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The Groundbreaking Iron Man is an American superhero comic book series based on the Marvel Comics character Iron Man where it re-imagine Iron Man, his supporting characters and his rogues gallery in new ways to tell a good story for a new generation of readers.



  • Anthony "Tony" Stark/Iron Man - the heir of Stark Enterprises and a young college student who develop a technological armor suit out of protecting peoples.


  • Edwin Jarvis - Tony's loyal and caring yet cautious butler/surrogate father-figure who raised since his father's death, who Tony prefer him as "Uncle Jarvis", and is rather skeptical of Tony becoming Iron Man as he worrying about Tony's safety.
  • Virginia "Pepper" Potts - a sarcastic and witty college student who befriended Tony TBD
  • James "Rhodey" Rhodes/War Machine - a wise yet outgoing and outspoken college student who met and befriended Tony and isn't afraid to speak out of his mind TBD
  • Harold "Happy" Hogan - a rather cynical young college student who despises of being nicknamed "Happy" TBD
  • Abraham "Abe" Zimmer - a rather mild-mannered college science teacher TBD
  • Kevin O'Brien/Guardsman - a young high school senior student who is a fan of Iron Man TBD
  • Michael O'Brien - Kevin's older brother who raised him since his parents' deaths and work as a security guard at Stark Enterprises as he worrying about his brother's safety, since he is the only family he had left and is afraid of being alone, and Tony's, due to him being the last of the Stark Family.
  • H.O.M.E.R. - an rather snarky yet loyal A.I. who was created by Tony TBD
  • Clinton "Clint" Barton/Hawkeye - TBD
  • Ho Yinsen - a near elderly Chinese inventor and a friend of Tony's father TBD
  • Howard Stark, Jr. - Tony's deceased father and the previous CEO of Stark Enterprises who TBD


  • The Mandarin - an calm and collective yet cunning and calculating Chinese terrorist and leader of the infamous Chinese terrorist group, the Ten Rings, who wield ten mystical rings know as the Makluan Rings TBD
    • Fin Fang Foom - an semi-giant Chinese Dragon-like creature who was belong to a race of reptilian-like alien beings know as the Makluan, the ones who created the Makluan Rings centuries ago, and was sealed away until he was reawaken and TBD
  • Obadiah Stane/Iron Monger - the morally ambiguous CEO of Stane Electronics and Stark Enterprises' business rival who attempt of help improving the world, albeit committing several morally ambiguous decisions, as he than start developing his own version of the Iron Man armor, dubbed "Iron Monger" as he became somewhat of a morally ambiguous rival to Iron Man of sorts.
  • Justin Hammer/Titanium Man - the egocentric yet narcissistic CEO of Hammer Industries and Tony's rival who suffering from an superiority complex, which causing him to be believed himself to be superior to anyone, even Tony, where he would often try to steal things from him as he soon steal blueprints for the Iron Man armor specs and developing and piloting a version of the Iron Man armor know as Titanium Man out of proving his superiority and destroying Tony.
  • A.I.M. (Advanced Ideal Mechanics) Incorporated - an seemingly semi-recent tech company who attempt of help improving the future or the world with highly advanced scientistic technologies where, in reality, it actually a top-secret terrorist-like organization who secretly attempt to destroy and improving the entire world in their "image".
    • George Tarleton/Scientist Supreme - the seemingly friendly and talkative CEO of A.I.M. Incorporated who, in reality, is actually a mad scientist who attempting on destroy and rebuilding the entire world in his "image" as he also believing himself to be one of the most smartest men on the planet.
    • M.O.D.O.C. (Mechanical Organism Designed Only for Chaos) - an logical yet cold and emotionless highly advanced Artificial Intelligence who was designed by George to be TBD
    • Lyle Getz - a young scientist at A.I.M. Incorporated who is A.I.M. Incorporated's top leading scientist as he
  • Galina Nemirovsky/Crimson Dynamo - a hammy Russian terrorist who believes in the power of Russia as she steal a armor suit know as the Crimson Dynamo from elderly inventor Ivan Anton where she use it to battles Iron Man, becoming one of his enemies.
  • Marcus "Marc" Scarlotti/Whiplash - an highly determined mob enforcer who steal and using a pair of electromagnetic whips which can cut though anything and start targeting Iron Man, whom he believes him to be his Yin to his Yang of sorts.
  • Donald "Donnie" Gill/Blizzard - TBD
  • Gary Gilbert/Firebrand - an determined and ambitious anarchist who is extremely distrustful of the government, believing them to be the source of everything all evil in the world, where he originally steal an few military gears until he soon later granted pyrokinesis after injecting himself with the Extremis Serum in order to gives himself a fighting chance.
  • Whitney Frost/Madame Masque - an once vain and stuck-up college student who is the estranged daughter of Count Nefaria and suffer from a unknown mental illness which causing her to a golden mask, whom she believed it as a her "true face", and making her a full-blown terrorist as she also has a rather complicated relationship with Tony, much to his dismay.
  • Ghost - an enigmatic yet mysterious assassin and corporate hijacker TBD
  • Ultimo - a semi-giant highly advanced robot who was created by a group of aliens back during the prehistoric era of Earth where it was reawakening in the present day by A.I.M., who attempt of using it for destroying and rebuilding the entire world in their "image", until it rebel against A.I.M.'s control and attempt to find a way back to his creators as it would often unintentionally causing chaos and destruction.
  • Count Luchino Nefaria - an incredibly flamboyant Italian crime boss and the head of the criminal organizated know as the Maggia as he TBD
    • Mila Masaryk/Unicorn - a sarcastic and sassy ex-Soviet soldier who wear a suit and a helmet which can shoot ionic energy beams TBD
    • Pierre Fresson/Cyclone - a cocky and egotistical European criminal who wear a suit which granted him the ability of creating whirlwinds.
  • Arthur Parks/Living Laser - a down-on-his-luck employee at Stark Enterprises TBD
  • Sinclair Abbot/Spymaster - an highly charismatic British assassin and hitman-for-hire TBD
  • Jack Taggert/Firepower - a military soldier who was discharged, following an incident, as he was than given a version of the Iron Man armor know as Firepower TBD
  • Bruno Hogan/Melter - Happy's mentally troubled brother who develop a pair of guns that can melt though anything and became a near deranged vigilante out of targeting criminals TBD
  • Samuel Smithers/Plantman - a former botanist-turned-eco-terrorist who mutates himself into a humanoid plant-like being as he became obsessed with creating a new era for plant life.


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