The Golden Palace (2020)
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Director: Paul Feig
Producer(s): Susan Harris

Paul Junger Witt

Tony Thomas

Paul Feig

Writer(s): Susan Harris

Paul Feig

Composer: Theodore Shapiro
Release: September 16th 2020
Running Time: 100 minutes
Budget: 40 million USD
Box Office: 300 million USD
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The Golden Girls (2018)
Golden: Thank You For Being A Friend (2022)

The Golden Palace is a 2020 movie remake of the 1990s CBS situation comedy spin-off of the same name. Directed by Paul Feig, the director of the previous film, Feig once again wrote the film with show creator Susan Harris.



Michelle Pfeiffer as Blanche Devereaux, a flirty southern belle who co-owns The Golden Palace hotel with her two friends and takes up a front of house role, portrayed by Rue McClanahan in the original series.

Meryl Streep as Rose Nylund, a ditsy former grief counsellor from Minnesota who co-owns The Golden Palace hotel and serves as head of housekeeping, portrayed by Betty White in the original series.

Rhea Perlman as Sophia Petrillo, An elderly Italian woman who co-owns The Golden Palace hotel and works in the hotel restaurant with Becky and Lucy, portrayed by Estelle Getty in the original series.

Sigourney Weaver as Dorothy Zbornak, Sophia's newly wed daughter who pays the hotel a visit on her 1-year anniversary and is less than pleased, portrayed by Bea Arthur in the original series.

Michael Douglas as Lucas Hollingsworth, Blanche's uncle who's married to Dorothy and lives in Atlanta with her, he returns to Miami with her to pay his niece and mother-in-law a visit. Portrayed by Leslie Nielsen in the original series finale.

Steve Buscemi as Stan Zbornak, Dorothy's down-in-luck ex husband who turns up at the hotel seeking a janitorial job after his girlfriend Bea leaves him. Portrayed by Herb Edelman in the original series.

Betty White as Great Aunt Patricia, Blanche's mother's sister and the oldest living member of her family, she tries to serve as a security guard for the hotel, only original cast member of The Golden Girls to appear in the film.

Bryce Dallas Howard as Rebecca Devereaux, one of blanche's daughters who works at the hotel restaurant with Sophia and her cousin Lucy.

Kate McKinnon as Lucy Warren, Blanche's niece who works at the hotel restaurant with Sophia and her cousin Becky.

Ernie Hudson as Dr Harry Weston, the girl's physician and Rose's boyfriend, he spends a lot of time at the hotel. Portrayed by Richard Mulligan in the original series and on Empty Nest.

Sasheer Zamata as Barbara Weston, Harry's daughter who quits her job as a police officer to work as the hotel's head security guard alongside Patricia. Portrayed by Kristy McNichol in the original series and on Empty Nest.

Don Cheadle as Roland Wilson, the hotel's established manager who tries to fit in with the group, he also has an unhealthy attraction to Becky. Cheadle portrayed the role in the original series, but establishes the character differently in this film.

Liam Hemsworth as Coco, the comical head waiter of the hotel who tries his best to become a chef, unsuccessfully. Lucy lusts after him until she learns he's gay. Loosely based on the axed housekeeper character for The Golden Girls 1985 pilot, portrayed by Charles Levin.

Dave Franco as Michael Zbornak, Dorothy and Stan's son who wants to become the hotel's headline act, but the girls don't have the heart to tell him he's terrible. Portrayed by Scott Jacoby in the original series.




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