The Frighteners is a 2016 supernatural dark horror comedy and a remake to the 1996 film of the same name. This is directed by Lenny Abramson.


Frank Bannister, an architect who develops psychic abilities allowing him to see, hear, and communicate with ghosts after his wife's murder. He initially uses his new abilities to befriend ghosts, whom he sends to haunt people so that he can charge them handsome fees for "exorcising" the ghosts. However, the spirit of a mass murderer appears able to attack the living and the dead, posing as the ghost of the Grim Reaper, prompting Frank to investigate the supernatural presence.



  • Matthew Broderick as Frank Bannister
  • Jessica Chastain as Tabitha Bannister, a ghost from the past who died
  • Ryan Reynolds as Death
  • Sarah Silverman as Dr. Lucy Lynskey
  • Anthony rogers as Lucy's health-obsessed and comically hot-headed husband who dislikes Frank's tactics
  • TBA as The Judge, a decaying gunslinger ghost from the Old West with a penchant for mummies and firing guns at random.
  • TBA as Patricia Ann Bradley, Bartlett's mentally ill lover (escaping execution at the time of the original murders as she was underage) who is under strict observation by her mother.
  • Richard couch as Special Agent Milton Dammers, an eccentric FBI agent who has a vendetta against Bannister. A former undercover agent known for his work with cultists, which caused him to sustain multiple massive mutilations and driven to the brink of insanity. He has a problem with women screaming at him. Jackson opted to cast Combs as Dammers because he was a fan of the actor's work in Re-Animator.[1]
  • TBA as Johnny Charles Bartlett, a mass murderer who continues his work in the afterlife, focusing on increasing his body count as a form of competition with other famous murderers. He returns from Hell, able to attack the living and the dead as the ghost of the Grim Reaper.
  • TBA as the ghost of Sergeant Hiles.
  • TBA as Cyrus, a gangster who is one of Frank's deceased associates for his ghost-hunting business.
  • TBA as Stuart, a nerd who is one of Frank's deceased associates for his ghost-hunting business.
  • TBA as Debra Bannister, Frank's deceased wife.
  • TBA as Sheriff Walt Perry, a local law enforcement officer and ally to Frank.
  • TBA as Mrs. Bradley, Patricia's mother and former director of the psychiatric hospital, who is constantly monitoring her daughter.
  • TBA as Magda Rees-Jones, the snooty British editor of the local newspaper.
  • TBA (cameo) as a man with piercings.
  • TBA (cameo) as a deputy, who is briefly seen standing next to "Lucy Lynskey".


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