The Ghost And Paranormal
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Created by Hideo Nakata And Roy Lee
Starring :Sarah Michelle Gellar
Max Van Ville
Teri Hatcher
Brent Kinsman
Shane Kinsman
Shôta Sometani
Nagase Tomoya

Yusuke Yamamoto

Jessica Alba
Connor Gibbs
Felicity Huffman
Darcy Rose Byrnes
Mitchel Musso
Jason Earles
Nia Long
Vanessa Morgan
Addy Miller
James Marsden
Opening Theme Main theme by Kenji Kawai
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Country Of Origin United States
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Running Time 109 minutes
Original Channel: ABC
Original Air Date October 1 2012
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a woman got push down the stairs by her abusive husband and she still hauntes the place and the wentworth family moves in the house


Sarah Michelle Gellar as Hayley Jameson, the pregnant wife of Archie, the mother of twins jamie and lloyd the unborn, janet, the sister of James, Jackson and jamie and the daughter of the Sheriff Charlie and jane and the half sister of daisuke, kenji and Hiroshi
Max Van Ville as Archie Jameson, and the father of lloyd,janet, jamie and the unborn baby
Teri Hatcher as Jane Wentworths, (nee Morris) the mother of hayley, daisuke, Kōji, james , jackson , daisy and the grandmother of Janet and lloyd and jame an the unborn
Joel Courtney As Larry weber, the son of jane and kirk
Brent Kinsman as Jamie Jameson, the twin brother
Shane Kinsman
Shôta Sometani as Daisuke wentworths
Nagase Tomoya As Kenji
Yusuke Yamamoto As Hiroshi Wentworths
Jessica Alba As Imogen
Billy Ray Cyrus as Charlie Wentworths, the father of haley, james and jackson and the stepfather of koji, Daisuke and Kenji
Connor Gibbs as James Wentworths
Felicity Huffman as Kim wentworths, the sister of charlie the aunt of
Darcy Rose Byrnes As Daisy Wentworths
Jennifer Love Hewitt as
Mitchel Musso as Jackson Wentworths, the son of charlie and jane
Jason Earles as Deputy Kirk Johnsons, the mate of charlie wentworths
Nia Long as Laurel thompson, the woman what died in the house and still haunting the place
Vanessa Morgan as Ashley thompson, Laurel's still living daughter
Addy Miller As Janet Jameson, the daughter of hayley and Archie and the sister of lloyd and jamie
James Marsden as Chuck wentworths
Avan Jogia as Jamie Morris
Lucy Lawless as Mary Morris
Kristen Bell as Lacey Morris
Matt Bennett as Kirk Morris
David Arquette as Sheriff Larry Morris

The Other Cast

Miles Higson as Jamie Wentworths, the boy what worries about his pregnant Sister
Jake T Austin as Doug Costello, the son of Jane and her ex boyfirend
Ashley Tisdale as Mary Sampson, the wife of jackson wentworths
Stephen Uppal Kirk Weber, the brother of mary and the husband of Samantha and the father of larry
Jennifer Metcalfe as Samantha James
Lily Harvey as Jaime James
Krystal Kenville as Danielle Morris
Sam Darbyshire as Rick Dawnson
Sonny Flood as Even James
Dylan Sprouse as Ron Morris
Cole Sprouse as Charlie Morris
Alex Pettyfer


  • Danielle Harris audition for the part of hayley but the part went to sarah michelle gellar.
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