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The National Guard
  • Max Van Ville as Peter Jackson the
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar As Annabeth Jackson the sister pregnant of Peter And the girlfriend of jason
  • Jake T. Austin as Jack Simpson
  • Moisés Arias as Jan Simpson
  • Courteney Cox as  Deborah Jackson the sister of chase 
  • Matthew Lillard as Chase Jackson the father of three and the husband of jenna and a grandfather of two
  • Emilie de Ravin as Brenda Carter
  • Dan Byrd as  Bobby Carter
  • Sonny Flood as Jackson Carter
  • Oscar Lloyd as Josh Carter
  • Emma Atkins as Jenna Jackson the mother of peter and annabeth and victor and the wife of chase grandmother of two
  • David Henrie as Victor Simpson the brother of Jason and the mate of peter
  • Mitchel Musso as  Victor Jackson the son of chase and Jenna and The brother of peter and annabeth
  • Dylan Sprouse as Jason Simpson

the boyfriend of annabeth and the father of two Sandra and unborn baby

  • Cole Sprouse as Francis Simpson the brother of Jason and victor and jan and jack and the uncle of Two
The mutants
  • Michael Bailey Smith as Papa Hades
  • Derek Mears as Chameleon
  • David Reynolds as Hansel
  • Tyrell Kemlo as Stabber
  • Gáspár Szabó as Grabber
  • Jason Oettle as Letch
Sector 16 Workers
  • Jeff Kober as Redding
  • Jay Acovone as Wilson
  • Philip Pavel as Foster
  • Archie Kao as Han
  • Lisa Wilcox
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