The Haunting of Hill House is a 2017 mystery horror thriller film, directed by Brad Siberling.


Dr. John Markway, an anthropologist with an interest in psychic phenomena, takes two specially selected women to Hill House, a reportedly haunted mansion. Eleanor, a lonely, eccentric woman with a supernatural event in her past, and the bold Theodora, who has ESP, join John and the mansion's heir, cynical Luke. They are immediately overwhelmed by strange sounds and events, and Eleanor comes to believe the house is alive and speaking directly to her.



  • Rosamund Pike as Eleanor "Nell" Lance
  • Carole Bouquet as Theodora "Theo"
  • TBA as Dr. John Markway
  • Chris Pine as Luke Sanderson
  • TBA as Mrs. Sanderson
  • TBA as Mrs. Dudley
  • TBA as Grace Markway
  • TBA as Mr. Dudley
  • TBA as Carrie Fredericks
  • TBA as Eldridge Harper

Uncredited roles

  • TBA as First Mrs. Crain
  • TBA as 8-year-old Abigail Crain
  • TBA as 80-year-old Abigail Crain
  • TBA as Abigail Crain's Nurse-Companion
  • TBA as Dora Fredericks
  • TBA as Garage Attendant
  • TBA as Second Mrs. Crain
  • TBA as Hugh Crain
  • TBA as Bud Fredericks
  • TBA as Nurse


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