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The Hills have Eyes is a 2015 horror film and a remake to both the 1977 film of the same name by Wes Craven and a 2006 horror film of the same name directed by Alexandre Aja.


13 sorrority sisters and their house mother are driving wih their bus to college.They decide to drive through the desert.Soon the car crashes in the middle of nowhere. They don't know,that this are was a nuclear test ground.The conterminated persons are still there and they really like the "visitors"...


Miranda Cosgrove as Aria Smith
Emma Roberts as Rosie Blythe
Hayden Panettiere as Valerie Jones
Sasha Pieterse as Olivia Goyle
Phoebe Tonkin as Kat Cole
Willa Holland as Jenna Hartford
Dakota Fanning as Bumblebee/mutant
Austin Butler as Crowe/mutant
Lucy Hale as Veronica Marks
Blake Lively as Beverly Howle
Aubrey Plaza as Fiona Spencer
Leighton Meester as Cuba/mutant
Jennifer Aiston as Mrs.Hershall
Matt Lanter as Hamish/mutant
Elizabeth Gillies as Geena Vale
Ellen Wroe as Nicole Gettis
Robert de Niro as Father/mutant
Cameron Diaz as Mother/mutant
Mia Wasikowska as Anna Abramovic
Shenae Grimes as Tori Knowles


Aria Smith
Rosie Blythe
Valerie Jones
Olivia Goyle
Kat Cole
Jenna Hartford




Tori Knowles-Stabbed in the heart with a hunter's knife by Mother in the bus
Anna Abramovic-Slayed with a rock by Crowe at the cavity
Mother-Broke neck by crashing on stones in a fight with Nicole in the cavity
Nicole Gettis-Cartoid artery cut by Father after killing Mother in the cavity
Geena Vale-Speared on a iron rod in the bus by Father after raping her
Father-Hit with a gas lamp by Jenna in the bus toilet and burned to death
Mrs.Hershall-Shot in heart with a gun by hamish after saving Rosie
Hamish-Cut stomach by Cuba in the cavity after raping the corpses
Fiona Spencer and Beverly Howle-Stabbed with screwdriver in head (Beverly) and
scoop out eyes (Fiona) by Cuba at the river
Veronica Marks-Got sliced up with a glass sharp by Cuba and raped by Crowe
Crowe-Killed with a lightning gun by Bumblebee,who saved the girls;Cuba fled in


The girls and Bumblebee are getting an old but functionable military truck and drive away.Cuba meanwhile reaches the city with the girls' bus.In the ending scene the viewer can see Alison Karmon (university friend of the girls;portrayed by Jamie Chung) is entering the bus,searching for her friends.She finds the corpses of the death students and hear the screams on a record player.As the camera walks in the bus door you can see bloody Alison with the corpses,who is leaded away by a police officer.Cuba is now seen in an appartment and a corkboard with the faces of Aria,Rosie,Valerie,Olivia,Kat and Jenna...

Main Cast