The Gotham Knights, formally known as The Dark Knight Begins, is 2000 American superhero-thriller film which tells a alternate story of Batman. Unlike the original Batman films, this is rated R. It will have a prequel called Dark Knight Origins, a sequel called Batman Falls and a crossover called, Injustice War: Gods Among Us. It is the 2nd installment of the Ultimate DC Universe. This was however cancelled and remade into Beware The Batman.


Batman and Alfred both have the ideas and then they go to a Crime place to find a group of criminals named Ralph (Ian McDiarmid) and Don (Jack Nicholson) and Johnny (Brendan Gleeson) and then kills them and then leaves them for dead and then leaves the area and gets to the motel with a request from John Nichol who renders the right idea and then sees him. Batman and Alfred tells John Nichol to go outside to find Batgirl (Tara Strong) and Lady Helms (Mary Kay Place) to render the society of ideas to get everything in order and then Alfred tells Batman to move and then Batman goes to the auto shop to find a group of suspects named Jon (Seth Meyers) and Tay (Daniel Radcliffe) to get it and then Batman goes up to them and then kills them and leaves there site. Batman tells Alfred about being good and then Batman recounts him and then he meets The Joker (Mark Hamill) to remember its close idea and then he waves at him and then Batman goes up to the hoodlums named Rob (Paul Giamatti) and Paul (Chris Pratt) to give him answers and then Batman kills them and leaves. At the casino Batman finds a way and then has a group of gunsmiths named Jack (Toby Stephens) and Dan (James Badge Dale) and then kills them and escapes the casino in Gotham.

At the construction site Batman finds a group of crewsman named Jay (Trey Parker) and then kills him and then he gives up. At the penthouse Batman goes inside and takes a picture and photo and sends it to Alfred and then Alfred says you did good and then John says hey I want the Photo back and then Batman disagrees. At the lockup Batman has a group of Mark members named Jon (Mark Hamill)


  • James McAvoy as Bruce Wayne/Ultimate Batman - A 30-year-old orphan who lost his parents when he was 8. He grew up to become Batman but unlike his counterpart, he kills criminals. He also acts more like Wolverine but he still serves as the Protagonist of the film.
  • Patrick Stewart as Alfred Pennyworth
  • Ian McKellan as John Nichol - A supervillain whose friendship with Alfred ended to becoming corrupted.
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