The Gremlin is the secondary antagonist of the 2017 animated film, The Bizarre Gang.




The Gremlin was evil, cruel, vile, greedy and ruthless due to his desire of making money out of selling magic potions and poisoned pies, even if it means killing others who may know of Kim-Jong's plot. He can be described as a genius as he was able to create EMP weapons disguised by Prix camera to start up the crashes in the first place.


He is the anthropomorphic bat-like creature, with his sharp teeth, bloodshot eyes, goblin-like ears and had black and white fur, with a snout-like nose and white beard. He also wears a black tuxedo and hat.



  • Though at first the Gremlin appears to be the main villain, it is revealed near the end of the film by Alfred that Kim Jong is actually the enemy of the Bizarre Gang.
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