The Hills Have Eyes 3 is an American slasher film, sequel to The Hills Have Eyes and The Hills Have Eyes 2. It's main cast includes Nina Dobrev, Skylar Astin, Dove Cameron, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Katie Cassidy, Darren Criss, Billie Lourd, Chloe Grace Moretz and Judy Greer. It also stars Connor Weil, Carlson Young, Lucien Laviscount, Zac Efron, Nick Robinson, Derek Mears, Scott Wilson, Danko Jordanov and Blane Cypurda.


An exciting senior field trip seems like a great idea for a group of friends. But when the bus crashes, the teacher takes the group to find help but instead, find horror. When they return, everyone is missing, and all that's left is blood. It's up to Chloe (Nina Dobrev) and her friends to find some help before they become the next victims to a family of mutants.


A school bus drives up to a gas station in the middle of the dessert, alerting Gramps. (Scott Wilson) He helps the teacher, Abigail, (Judy Greer) by giving directions to where they turn to get to the main road. Unaware of his lies, they drive on.

Chloe (Nina Dobrev), Tina (Dove Cameron) and Marisol (Katie Cassidy) are talking to each other when the bus tires pop, swirving the truck into some rocks. Everyone evacuates and socializes, trying to get a signal while the bus driver and Miss Simmons figure out why they crashed. Mitch (Skylar Astin) begins flirting with Amy (Billie Lourd) and calls her a slut, when she punches him in the face and tells him to never say that to a girl.

Miss Simmons then calls to all the students that she will go look for help, asking if anyone wants to come with her. Chloe, Tina and Marisol join her, as well as Amy, Mitch, Dana (Alycia Debnam-Carey), Marco (Darren Criss) and Julia (Chloe Grace Moretz).

The sun is almost down and the group is at the gas station. They don't see anyone.

Back at the bus, John (Connor Weil) and Autumn (Carlson Young) sneak off and find a run down home. While they search for a place to have sex, Autumn realizes where they are and tells John about the nuclear testing they did. She then mentions some people were mutated by the radiation and sees someone run past the window. John goes outside, leaving Autumn alone. The closet opens behind her and Junior (Blane Cypurda) attacks her. John runs back in and beats him up, killing him accidently. Pa (Derek Mears) comes in and kills John, Autumn escaping.

Mitch decides to search with Amy, to her dismay, and they find a freezer filled with body parts. Gramps walks in with a shotgun and threatens them, ordering them to stay still when Fang (Danko Jordanov) enters. Amy grabs a large knife and stabs Fang in the chest, Mitch pushes Gramps out of the way and they run away, finding the group so they can leave.

Meanwhile, Autumn returns to the bus in full panic. The bus driver is then murdered in front of the students as the rest of them are massacred by various mutants. A few, including Autumn, are dragged to the mines.

The others return to find blood and body parts left behind at the bus. They get in and close the doors, discussing what they're going to do. However, before they can do anything, a hand breaks a window and Fang drags Tina out of the window. Marisol and Chloe try helping her, but the others hold them back.

The group breaks into pairs to find Tina; Marisol and Chloe, Mitch and Amy, Marco and Julia, Dana and Miss Simmons. They all break and go to the hills.

Marco and julia find a mine shaft and enter. Marco turns his phone light on just to be grabbed by Pa. His throat is slit, spraying blood on his sister. Julia, who is in shock, looks for the light and grabs it, shining it in Pa's face and running out of the mine. She makes it a few feet when a hand grabs her ankle and drags her into a hole.

Dana and Miss Simmons find a few of the students, Liz, Mason, and Mike. (Saxon Sharbino, Max Carver and Tyler Posey) They tell them about the mutants when one of them jumps down and smashes Mike's head, then procedes to murder the other two as Miss Simmons leads Dana away.

Amy and Mitch bump into Chloe and Marisol when they hear screaming. They follow the sounds and find Dana and Miss Simmons being attacked by an ax weilding maniac. They all try to help, only for Miss Simmons to hit the mutant with a rock and push it over the edge. It reaches back up and drags her with it.

The students mourn the death of their teacher but Chloe tells them they need to keep moving. They find a mine shaft, seeing blood, Marco's phone and Julia's bracelet outside. They make their way through, finding a room with weapons, axes, machetes and sledgehammers, and a few of their surviving classmates.

Tina wakes up to see Gramps standing over at a table with Fang. She reaches over to grab a saw and sneaks up on the two, shoving the saw into Gramps neck. She pulls it out and escapes while an enraged Fang follows.

The group hears a few mutants coming and get ready as the ambush begins, but Mitch bolts away, Amy following angrily. They kill many mutants, but lose Autumn, Daniella, Matt and Dana, as well as most of the unnamed students.

Amy confronts Mitch when they stop but hear the screaming of Tina. She finds them and they lead her to the others as Fang follows. Mitch sacrafices himself for the girls.

Marisol finds a radio and gets help.

Tina returns with Amy and the group is forced to fight another wave of them, losing every member of the group except Chloe and Tina. The three are cornered by mutants when Marisol returns and chops off two of their heads, the girls finish them off.

Help arrives and the three girls get in the ambulance. As they drive away, Chloe hears something on the roof but shrugs it off.

They reach the hospital and are brought inside, no one noticing bloody handprints on the side. Tina, who turned out to be in no pain at all, walked into Marisol's room, but she doesn't reply. She turns to leave, only to see Marisol's body in the corner. She screams as the door is shut by Pa and he brutally stabs her.

Pa then enters Chloe's room and he silently makes his way to her bed and stabs it, revealing a pillow. Chloe appears behind him with chest paddles and placed them on his head, electrocuting him. She runs out of the room and he follows behind her. They get to the roof, where Chloe stabs him in the eye. He shoves her down and is about to kill her when Tina appears and hits him with a tray. The girls shove him off the roof, people screaming from downstairs.


  • Nina Dobrev as Chloe Adams, a high school senior who just wants to leave her town and go to college.
  • Skylar Astin as Mitch, A full time fuckboy who hits on anyone.
  • Dove Cameron as Tina Lewis, Chloe's best friend who only wants to protect her.
  • Katie Cassidy as Marisol Lewis, Tina's older sister who chaparones the trip.
  • Billie Lourd as Amy, a pretty girl who seems slutty but is actually a badass.
  • Chloë Grace Moretz as Julia March, Marco's sister, less concerned on money, more on her future.
  • Judy Greer as Miss Abigail Simmons, the teacher who is watching over the group.
  • Zac Efron as Damien, Mitch's best friend who was held back twice.
  • Scott Wilson as Gramps, the one who chooses which group dies.


Junior - The mutant attempts to take Autumn, but she screams, alerting John. John comes in and starts punching the mutant and kills him.

John - While trying to have sex with Autumn, the mutants distract him and he goes outside. She is attacked by Junior, so he returns and kills Junior by accident. Pa walks up behind him and slices his back. He then throws him against the walls multiple times.

Bus Driver - Autumn returns in hysteria, scaring many people. The bus driver is the first attacked by Fang, who slits his throat.

Damien - During the massacre, he protects a few students by knocking a mutant back with a rock. He then fights Fang, but is taken down. Fang bites his neck and rips it open, taking some of his face as well. He chokes on his blood and eventually dies.

Female Student - Two mutants grab her arms and another takes an ax and slices her arms off.

Ty, Two other students - The three hide behind the bus when a mutant throws a spear, impaling the other two and stabbing Ty, who is still alive. He screams in pain when a mutant walks up and digs it deeper into him.

Five Girls - The five are the last kills, as they run away from the massacre, three mutants attack them and Pa watches over them before telling them to "Tear them apart." The girls screams are heard as the mutants feast on them, ripping one girl open and eating her, tearing one of the girls limbs off and twisting ones head off.

Marco - Julia and him enter a mine shaft and they hear breathing around them. He decides to turn his phone light on to see Pa, who grabs him and hits him against the wall, then slits his throat.

Julia - She exits the mine, covered in blood. A hand shoots out of a hole and grabs her ankle. She fights back, her bracelet falling off. She is dragged in, blood splattered and pooled out.

Mike - While Dana and Miss Simmons help Liz, a mutant, Ripjaw, jumps down and smashed his boot on his face, crushing his head.

Mason - The mutant rips his hands into his chest and rips it apart.

Liz - Dana and Miss Simmons are helping her walk as the boys are killed but the mutant breaks off a bone in Mason's abdomin and stabs Liz with it in the back. The other two run away as Ripjaw guts her with the bone, then he takes his ax and follows.

Miss Simmons and Ripjaw - Dana and Miss Simmons are fighting Ripjaw off, Miss Simmons swinging a board with nails in it at him, but he breaks it with his ax. The others help them but are pushed back. Miss Simmons then hits him in the back of the head and he falls over the edge. She looks over the edge only for her head to be grabbed and she is pulled off with him.

Gramps - Fang and him have Tina and are discussing what to do to her. She is behind them and grabs a saw, hitting Gramps in the throat with it and almost sawing his head off before running away.

Mutants - Killed in various ways by the entire student survivors.

Autumn - While fighting in the ambush, a mutant grabs he from behind and lifts her above his head, then swinging her and snapping her back against a rock.

Daniella - A mutant grabs her and forces her down before grabbing her weapon and stabbing her with it.

Matt - One mutant uses a machete and severes his hand, then cutting his throat.

Ten Students - Killed by mutants.

Dana - Pa locates her during the battle and she tries to fight him, but he breaks her weapon and grabs her by the throat. He lifts her up, applying pressure to her neck and breaking it before tossing her on the ground.

Mitch - Tina is chased by Fang and he and Amy lead her to the others but he decides to sacrafice himself for the girls, to Amy's dismay, and he fights Fang, but it doesn't last long as he is decapitated.

Mutants - Killed by students.

Students - Killed by mutants.

Lawrence, many mutants and other students - One of the mutants accidently triggers a bomb, resulting in body parts exploding and Lawrence, two students and a mutant to be set on fire.

Amy - Fang is about to kill Tina when Amy notices and runs infront of the spike and it impales her.

Fang - Tina witnesses Amy's death and attempts to kill Fang. He pushes her back, but Chloe helps and stabs him in the leg. Fang fallls and both girls stab him to death.

Mutants - The remainder of the mutants trap Chloe and Tina but Marisol comes in and stabs two of them and all three finsih them off.

Marisol - When in the hospital, Tina finds her sister dead and is attacked by Pa.

Pa - After presumably killing Tina, he finds Chloe's room, but she is behind him with chest paddles and electrocutes him. She runs out of the room, hitting a cart of operating tools. She takes the sharpest one and continues running to the stairs, her arm getting cut. The two face off on the roof, Chloe stabbing his eye. He punches her in the face, then raises his weapon when Tina appears and hits him with a tray. She takes his weapon and her and Chloe stab him, then push him off the roof.




A few mutants.


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