The Grudge 4 is a 2012 American supernatural horror film and the fourth movie in the The Grudge Quadrilogy. The film stars, Kristen Stewart, Logan Browning, Marnette Patterson,Emma Roberts Danielle Panabaker, David Gallagher, Cam Gigandet, Matt O'Leary, Aimee Teegarden, Chelan Simmons, Thomas Dekker, Mason Cook, Scott Porter, Jake Weary, Lacey Chabert, Audrina Patridge, Johnny Simmons, Danielle Savre, Michelle Trachtenberg, Julia Stiles, Chris Klein, Amanda Righetti, Ryan Merriman, Aiko Horiuchi, Yuya Ozeki and Takashi Matsuyama.


These are stories involving the Saeki curse.

Davis Family

The Davis Family go to Karen, Aubrey and Mrs. Davis' funeral. When Casey, Hanna, Henry, Tommy, Sara and Chris Davis move in with their older sister Jenna, Casey begins to discover that the Saeki family are haunting them.

High School Massacre

Katie is the new girl in school she makes alot of new friends and has a crush on Harry she and her friends are taunted by the Saeki family.

Lewis Family

The Lewis siblings set up their mother's funeral, Rachel, the oldest sibling tells them to come live with her and Trevor. The siblings discover the Saeki family is in the house.


Davis Family

Kristen Stewart as Casey Davis

Marnette Patterson as Jenna Davis

Danielle Panabaker as Hanna Davis

David Gallagher as Henry Davis

Mason Cook as Tommy Davis

Matt O'Leary as Chris Davis

Joey King as Sara Davis

High School Massacre

Leighton Meester as Katie Peterson

Cam Gigandet as Harry Lucas

Aimee Teegarden as Ashley Grimes

Chelan Simmons as Danielle Jenner

Logan Browning as Amber Garcia

Thomas Dekker as JD Michaels

Scott Porter as James Keller

Jake Weary as Kyle Anderson

Audrina Patridge as Amy Jacobs

Lewis Family

Lacey Chabert as Kelly Lewis

Johnny Simmons as CJ Lewis

Danielle Savre as Megan Lewis

Michelle Trachtenberg as Julia Lewis

Julia Stiles as Rachel Patterson

Chris Klein as Trevor Patterson

Amanda Righetti as Taylor Lewis

Ryan Merriman as Kurt Lewis

Saeki Family

Aiko Horiuchi as Kayako Saeki

Yuya Ozeki as Toshio Saeki

Takashi Matsuyama as Takeo Saeki


Casey Davis, Tommy Davis, Sara Davis, Katie Peterson, Harry Lucas, Danielle Jenner, Amber Garcia, JD Michaels, Kelly Lewis, CJ Lewis, Megan Lewis and Julia Lewis


Taylor Lewis - Dragged out of a window by Kayako Saeki

Amy Jacobs - Drowned in bathtub by Toshio Saeki

Kurt Lewis - Killed offscreen by Kayako Saeki

James Keller - Pushed off train station platform by Kayako Saeki

Kyle Anderson - Ripped into pieces offscreen by Kayako Saeki

Rachel Patterson - Thrown down stairs by Toshio Saeki

Trevor Patterson - Decapitated with hammer by Takeo Saeki

Ashley Grimes - Tied up with hair and strangled by Kayako Saeki

Chris Davis - Choked on barb wires by Kayako Saeki

Jenna Davis - Jaw ripped off by Kayako Saeki

Hanna Davis - Neck twisted and decapitated by Kayako Saeki

Henry Davis - Stabbed in stomach by Takeo Saeki

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