebrts,Claws,Moth,Lizardes,Koga And Ludwig


  • Claws, Moth, Lizardes, Cyclops, Koga, Sangfroid, Ludwig and Tiramisu are mutants.

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