The Hills Have Eyes is a 2013 horror film.




TBA as Dave Jones- Claire's boyfriend. He tries to prove her father that he is not useless and becomes in charge when Thomas dies. He wants to propose to Claire.

TBA as Hannah Carter- The youngest child of the Carter family. She is only 18 years old and is smart, brave and careful. She gets along with Josh more than Claire and Chase.

TBA as Josh Carter- The youngest brother of Claire and Chase and older brother to Hannah. Like Hannah he is smart and brave but sarcastic at times. He gets along with Hannah more than Claire and Chase.

TBA as Thomas Carter- Thomas is the father of Claire, Hannah, Josh and Chase and husband of Patricia. Thomas is mainly in charge of the family and wants to protect his family. TBA as Patricia Carter- The mother of Hannah, Claire, Josh and Chase and wife to Thomas. She loves her kids and Thomas very much and worries for their safety.

TBA as Claire Carter- The oldest sister of the Carter family. She wants to marry Dave and does not like it when Thomas judges Dave.

TBA as Chase Carter

TBA as Greg Jones

TBA as Julia Martin

TBA as Amy Johnson

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