The French Cats
Directed by Waltham Richardson
Produced by Waltham Richardson
James Lasseter
Walt Hulett
Written by Leonard Clements
Virgil Geopper
Ray Cartwright
Ken Armstrong
Laura Sharples
Larz Bourne
Bill Phillips
Screenplay by
Story by
Based on
Starring Arnold Stang
Janet Waldo
Music by George Rogers
Editing by James Melton
Production company(s) Michael Shires Productions
Distributor Pentagon Distribution Co, Inc.
Release date(s) April 24, 1970
Running time 89 Minutes
Language English
Gross revenue
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The French Cats is a 1970 animated feature produced by Michael Shires Pictures and Pentagon Distribution and originally released to theaters on April 24, 1970.

Voice Cast:


  1. The French Cats - Burl Ives
  2. Hide and Seek - Wart, Mia, and Theo
  3. Hard Lullaby - Edga
  4. In Good Paws - Alice
  5. We Never Felt Alone - Mia
  6. All the Way Home - Reg
  7. Anybody Can Be a Cat - Scat Dog
  8. The Future is Bright (Finale) - Wart, Mia, Theo, Reg, Alice, Cheshfort, Scat Dog, Athena and Calena, and Uncle Weldon


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