The Ghost House is a 201? comedy-horror haunted house ghost film directed by Tim burton, director of Beetlejuice and the remake of the 2004 korean film.


The day that Johnathan waited for so many years has finally come: hes getting his own house, the last wish of his deceased father. And what a perfect house it is! Big, beautiful, isolated, next to the ocean and at that price, Johnathan couldn't have found a better place. All is going fine, until some inexplicable event start to happen in the house. It seems that theres an evil spirit claiming the house as its own.

The village gossip confirms Johnathan's worries. Each night is becoming a nightmare for him, as the ghost is doing everything it can to expel Johnathan from living peacefully in his new home. Then one day, an unpleasant accident happens to Johnathan. When Johnathan finally wakes up from his bad experience, he discovers that he possesses a new ability. Now he can not only sees ghosts, but can also communicate with them. It is time for Johnathan to take revenge on the ghost that's been haunting his beloved house.


  • Chris Pine as Johnathan Knightley
  • Saige Ryan Campbell as Jasmine Knightley
  • Mason Cook as Steve Knightley
  • Avery Clynes as Darby Knightley
  • Ella Anderson as Layla Knightley
  • Owen Bento as Robbie Knightley
  • TBA as Tessa, a ghost who befriends Johnathan


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