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The Grog and Stinky Show is an American-Canadian Animated Series. It aired on Shires Channel From 1991 - 1996, Reruns aired on Shires Junior From 2011 - 2013, and News airs reruns on Shires XD.


“Grog and Stinky” Segments

Grog the Pug had a lot of attention, until Stinky the Ferret was brought home, now Grog, Yuki The Fish, and Clyde The Cat Are Trying to find ways to get rid of Stinky.

“Leonard and DaVinci” Segments

A Ruthless Lion King Named Leonard Bans Art Just Because of his opinion and kicks an innocent skunk named DaVinci out just because art is her favorite hobby.

“James Possum” Segments (Seasons 1 - 3)

A spoof of James Bond, but as a Possum, along with his Sidekick Hitch solve crimes and fights bad guys while trying to catch his girl, Janna Possum’s Attention, while fighting against his worst enemy, Milo Rio.

“Adam and Abe” Segments (Seasons 4 - 5)

A Boy Named Adam and His Raccoon-Blanket Hybrid Named Abe go on adventures and almost risk their lives.

Voice Cast:

  • Phil Hayes as Grog
  • Garry Chalk as Stinky
  • Tabitha St. Germain as Yuki
  • Terry Klassem as Clyde
  • Colin Murdock as Grog and Stinky’s Owner
  • Tony Sampson as Harry the Horse
  • Richard Newman as James Possum
  • Matt Hill as Hitch
  • Scott McNeil as Milo Rio
  • Ian James Corlett as King Leonard
  • Nicole Oliver as Queen Gliama
  • Janyse Jaud as DaVinci, Adam, and Janna Possum
  • Dale Wilson as Abe
  • Michael Donovan as Adam’s Dad
  • Kathleen Barr as Adam’s Mom
  • Long John Baldry as Clock Man
  • Jay Brazeau as Wallace
  • Brian Drummond as Smith


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