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The French Cats is a 1970 animated feature produced by Michael Shires Pictures and Pentagon Distribution and originally released to theaters on April 24, 1970.

Voice Cast:

  • Arnold Stang as Reg
  • Janet Waldo as Alice
  • Bernard Holloway as Cheshfort
  • John Cleese as Edga
  • Pat Buttram as Nathan
  • James Herbert as Lewis (uncredited)
  • Mark Lester as Wart
  • Kathryn Beaumont as Mia
  • Jack Wild as Theo
  • Scatman Crothers as Scat Dog
  • Stan Freberg as Gael
  • Heather North and Nicole Jaffe as Athena and Calena
  • Sid Raymond as Uncle Weldon
  • Jean Vander Pyl as Aimee Bouffant
  • Bruce Thompson as Old Ivor (uncredited)
  • Theresa Nelson as Mrs. Old Ivor (uncredited)
  • John Kevin as Clancy (uncredited)
  • Amber Clark as Kimmy (uncredited)
  • June Foray as Nancy (uncredited)
  • Nigel Cross as The Inspector (uncredited)
  • Brian Bedford as Police Officer (uncredited)


  1. The French Cats - Burl Ives
  2. Hide and Seek - Wart, Mia, and Theo
  3. Hard Lullaby - Edga
  4. In Good Paws - Alice
  5. We Never Felt Alone - Mia
  6. All the Way Home - Reg
  7. Anybody Can Be a Cat - Scat Dog
  8. The Future is Bright (Finale) - Wart, Mia, Theo, Reg, Alice, Cheshfort, Scat Dog, Athena and Calena, and Uncle Weldon


  • Story: Leonard Clements, Virgil Geopper, Ray Cartwright, Ken Armstrong, Laura Sharples, Larz Bourne, Bill Phillips
  • Directing Animators: Mike Klein, Fred Thompson, Oliver Jones, James Lasster
  • Effects Animators: James Benedict, John Brown, Don McManus
  • Animation: Michael Stainback, Roger Meyers, Harold King, Eric Dodgers, Cliff Nordberg, Cliff Reeves, Volus Jones, Carlo Vinci, Dick Lundy, Martin Ansolabehere, Don Lusk, Don Towsley
  • Layout Supervisor: Dick Bickenbach
  • Background Supervisor: Robert Gentle
  • Layout: Ron Graham, Ryan Budweiser, Ralph Bruckheimer, Ed Benninger, Willard Michaelson, Steven Rogers, Clark Waston, Al Williamson, Geoffrey Martin
  • Background: Al Davidovich, Fred Michaelson, Ray Hartshorne, Bill Lynn, Art Rogers, Yoram Garling, Clarence Perkins, Jim Thornton
  • Music by George Rogers
  • Songs by Mike Beck, Bob Beck, Sammy Fain, Sammy Cahn, Ray Gilbert, Thomas Musker, Bert Stevenson, Doug DeGuard
  • Assistant Producer: John Tartakovsky (uncredited)
  • Assistant Director: Scott Webb
  • Orchestrations: Michael Young
  • Production Supervisor: Ken Phillipson
  • Camera: Rex Stevens (uncredited), Edward Albertson (uncredited)
  • Ink and Paint Supervisor: Warren Johnson (uncredited)
  • Special Effects: Bert Gilbert
  • Film Editor: James Melton
  • Sound Supervisor: Robert Crissman
  • Sound Recording: C.O. Stevens (uncredited), Harold J. Scott (uncredited), Harry Thomas (uncredited)
  • Sound Effects: Jack King (uncredited)
  • Music Editor: Emery Kennethson
  • Associate Producer: Alex Scott
  • Executive Producers: Michael Shires (uncredited), Roy E. Shires (uncredited)
  • Produced by Waltham Richardson, James Lasseter, Walt Hulett
  • Directed by Waltham Richardson