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the hills have eyes 3 the game is death is a horror-slasher-thirller movie starning:Justin Long,Dakota Goyo,Kevin G. Schmitd,Nick Zano,Sean Faris,Matt Lanter,Alex Russel,Zac Efron,Steven McQueen,Bobby Campo,James Maslow,Kendall Schmitd,Alex Pettyfer,Nicolas D'agosto,Ashley Greene,Jacqueline MacInnes Wood,Ronney Mara,Julianna Guill,Ariana Grande,Blake Libely,Owen Wilson,Drew Selley Selena Gomez,Justin Bieber,Sean Wiliam scott,Nico Tortella And Linsay Lohan with Rachel Bilson


a group of young soldiers were on a mission in the desert but gradually die soon steven empiesan he sees some mutants who kill their partners now will have to save his friends and relatives of the murderers mutatentes



Justin Long As Steven Hanmderson

Dakota Goyo As Maximus (Max) Handerson/steven brother

Kevin G. Schmitd As Joe

Nick Zano As Trent

Sean Faris As Chase

Matt Lanter As Cody

Alex Russel As Mark

Zac Efron As Tommy

Steven McQueen As July

Bobby Campo As Bo

James Maslow As Teddy

Kendall Schmitd As Sean

Alex Pettyfer As Pette

Nicolas D'agosto As Cameron

Ashley Greene As Erin Handerson/steven sister

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood As Gemma

Ronney Mara As Bree

Julianna Guill As Candance

Ariana Grande As Clair

Selena Gomez As Elsa

Drake Bell As Clay

Justin Bieber As Harry

Sean Wiliam scott As Henrry

Nico Tortella As Cole

Owen Wilson As General Damian

Blake Libely As Samuya/assassin

Drew Selley As Cabal/assassin

Rachel Bilson As Camish/assassin

Linsay Lohan As cuba/assassin


Harry-face torn with a barbed wire By Cabal

Clay-machete in the head when you are having sex with candace By Cabal

Candance-stabbed in the face with Dagger By Cuba

Cole-beheaded with barbed wire By Samuya

Bo-stabs in the chest with a tube By Cuba

Teddy-eyes gouged By Samuya

Sean-face hit with a sharp stone By Cabal

Cameron-gutted with an ax By Camish

Mark-attacked by Cuba and striker with a fuse By Camish

Cody-shot in the head by Cuba

Clair-eyes gouged out with an ice pick By Camish

Henrry-eaten by a group of wild wolves

Damian-penis stabbed By Cuba and machete in the head accidentally by Erin

Gemma-Stabbed  on a iron rod in the Cabin by camish

Bree-just as gemma

Striker-stabbed in the head in July shot in the chest by pette and beheaded by steven

Tommy-beheaded by Cuba

Joe-stabbed in chest with steel pieces by Camish

Trent-bitten on the neck by Cuba

Chase-stabbed in the head by camish

Cuba-leg shot in July and cut arms by peter  and head with a bomb explodes


Steven Handerson,Max Handerson,July,pette,Elsa,Camish,Samuya And Erin Handerson


steve, max, pete, July, elsa and erin are going they go into the military truck when they think but it is just as well in the hills looks like samuya clamis and soldiers are watching them and Sorie samuya Smiling climbs into a car and empiesa to follow but before the boys put their bodies out of lives of soldiers killed.

Alternative Ending

Cuba, clamish and samuya are putting the lives of the pette skins, steve and erin about boilers but they are angry that they are 3 people escaped Cuba tells his companions:do not worry sooner or later they returned thinking that their friends are aliveat 100 km after esla,july and max is reaching the general basis and are attended by paramedics and taken to special area elsa:! vooy not to return to the desert please not the movie ends when Elsa begins to mourn for this getting to a truck for transport to the desertThe Hill Have Eyes