The Gone Galavants is a 2012 American Dark Comedy Supernatural Action film written and directed by Tim Burton, film back to back with his 2012 vampire television series adaption Dark Shadows which also features his recurring actor Johnny Depp.

The film features Leonardo Dicaprio, Richard Gere, Gemma Ward, Johnny Depp, Robert De Niro, Billy Crudup, Marion Cottillard, Kirsten Pout ,John Cusack, Jerry O'Connell, Minka Kelly, Brennan Bailey, Max Burkholder, Jonah Bobo, Jeremy Shada, Leo Howard, Martin Campbell, Ben Kingsley and Clark Duke.

It concerns a modern class American family residing in Hanover, New Hampshire whom deal with a new to town family whom become close friends with them and happen to be killer werewolves.

The surviving members of another werewolf family come to the modern class family's aid against the evil werewolf bunch planning to enlarge their family, starting with them and then planning to branch the rest of the mountain town of Hanover.


The Mishton family is a classic ordinary modern American class family situated in the small mountain town of Hanover, New Hampshire.

There is the Mayor father, the florist mother, Living at home older sons, teen daughter, pre-teen boy and adopted pre-teen boy.

Their ordinary lives are turned upside down with the arrival of a new family in Hanover.

A lovely family whom appear to be very similiar to them and spark their interest.

It begins with them being invited over for tea and then spending most weekends with each other: the parents bonding with the parents and the kids bonding with the kids.

But the new family of Hanover The Galivants are no ordinary family.

They are indeed werewolves with the desire to expand their family with select members of the population of Hanover and of course their bestfriend family the Mishtons.

Rescue comes in the form of the remaining werewolf family members of a family part annilihated by the evil Galivants.


  • Leonardo Di Caprio as Walt Beckersford
  • Gemma Ward as Calamandra Beckersford
  • Johnny Depp as Juvi Galivant
  • Robert De Niro as Mayor Millicent "Milli" Mishton
  • Meryl Streep as Lena "Learner" Mishton
  • Jessica Lange as Maybel Galivant
  • Richard Gere as Nartoooon Galivant
  • Billy Crudup as Johnathen "Johno" Mishton
  • Marion Cottillard as Evelyn Galivant
  • John Cusack as Calambro Galivant
  • Kirsten Pout as Babydoll Galivant
  • Jerry O'Connell as Jackson "Jackie" Mishton
  • Minka Kelly as Bianca "Bi Bi" Mishton
  • Brennan Bailey as Joel "Joely" Mishton
  • Jonah Bobo as Adopted Benjamin "Bennie" Mishton
  • Max Burkholder as Jeckalyn Ross
  • Jeremy Shada as Burlington Beckersford
  • Leo Howard as Ruthie Blark
  • Martin Campbell as Uncle Tuvie Galivant
  • Ben Kingsley as Uncle Trevle Galivant
  • Clark Duke as Abraham Galivant
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