The Girl on the Train is 2018 psychological thriller film based on Paula Hawkins's novel of the same name.


An alcoholic woman in her thirties watches a couple having breakfast every morning as her train stops at a signal near their home but when one goes missing she begins to question her involvement with the pair.



  • TBA as Rachel Watson
  • TBA as Megan Hipwell
  • TBA as Tom Watson
  • TBA as Anna Watson
  • TBA as Scott Hipwell
  • TBA as Dr. Kamal Abdic
  • TBA as Detective Riley
  • TBA as Cathy



  • 2016 film which was based on the novel The Girl on the Train was sets in US, this film will sets in UK because the director wants to follow the novel.
  • 2016 film was distributed by Universal Pictures and DreamWorks Pictures, this film will be distributed by Fox Searchlight Pictures.
  • The film is 13 minutes longer than 2016 film.


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