The Ghost Of You is an American animated fantasy musical horror comedy film and a retelling of the 1997 horror short film, Michael Jackson, Ghosts.

Tag lines

  • Do you believe in ghosts?
  • Is it scary for you yet?


A group of teenaged misfits are forced to dare inside an old mansion called 'Someplace Else'. Meanwhile, the Mayor of Normal Valley plots to get rid of Maestro once and for all.


Savannah Chastity Cook: the fifteen year old estranged daughter of The Mayor of Normal Valley.

Andrew- Luke's older brother.


Thomas Beze-


Hi Dad.

Savannah! I've been looking all over for you!

Um yeah, i just decided to stay here for a while...

I was so worried! What happened? Did he do anything to you?

No! Of course not! I came up here on my own. Well actually this girl from school dared me and a group of boys to come here and the Maestro pulled us

Wait that was you?! Why would you do such a thing?

Because i'm an asshole, that's why?

  • Savannah Cook:This is stupid! I want to go home!

Do it, you big baby!

  • Savannah Cook:White people and black people don't have actual black hair. Only Asians do. I can't help being weird! I have OCD, ADD, Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder and Depression!


Savannah Cook:Of course!

  • Mayor Cook:Go change into something more suitable, young lady.
  • Hey, loser. Are you coming to the halloween party?

Savannah Cook:Nobody invited me.

Well, it's at my house. You should dress up for it in a scary costume so the bouncer won't let you in.

  • Savannah Cook:Did i mention that my dad is the mayor of this town?


Savannah Cook:My mom died of cancer when i was little and i'm an only child. Anyways, my dad is old, fat, and obsessed with keeping everything in Normal Valley completely normal as possible, just like the name would imply. I love him, because he's my father, but i also hated him because he's so authoritative and he doesn't understand me.

Luke:...Good to know.

  • Mayor Cook:Never go into that house, Savannah! A freak lives there and he likes to scare people for fun.

Savannah Cook:Kind of like me.

Mayor Cook:Oh Savannah. If you bothered to change, I'm sure people would like you a bit more if you, for once, acted normal.

Savannah Cook:(screams) I DON'T WANT TO BE NORMAL!

  • Mayor Cook:Savannah, sweetheart, are you okay? You're only fifteen and the Maestro is...

Savannah Cook:I still love him.

Mayor Cook:Why?

Savannah Cook:Because he's cute.

All of the women in the mob are nodding their heads in agreement.

Mayor Cook:Honey, you can't say you're in love with someone just because of how they look.

Savannah Cook: I don't care. Like these three, he understands me. Unlike you. You never even tried to understand me! You just wanted me to be normal and boring, like everybody else!

Mayor Cook:Savannah Chastity Cook! You hurt people! You're violent, loud and obnoxious! That's why you don't have any friends! That's why people don't understand you! They can't understand a sociopath! Why do you think i devoted so much time trying to make things normal?! Because of you, Savannah! Because you need help! You can't live your life like this! It's not right!


I-I ain't going back up there!

Mayor Cook:Coward.

There's nothing wrong with being a coward.

Mayor Cook:Mrs. Pat, please. It's for my daughter.

Mrs. Pat:It's too dangerous. Remember what happened last time?

Several townsfolk nodded in agreement. Suddenly, a blonde haired woman spoke out.

You're not the only one whose child disappeared? My boys are missing!

So are ours!

Mayor Cook:My daughter is trapped up there with that monster. I told you all the truth about him last time, but you didn't believe me. Now, he's taken a few of our town's children and none of you care!

Just like before, it's the ghost.

Shut up.

Don't hit your brother.

There is no such thing as ghosts, honey.

I'm gonna prove it to ya, kids. Let's go.

Did anyone call and make sure that this is a good time? Maybe we should come back later. when it's light's out.

Thomas:That's him mom, that's the gho-


Well, you didn't scare me. Maybe you scared them, but you didn't scare me.

Well, that's too bad isn't it? I guess i have to try harder next time.

There won't be a next time.

Oh really?

Oh really.

No next time, huh? Why is that?

We want you out of this town. We want you out of town. We have a nice normal town, normal kids, and we don't need freaks like you telling them ghost stories.

Maestro:So, you don't believe in ghosts?

Thomas:I do.

Lady:Me too.

Thomas's mother:Hush up. (turns to Michael) You see what you've done? Aren't you ashamed? Young people are impressionable.

Savannah Cook:I thought you were gone.

There is one thing you should know about me, dear Savannah; I don't like to lose.

Andrew: Excuse me. (everyone turned to look at him) Excuse his face) Is this scary?

Andrew then reached for his face

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