The Hills Have Eyes is a 2013 remake of The 1977 American horror film. Starring Robbie Amell, Ashley Greene, Shay Mitchell, Jesse Metcalfe, Bobby Campo, Julianna Guill, Danielle Panabaker, Rachel Bilson, Cam Gigandet, Adam Brody, Michael Bailey Smith, Derek Mears, David Reynolds, Tyrell Kemlo, Gaspar Szabo, and Jason Oettle.


6 college reality show contestants and their hosts and crew go to the New Mexico desert for the reality survival tv show called "Stranded". Now, five mutants begin to kill the contestants and now they really need to fight for survival.


It starts off with Carlos (Jesse Metcalfe) telling the crew that the contestants will be here soon so they got to get ready for the show. It then shows the contestants driving up in a limo and they get out and you meet college football palyer Shane (Robbie Amell), good girl Maya (Shay Mitchell), promiscuous Amy (Julianna Guill), brave Melissa (Ashley Greene), drama queen Julia (Danielle Panabaker) and attractive Jack (Bobby Campo). Carlos tells them that each of them will have to survive 7 days in the desert and only one can be the winner. They then are put into two teams, The Killers: Shane, Maya and Julia, The Chains: Melissa, Jack and Amy. He then tells them that they have to find a key to solve the next clue and they have to climb to the top to get it. Shane finds it, grabs it and unlocks the next clue in a treasure chest and it says that they have to find a flag and only one can get it and Julia volunteers. Julia runs to go find it and sees it but it is moved and she chases after it and is impaled through her face with a pickax by Stabber (Tyrell Kemplo) and he grabs her and walks away with her body.

Melissa then finds the flag and her team wins, Shane says that they sent Julia before Melissa and Carlos says that he's sorry but they already got here and they go back to there site and Stabber watches them. Shane then hears something and thinks its coming from the bolt-hole and Melissa sees them and asks him what he's doing, he says that he heard something and Melissa says that there's nothing in there and they both leave.

Carlos comes into James' (Adam Brody) trailer and asks him if he got footage from today's episode and he says yes but doesn't have anything about Julia going into the woods and he says that he put the cameras everywhere and Carlos says to keep looking. Chameleon (Derek Mears) then comes behind James and stabs him on the top of his head and he takes his body. The next morning, Carlos says that Jenny (Rachel Bilson) will take over Julia's place until they find her and he tells them that today they will hunt for food and Melissa asks what they will eat and he says that they have to find their meal that he hid somewhere in the hills. They run to the hills, Shane then thinks its in the bolt-hole and he grabs a dead scorpion instead and Jenny screams. The rest of the group come to them and Marcus (Cam Gigandet) tries to calm Jenny down and Shane says that its just a scorpion and Jack finds their dinner and its a can of fruit and they leave the scorpion and go back to camp, Jenny turns around and sees someone and the person leaves and she goes back to camp.

Jenny then hears a pebble hitting the window and goes to check who's throwing it, she then sees someone running up to the hills and she follows. Jenny gets up there and says hello and a chain is wrapped around her neck and she is dragged away. The next morning, Marcus wakes up and asks them where Jenny is and Carlos says that he hasn't seen her since last night.

Shane then says that its weird that Jenny, Julia and James disappeared and haven't shown yet. Marcus says that he's going to look for them and Shane and Melissa tag along. Carlos says that the show starts soon and Marcus says they'll be back before the show starts. Amy then tells Jack  that they should have sex in her tent and they do. While having sex, Papa Hades comes in and stabs Jack in his back with an ax and Amy screams and he decapitates her.

Shane, Melissa and Marcus come back and they said they can't find them and Carlos says they'll find them later and he asks Melissa if she can go get Amy and Jack, she goes to Amy's tent and she sees blood on it, she opens it and finds them dead and screams. Everybody rushes over and sees them dead, they hear Maya screaming and find her being taken away and Shane says that they have to go after her and Carlos says its better not to follow and Shane says that he's going anyway and Melissa and Marcus follow him and then Carlos decides to go with them. Shane then says that they should split up into two groups and they do, Shane and Melissa go together and Carlos and Marcus go together. Shane and Melissa are walking together and she says that she thinks that the rest of them is dead. Shane then sees someone pass by and they hide in the dark, they see Grabber taking Maya somewhere and they go after her.

They go after her and Shane and Melissa see Maya on the table with all the mutants surrounding her. Papa Hades is about to rape her but Shane and Melissa come in and Shane grabs an ax and stabs Lecter in his stomach. Chameleon then attacks Melissa and she slashes his arm with a knife she kept. Marcus and Carlos come in and they fight off the mutants. Papa Hades then throws an ax at Marcus but misses and he pushes Marcus into the ax impaling him in his chest. Carlos then sets Maya free and she stabs Lecter with a pickax. Melissa then accidentally stabs Carlos in his chest with a pickax and she is grabbed by Papa Hades.

Maya is then strangled to death with barbed wire by Chameleon, Shane then knocks Papa Hades unconscious and they both run. Shane then lures them outside. He lights the stick of dynamite with a lighter and blows himself up and the mutants jump. Melissa then gets out and almost leaves but is grabbed by Papa Hades and taken back to the mountains. Melissa has her hands tied up hanging and Papa Hades comes close to her and he then gets out his knife and slits her throat.


Robbie Amell as Shane

Ashley Greene as Melissa

Shay Mitchell as Maya

Jesse Metcalfe as Carlos

Bobby Campo as Jack

Julianna Guill as Amy

Danielle Panabaker as Julia

Rachel Bilson as Jenny

Cam Gigandet as Marcus

Adam Brody as James

Michael Bailey Smith as Papa Hades

Derek Mears as Chameleon

David Reynolds as Hansel

Tyrell Kemplo as Stabber

Gaspar Szabo as Grabber

Jason Oettle as Letch


Julia- Impaled through face with a pickax (Stabber)

James- Stabbed on the top of his head with a pickax (Chameleon)

Jenny- Chain wrapped around neck and dragged away, stomach slashed open (offscreen) (Papa Hades)

Jack- Stabbed in back with an ax (Papa Hades)

Amy- Decapitated with an ax (Papa Hades)

Marcus- Pushed into ax on wall and impaled in chest (Papa Hades)

Carlos- Accidentally stabbed in chest with a pickax (Melissa)

Maya- Strangled to death with barbed wire (Chameleon)

Shane- Blows himself up so Melissa can escape with a stick of dynamite (Himself)

Melissa- Throat slit with a knife (Papa Hades)


Papa Hades






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