The Haunt is a 2016 horror-supernatural-thriller movie starring Scout-Taylor Compton, Penn Badgley, Julianna Guill, Joe Pesci, Alexz Johnson, Chace Crawford, Tyler Hoechlin, Shenae Grimes, Austin Butler and Katie Cassidy


A girl named Lisa is attacked and killed by an unseen force. A week later, 8 friends go into a haunted asylum will the friends make it out safe.


  • Scout Taylor-Compton as Sam
  • Penn Badgley as Mike
  • Julianna Guill as Jenna
  • Joe Pesci as Bryce
  • Alexz Johnson as Rachel
  • Chace Crawford as Andy
  • Tyler Hoechlin as Jim
  • Shenae Grimes as Kate
  • Austin Butler as Derek
  • Katie Cassidy as Lisa
  • Angelia Jolie as Jodie


Sam, Jodie


  • Lisa- She is dragged and stabbed several times
  • Kate- She is stabbed to death by Derek when he was possessed
  • Derek- He is stabbed several times
  • Bryce- He is shot by a sniper
  • Jim- He is stabbed in the heart
  • Andy- He is stabbed through the chest
  • Jenna- She has her head smashed into a wall
  • Rachel- She is pushed off the roof by a ghost
  • Mike- He is accidentally stabbed several times and his throat is slit by Sam and he is grabbed and takened by a ghost


  • Sam was originally supposed to die, she was possessed by a ghost and she burns the asylum. She is takened to a ward, she opens a window and falls out. And then Bryce is shot by a sniper.
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