The Hallowed Halls is the first and only studio album from Lord Mandragoria of Italian gothic metal band Mandragoria's side project Vampir Gospel. It was released on June 15th 2008 via Candelbra Records.


The album received mixed to negative reviews. Metalix gave the album 6/10 stars, and said: "Many may know Lord Mandragoria of Mandragoria fame, and this here is his aptly named side project, Vampir Gospel. While he forsakes the brutal black metal laden with gothic and doom from Mandragoria, he focuses here with Vampir Gospel on romantic morbid stories, as usual on the vampire myth. Although his Mandragoria in put is far more of a higher caliber and enjoyment, The Hallowed Halls offers some gems, particularly with opener The Macabre and When She Sees Visitor At Night. Others, however, are painfully wrought with minimal effect, eg. Hallowed Divina and Entrance of the Crimson just become too morbidly sexual, and Cry of the Wolf veers on the plain weird. The album is a mixed bag, with some standout songs and others that are forgettable, this side-project has some potential, it just needs time to flourish".

Track listing

  1. "The Macabre" - 7:00
  2. "Hallowed Divina" - 4:44
  3. "The Beast That Is Me" - 6:00
  4. "Cry of the Wolf" - 8:04
  5. "Dark Night Dreams" - 4:44
  6. "When She Sees Visitor At Night" - 5:00
  7. "Embrace of the Crimson" - 7:03


  • Lord Mandragoria - vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Pietr Lev - drums
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